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Apr 27 blackhook commented on Capitol Hill Woman Finds Threatening, Anti-Abortion Message on Her Windshield.
Yet another example of why religions & all their gods are the worst thing that humans have ever created.
Apr 27 blackhook commented on Murray Pitches Revised Soda Tax; Labor Union and Soda Companies Promise to Fight It.
I'm ok with the tax as long as they lay off Diet Dr Pepper!
Apr 21 blackhook commented on Letter to the Editor: Please Don't Come to Spokane.
haha sweetie ..."My grandparents have lived here since the 1940s, and I moved here to be with them". Let's be honest: No one *ever* moves to be with their grandparents—except someone who expects them to kick it soon & inherit their house. Good on you, I hope your masquerade works.
Apr 1 blackhook commented on Washington Attorney General Sues Tim Eyman for Nearly $2 Million.
Eyman is yet another feral right-winger who thinks the rules doesn't apply to him. This weasel deserves some quality prison time for his continuing scams. Fucking loser!
Feb 15 blackhook commented on Why Do Spies Love Poison So Much?.
Kronsteen was killed via venom in From Russia With Love...not to mention, Rosa Kleb (Lotte Lenya!) nearly offed James Bond with her shoe blade poison...…
Feb 10 blackhook commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Two Men Try to Sell a Boat.
Just like with "Flight of the Conchords", a lot of the subversive beauty of Callan Berry's work is in the background ...don't miss reading the posters on the wall ;)
Feb 9 blackhook commented on Victim of Shooting at UW Milo Yiannopoulos Protest Still in Serious Condition, Alleged Shooter Remains Uncharged.
Self defense my ass! ...yet another entitled extremist right-wing shooter. My take is this Neanderthal brought a gun because he was looking to stir up trouble. At the very least UW should expel him for creating an extreme danger on campus.
Feb 6 blackhook commented on Food News: Neptune Coffee Tragedy, Brunches Galore, Pizza Quotients.
Speaking of juice-purveying interlopers, someone should re-open the Gravity Bar...
Feb 3 blackhook commented on RETRACTION: Milo Yiannopoulos Is Not a White Nationalist.
Rich, that is way more ink than Malicious Milo deserves. How about just ignoring him? He obviously thrives on the attention, on spewing outrageous statements & salivating for the response like the rabid squirrel he is.
Jan 29 blackhook commented on What We Know About Last Night's Detentions and Protests at Sea-Tac (Including the Temporary Light Rail Service Halt).
Shame on you, extremist right-wing Port of Seattle 'leaders'!