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9:23 AM blackhook commented on The Morning News: Twenty-One Former Mars Hill Pastors File Formal Charges Against Mark Driscoll.
Religion at its core is crazy enough, but toss in a nutcase like Mark Driscoll, stir the soup and watch the perfect storm unfold. I suspect we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg with this strange man and the equally bizarre Mars Hill operation.

I'd like to know who is dumb enough to $upport a bizarre organization like Mars Hill ...and why isn't this 'church' being investigated for at least its obvious financial improprieties (diverting hundreds of 1000s of dollars to juice NY Times book ratings, etc, etc....).

If what they have pulled is not illegal, then maybe it's time to change some of our laws and to look at taxing *all* churches.
Aug 19 blackhook commented on Mars Hill Church Raised a Lot of Money to Throw a "Jesus Festival" That Never Happened.
@5: My thoughts exactly! ...and not only their tax-exempt status, but what possible criminal acts may have been done?

This sham 'church' absolutely should be investigated...and while we're at it, how about taxing all the fucking churches!
Aug 13 blackhook commented on Mark Driscoll Dropped from Evangelical "Act Like Men" Conference.
Who knows what goes on behind closed doors at the "Act Like Men" conference? doubt Mark will be missing his chance for some hot young Christian cock!
Aug 4 blackhook commented on In Culture News: Free Moss, a Chat with Francesca Lia Block, and a Poll About Cinerama's Future.
I believe the Cinerama is installing a 12-D Reality System that will allow moviegoers to test string theory.
Jul 22 blackhook commented on Americans Don't Love McDonald's as Much as They Used To.
I'm excited that several McDonalds have closed in Seattle, including one right in the middle of the U District.
May 12 blackhook commented on The Devil Made That Lesbian Do It.
Hail Satan!
Apr 24 blackhook commented on Yet Another Reason to Hate the Blue Angels.
lol, MacCrocodile @2!
Apr 24 blackhook commented on Saints Preserve Us.
Please have some respect for the Catholic voodoo, superstitions & fairy tales! ...bring on the swinging incense ball, with the Archbishop & his entourage clad in their finest dresses & party hats! Praise the Pope and all who contribute to this bizarre criminal empire!
Mar 17 blackhook commented on Mars Hill's Mark Driscoll Apologizes for Being "Angry Young Prophet," Promises Change (Kind Of? Maybe?).
Please! Calling Mark Driscoll an attention-addicted bigot is not fair to the rest of the attention-addicted bigots!
Mar 2 blackhook commented on Slog Bible Study: Mark 11:20.
I always suspected Jesus was treephobic.

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