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Jul 18 chris in dk commented on KIRO Host Dave Ross Ties Himself in Knots Trying to Defend His Participation in The Mikado.
This guy Ross is so dense. Does he really not get it or is he just churning the waters for ratings?
Jun 2 chris in dk commented on U.S. Ambassador Sworn In Over a Kindle.
I agree with Paul and @13. It's a dumb gimmick.
May 21 chris in dk commented on Westlake Cycletrack NIMBYs: Save Our Endangered Parking Spots!.
@12 It's hard to figure out when you aren't on a bicycle, but Dexter and Westlake really are two different routes. From Fremont, I take Dexter to the Seattle Center and central downtown. I take Westlake to South Lake Union and north downtown.

You're right—a single large, intuitive, efficient, dedicated, well-connected bike route might convince everyone to take one route or the other but right now, we don't have that route.
May 19 chris in dk commented on Macklemore Responds to the Costume Controversy.
Okay, there's our Ben.
May 19 chris in dk commented on I'm Jewish, I Was at the Macklemore Show, and Here's What I Saw.
I'm not outraged but I agree that is not a good costume choice. A rare misstep for someone who usually seems so thoughtful.
Apr 24 chris in dk commented on Apparently, It's Bring-Your-Gun-to-Everywhere-Day All Year Long.
Yes, @15, Georgia IS now a laboratory conducting an interesting natural experiment. My hypothesis: this is not going to make Georgia safer.
Apr 14 chris in dk commented on The SECB Is Vulgar, Offensive, Impaired.
Middle-aged bicycle commuter who voted yes. I would take the bus more often if it reliably, frequently went where I needed to go. I don't mind The Stranger language but mourn the loss of impact when a curse word is used too often.
Mar 13 chris in dk commented on The City Council Is Trying to Kill Pedestrians.
See also Dexter north of Mercer.

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