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Mar 1 xjuan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Honestly Open And Unbearable or Dishonestly Open And Functional?.
@21 "She's perfect to me in so many senses" makes me think that LW is in love with her ass. He likes her so much and is afraid that he won't be able to fuck another delicious body like it, so he's willing to keep it up, afraid that there's no one better out there for him. I'd say DTMFA. It's better for the kids.
Feb 21 xjuan commented on Tom DeLay Says God "Wrote the Constitution".
And God also wrote THIS.
Dec 6, 2013 xjuan commented on SL Letter of the Day: LGBT&P?.
Oh, that's right, @32. In that case, I stand corrected and propose peggers to reclaim the semicolon.
Dec 6, 2013 xjuan commented on SL Letter of the Day: LGBT&P?.
Great letter, great response and my lenses fell on the floor while loughng at that "colonial" statement. However, the colon belongs to more natives than the gays. Haven't you heard of pegging?
Dec 2, 2013 xjuan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Detail Oriented.
Forgive and forget. Spare him and your relationship of new and worst pains. Leave the past in the past and confront the only present you have. Your guilt is from another older wound. It has nothing to do with your husband. Be happy.
Sep 27, 2013 xjuan commented on SL Letter of the Day: Not Gonna Happen.
LW has no problems, just partly realized fantasies. He's lucky but unappreciative of his wife's efforts to make him happy. Just keep masturbating to porn and enjoy what you got, which is more than most.

@10 Cody, I take issue at your insulting comment. In all the Third World countries I've lived and visited there's no such thing as you say. Rape is rejected and repudiated most everywhere, although it is a problem everywhere.
Sep 26, 2013 xjuan commented on SL Letter of the Day: There Are Two Sides to Every Story.
They are both guilty as charged. If LW#1 is really not gay, why is he still in the group after a year and why does he write Dan for advice? That tells me that LW#2 is right in his perception of #1 being a closeted case. However, #2 is not totally sane if he wants to pursue such a lost soul. They'll both keep on going, despite all we say. They can't fix each other, we can't fix them. The show must go on.
Sep 17, 2013 xjuan commented on British Woman Wins Internet.
Nice story, happy ending.
Sep 11, 2013 xjuan commented on SLLOTD: Pissed Off.
Why is it that being pee-shy is a man's thing? Are there any women who suffer from the same affliction? 'Thought so. I believe size and gayness are the main triggering reasons for it. I mean: being short and being worried about the possibility of being gay, two things women don't get afflicted with. Once established, it take a lot of willpower to get rid of it. Division and multiplication are two good but un resolving options. It's better to go deeper and find the correct triggering event and null it with the opposite thought. When I was worried about size, I thought how small my bathroom-mate was and when the trouble was my possible gayness, I thought the gayest of all thoughts. It worked.
Sep 5, 2013 xjuan commented on SLLOTD: Harum-Scarum.
I remember this one. It makes part of my internal geography ever since, especially because there was this guy in my job who liked leaving buggers on the urinal's wall so we could all see them. I always suspected who he was and I got my confirmation when he was fired and there were no more new green ones. However, his "marks" remained on that wall for months, perhaps years, because nobody (not even myself) cared enough to tell the cleaning people. Bad workmate, bad!

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