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Apr 21 Norbeck commented on Seattle "Record Stores Of Days Gone By".
@ seandr & dougsf, I can't get anything to play from the Bombshelter episodes list. Am I doing it wrong? Thanks for posting this!

Apr 20 Norbeck commented on How to Get Pot Delivered.
DannyG - Whatchu payin'? Where you at? Just a curious Seattleite
Mar 14 Norbeck commented on Drunk of the Week.
What color does shutdafukup gas make? Pedant-hole!
Jan 31 Norbeck commented on The Mayoral Super-Bowl Playlists.
Pearl Jam are probably really nice guys and all, (Jeff Ament in particular. He build a concrete skate[board] bowl in the woods near Whitefish Montana, and lets the locals come skate. He has a super legit collection of vintage skateboards, one of which he gave to a five year old I know ) but no thanks to that music man. I cringe every time I see or hear the band mentioned.

Oh, wait, duh. I just realized that it wasn't Emily Nokes giving out props, "Another classic Seattle grunge-era band that continues to make great" (?) "records." but the interns or whoever wrote the blurbs. I almost lost a chunk of respect for her.

Personally I nominate Mudhoney, specifically "In and Out of Grace" as the pinnacle grunge achievment.

Thanks for listening. That is all.
Jan 29 Norbeck commented on Sound Check.
The cover art is great! I heart hotdog art! Skateboard and hotdog together are unstoppable.
Jan 28 Norbeck commented on State of the Union Open Thread.
CBS is showing this in a shot wide enough to see his royal orange mug

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