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7:48 PM yesterday d.p. commented on Sound Check.
Wow, @7, I guess I struck a whole lot of nerves in four short paragraphs.

You miss the point when you cast a record label press release as the final word on not only the band's self-marketing, but also its self-image. The tension arises from the artist's willingness to exploit this widely disseminated and obviously hyperbolic backstory, while simultaneously desiring to dial down the exoticism so as to be more casual and well-rounded in the context of this interview.

Unfortunately, Moorman completely misses his subject's cues, and thus proceeds to barrel through his not-funny voodoo clich├ęs while learning nothing from the answers, with typically embarrassing results.

I am familiar with Randall Dunn's production work, and I have seen Master Musicians. I would argue that Dunn has been more influential in the former role than in the latter, and even then only in the States. Master Musicians, like many music industry also-rans, is the kind of curious but ultimately dull band whose influence tends to be overstated by those too invested in a parochial scene.

The implication that a younger band that vaguely reminds you of an aging favorite must be indebted to that aging favorite (or at the very least should be educated about that favorite so that they may later offer tribute) is one of my least favorite music-snob tropes. Seriously, fuck that. If you're enjoying a band's output, why does it matter which antecedents did or did not provide inspiration?

I actually enjoyed Trent's musical description as much as you did. My objections to the piece stem mostly from the pretensions he brought to the interview.

As for your suggestion that "hipster" is no longer a relevant descriptor of a particular music-oriented youth culture, I respectfully submit that last night's Goat show proves you wrong. The truth is that Goat plays a very catchy and very good iteration of fairly straightforward psychedelic rock music. But now they play it on Sub Pop records, and their show receives heavy hype from KEXP. As such, I found myself flanked by the sampler platter of hipster archtypes: the e-cig-huffing, PBR-quaffing, slightly obnoxious attention-grabbers; the row of elaborate-equipped photographers who witnessed the show only through the viewfinders of their DSLRs; and the large-spectacled individuals who couldn't be bothered to derive any pleasure from the proceedings, much less to partake in any rituals of body movement. Three groups united by the transience and superficiality of their interest, who will have moved on to the next flavor faster than you can clap your hands and say "yeah".
12:36 PM yesterday d.p. commented on Sound Check.
@5: The band is definitely Swedish, and presumably rooted in Gothenburg more than any remote ritualistic commune north of the Arctic Circle.

I have no doubt that Goat's members (who seem young) are still figuring out how to balance their self-consciously ridiculous mythmaking against the seriousness with which they take their musical and performance processes, as well as their vague but seemingly heartfelt (again: youthful) spiritual explorations.

But that pursuit of balance is uninteresting to Moorman. So here he comes with his patented straining non-sequiturs and dead-horse beating, and his obligatory nod to a locally-significant insider reference point. The interview subject's apparent disinterest in answering "in character" only helps to illuminate the unrelenting bullshit that is Moorman's professional approach.

I promise you that I am a much lighter personality than I sometimes come across in text. I would not survive without laughter. Unfortunately, Trent's problem is that he thinks he's hilarious when he's invariably cringe-inducing. He's the hipster Jay Leno.
11:45 AM yesterday d.p. commented on Power Music Electric Revivial: Outkast At Coachella 2014.
I question the wisdom of sticking such a significant Big Boi solo break only 29 minutes into the set (and I say that as someone who's seen Big Boi kill it in club-sized solo shows three times), but other than that I concur with your read. This is an excellent setlist that manages to cohere 20 years of diverse music-making without feeling like a surface-skimming survey of hits.

Of course, if I were writing the setlist, I would have gone way deeper into the back half of Stankonia. But I'm not, and that's the point. Outkast have a whole lot of catalog to plumb, and they get to plumb it how they want. I'm baffled by a festival culture that increasingly seems more excited to boast of whom you're seeing than to actually see them.
2:15 AM yesterday d.p. commented on Sound Check.
What @2 said.

The band's actual shtick doesn't have any especially troubling exploitation/vapid cultural appropriation problem. The band has, in this article, a Trent Moorman/flippant hipster bullshit journalism problem.

The show tonight was great.
Apr 13 d.p. commented on Interactive City Council Districts Map.
All Prop 19 proved was that a few cranks with money can fake a "grassroots movement", mislead voters about their proposal, and buy themselves an election just as well as anyone.
Apr 13 d.p. commented on Interactive City Council Districts Map.
Edith lived on a block where she hadn't had a single residential neighbor in decades.

She was no "neighborhood activist" and she did not give the slightest shit what kinds of buildings were built where and when.

All she wanted was to remain in her home, which she refused to sell, as would be anyone's right anywhere.

When you try to co-opt her as a Lesser Seattle Single-Family Martyr, you disgrace her memory with your total fucking lying.
Apr 12 d.p. commented on Interactive City Council Districts Map.
@26: It's called "packing and cracking", and it's fundamental to the concept of gerrymandering. Boundaries are carefully drawn to send tracts with similar interests into separate districts, where they can each be ever-so-slightly overwhelmed by those with opposing interests. At the same time, the rest of your political opponents are congregated into one or two supermajority districts, ensuring they wind up the minority in the final "representative" body.…

On the map, see the boundary through the heart of the Greenwood urban village, see the Wallingford/Fremont divide, see the way First Hill has been carved like a Thanksgiving turkey, see the way the I.D. has been carefully segregated from its neighbors and lumped in with the entire Rainier Valley.

Districts 4, 6, and 7 have been classically "cracked". District 2 is classically "packed".

Of course, Thayler and Morrill will deny this until the cows come home. But their disdain for anyone who doesn't share their Lesser Seattle ethos is well-documented, as is their willingness to have lied their asses off to get their New Redlining initiative passed.
Apr 11 d.p. commented on Interactive City Council Districts Map.
Never fear, @9 and @10. NIMBY kings Toby Thaler and Dick Morrill have carefully drawn the boundaries to ensure NIMBY rule in each and every "split personality" district you've mentioned.

There will be nothing "conflicted" about the representation. Young voters and apartment dwellers are fucked.
Apr 9 d.p. commented on Restaurant Guy David Meinert Urges Staff to Lobby for Tip Deduction from $15 Wage or "Tips Will Probably Go Away" and Overall Wages Will Drop.
Meinert is now cribbing his behavior straight from the Old School Union-Busting Playbook: sow fear/uncertainty/doubt among employees, whose livelihoods you implicitly or explicitly threaten, then "encourage" them to publicly concur with your version of the facts.

At least he's showing his true colors unabashedly.
Apr 7 d.p. commented on Seattle Art Museum’s First Ai Weiwei Piece Is Baubles.
Fascinating piece. I enjoy Ai's winking challenge to the notion of "authenticity", though I know many find his iconoclasm infuriating.

Still, it might be prudent to avoid encouraging vandalism right in your headline (the one on Slog, not the one above).


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