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Dec 16, 2016 blackhook commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Belltown Woman Walks With Cash In Hand.
All the praise is well deserved, really nice job Callan! We need your wacky brand of humor now more than ever, please keep up the great work!
Dec 8, 2016 blackhook commented on Prog-Rock Icon Greg Lake of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer Has Died.
Thanks for the solo "Lucky Man" link, hadn't heard that b4. Really does highlight Lake's clarion-clear, gorgeous voice & beautiful acoustic guitar style. I love ELP's first album, incl The Barbarian that takes off from Bartok's piano piece Allegro Barbaro. Lake's stunning playing & singing on the lovely "From The Beginning" from Trilogy is another high point. Tarkus & Trilogy are both loaded with quality songs, and even the slightly outrageous arrangement of Pictures At An Exhibition—with vocals added—mostly works in a trippy, fun way (unlike Rick Wakeman's uninspired arrangement of a fragment of Brahm's 4th Symphony on Yes's otherwise stellar Fragile album). R.I.P. Greg Lake!
Nov 15, 2016 blackhook commented on RIP Mose Allison, One-of-a-Kind Jazz Pianist/Songwriter.
First saw Mose about 30 years ago at ChicagoFest on Navy Pier ...truly magical, I was hooked immediately. Last time was 5 years ago @ Jazz Alley, great show. Incredibly—even at age 84—he still remembered all of his wonderfully-oblique lyrics ...and he did do the classic Your Molecular Structure. R.I.P.!
Nov 8, 2016 blackhook commented on The U-District's Cafe Racer Is Raising Money to Keep Its Doors Open.
Not just "casual musicians" inhabit Café Racer ...much of the best improvised, experimental music in Seattle happens there on a regular basis. Racer Sessions—every Sunday night from 8-10—is a weekly curated set of jams that anyone is encouraged to sit in on ...and many of the best local players from experimental jazz to psychedelic synth mashups to alt-rock play their hearts out at Racer many nights of every week.
Nov 7, 2016 blackhook commented on As Trial of Cynthia Whitlatch Draws to a Close, Attorneys Cite Text Messages as New Evidence of Racial Bias.
Please just go away Whiplash ...we don't want you back on our police force. In fact, via repeated egregious actions you've shown you shouldn't be on *any* police force.
Nov 3, 2016 blackhook commented on In Trial of Cynthia Whitlatch, William Wingate Breaks Down As He Testifies About His Arrest: "I Felt Helpless".
Does Whiplash use her nightstick on her Starbucks customers?
Oct 12, 2016 blackhook commented on Cubs Bars in Seattle?.
The Noble Fir in Ballard ...very chill place on one of the coolest streets in Seattle. Co-owner Ellen is from Chicago & a huge Cubs' fan. About 20 rotating taps of stellar microbrews, plus cider & wine & small food plates. From their Events page:
"CUBBIES PLAYOFF GAMES ~ Join us for this October for Cubs playoffs live!  GO CUBBIES!  THIS IS THE YEAR!"
Oct 10, 2016 blackhook commented on Hillary Clinton Won the Town Hall Debate.
A blonde monster stood onstage and accused her husband..."

Please! He is an orange monster creamsicle melting down as the world watches in horror.
Sep 9, 2016 blackhook commented on Crude Anti-Obama Stickers Seen on Lockers During Tour of Police North Precinct.
To say these stickers are on private lockers misses a key point: That is, in a progressive city like Seattle, we have a reasonable expectation that our police force will not be staffed by ignorant, right-wing, smug thugs with badges.
Sep 9, 2016 blackhook commented on Crude Anti-Obama Stickers Seen on Lockers During Tour of Police North Precinct.
I'm more than disappointed that these racist and/or extremist right-wing hicks are representing the people of Seattle as police officers. Clearly due diligence in hiring and training need to be updated—pronto!