It's not very popular.

4:54 PM yesterday d.p. commented on Legislative Candidate Jess Spear Arrested Blocking Downtown Oil Train Tracks; Chopp Responds.
@1, @8, @20, etc.,

The insanely terrible traffic on every southerly route into downtown between 9:15 and noon today was apparently runoff from Blue Angels practice hours, which closed the I-5 to I-90 ramps slightly earlier than announced.

So... blame patriotism?
Jul 26 d.p. commented on What's In That Fanny Pack?.
Never in my life have I been so glad not to live on Capitol Hill.
Jul 20 d.p. commented on The Sunday Morning News.
In a week with plenty of competition, Putin and his cross-border sycophants seem laser-focused on proving themselves the superlative shitstains on humanity of the present moment.
Jul 11 d.p. commented on In Culture News: The Admiral Theater Is in Trouble, George R. R. Martin Said a Swear Word, and Dungeons & Dragons Gets LGBTQ-Friendly.
Despite a handful of attempts over the years, I have yet to see a film at the Admiral that was in focus.

Even a charmingly kitschy, moderately historic, 2.5th-run theater with a negligible ticket price needs to have some minimum viewing standard.

Jul 8 d.p. commented on Crowd Refuses to Pay Light Rail Fare to Protest Immigrant Youth's Death at Sodo Station.
I simply stopped reading at the first comparison to Oscar Grant. Whatever transpired in SoDo is not worth considering in the same breath as the cold-blood execution of the unarmed East Bay 22-year-old.

Why can't Seattle activists ever be bothered to activate on foundations with an ounce of solidity?
Jul 3 d.p. commented on "A Burger Has Never Made Me Cry Before".
What @13 said.

Any ad that features a customer affectionately describing the company's flagship product as "the same shit" is not intended for broad distribution.
Jun 23 d.p. commented on US's World Cup Success As a Sign of Its Decline.
Best half-baked Charles Mudede thought-fart ever.

Jun 18 d.p. commented on Shiro Isn't at Shiro's Anymore! But....
Shiro Kashiba: laurel-resting and over-charging since at least as long as I've lived here.

Most mediocre sushi experience I've had in Seattle, possibly in my life.
Jun 17 d.p. commented on "The Vinyl Nazi" Says NO To Poseurs!.
I was bracing to be irritated, but then I happened to skip to 1:45, where Alagirisamy locates himself in the category of people who simply enjoy listening to vinyl... no audiophile erudition, no obedience to rarity or first-pressing purity.

Like @8 says, he merely wishes to share the pleasure he derives from the music and medium with others. Nothing about him comes across as strict or snobbish. He's the antitheses of the High Fidelity record clerk cliché.

(And now that we're all 14 years older, can we please agree that High Fidelity is awful? The Beta Band sucked too.)

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