Nov 8 d.p. commented on What Will It Take for ST3 to Win?.
Cressona, you literally just wrote that in a comment to Heidi's post on how Seattle needs a supermajority in order to force a plan upon other subareas that may emphatically reject it.

You'd be parody, if you weren't (sadly) par for the course for how ST3 has been politicked.
Nov 6 d.p. commented on Vote "Approved" on ST3 on November 8!.
What Ross said.

Insisting that a rail plan is always good because a rail plan is always good, or that no better plan is possible because no better plan is possible, is the textbook definition of "tautological reasoning". Maybe you should look up that word before mocking its use. Illiteracy is rarely a good look.

As ever, Cressona, your character assassinations are counterfactual and your protestations flailing. Not bothering to read or process a historically-accurate rebuttal to your dogmatic insistences does not make your insistences any more true.
Nov 5 d.p. commented on Vote "Approved" on ST3 on November 8!.

It isn't my problem that you can't read a fucking density map and have no idea how public transit works.

Craft a better plan after ST3 fails, or reach 2040 and you still can't go anywhere useful without a car after completing the single most expensive boondoggle ever undertaken by a city of middling size and lackluster urban form. Your choice.
Nov 1 d.p. commented on African Gyros and Chicken Skewers at Al Shukr Mini Market and Bakery.
Good to know about the isolated-deli sambusas.

Gee... I wonder if there's anywhere in town that has lots and lots of delicious East African food. Perhaps within a "district" that is relatively "central", geographically speaking. Perhaps located within the largest swath of consistently-high population density in the state, and with myriad destinations and innumerable land uses within a radius of a few contiguously-built-up miles -- you know, the requisite ingredients for every successful example of mass transportation in the universe.

I wonder when that place will be less than 40 minutes from anywhere by public transportation!
Oct 21 d.p. commented on Why Do So Many ST3 Critics Want Buses When Trains Would Be Better and Cheaper?.
Yes, yes, Cressona. Up is down. Black is white. Suburban is urban. Mediocrity is awesomeness. Most people/trips not being aided in the slightest is a home fucking run.

We get it. Trains = whee! You want trains from Redmond to Bothell and from Sand Point to Issaquah. You can't be bothered to notice that no successful or even moderately useful transit system on the planet looks like that. It is beneath you to fathom that capital eventually runs out -- even in cities whose unmet transit wish lists don't look like they were scrawled on the back of a Denny's placemat by someone who has never been to a city before -- and so just maybe you should prioritize the kinds of investments that actually work.

And how many times do you have to be reminded that prior rejections of levy overreach have yielded better subsequent initiatives before you stop claiming that it's either this $54 billion of crap or nothing?
Sep 29 d.p. commented on Edward Scissorhands Made by Director Who Wants to Be True to White People.
Always thought Burton was a hack, vaguely suspected he was a moron.

Now have proof of both.
Sep 27 d.p. commented on A Tale of Two New Link Stations.
In what universe is UW station "compact" or convenient? Much less a paragon of form gracefully following function?

I suppose it's compact compared to this, if your sole source of comparison is "broadly-mocked architectural boondoggles culled from the internet." But even then it's hard to find a standalone in-city subway stop quite as preposterously sited and insulting to pedestrians trying to reach it as is the current northern Link terminus.

Has Charles traveled the urbanized world at all? Or has his career been a 20-year hoax orchestrated by an armchair traveler from deep within his Columbia City bungalow?
Sep 23 d.p. commented on Guest Editorial: Voting Yes On Prop 1 Is the Only Way to Get Light Rail Faster.
"Listen, do you want a subway or not!!?"

- petulant kids, finally admitting they have no interest in distinguishing mass transit as a means ("Oh, cool, I get get where I need to go easily!") from mass transit as an end unto itself ("Oh, cool, we have lots of shiny trains!")

Voters should find it beyond appalling that "advocates" seem unable to make any affirmative argument for why this particular zillion-mile rail network, which bears no resemblance whatsoever to successful mass transit elsewhere, will miraculously transport hundreds of thousands and solve all our future problems. I can only hope that Seattleites are finally tired of having their collective intelligence insulted by the equivocation-filled boomtown-snowflakedom and divisive identity-baiting that passes for argument above.

Multi-modal mass transportation that enables genuine mobility freedom is crucial. Money does not grow on trees. ST3 is unprecedented in scope and cost, and largely pursues a geometry and system design without (successful) existing precedents.

These are facts. They can't be overcome with storm, drang, und insults. Do you want to wake up November 9th needing to return to the drawing board with sounder geometric principles and little less mega-infrastructural hubris? Or do you want to wake up in 2040, $54 billion poorer and with permanent maintenance needs on a system that still can't fucking get you where you need to go?

That is the only choice being made here.
Sep 22 d.p. commented on Guest Editorial: Voting Yes On Prop 1 Is the Only Way to Get Light Rail Faster.
@8: Don't forget the use of nonsense statistics like "84% of you will be connected to light rail!"

Because apparently, as long as there's a stop anywhere in your municipality or vaguely-defined quadrant, you are "connected". Doesn't matter if that stop is 7 miles away and in the wrong direction and the train doesn't go anywhere you need to go and every other stop is just a parking lot next to a Safeway!

Because that's totally how mass transportation works in the real world! Donchaknow!

That's why our recent subway extension vaulted our ridership from 20,000 round trips to 34,000 round trips, representing a depressingly tiny fraction of the people who move about between southeastern, east-central, and northeastern Seattle on a daily basis!

Nope... Let's all hold hands and pretend that it doesn't matter where or how you design and place the transit. Because evidence-based analysis is for pussies and subways are one-size-fits-all MAGIC!

Now can we pleae have $54 billion for more of our fact-free nonsense? Trust us: We don't know what the hell we're talking about but we're pretty sure we're your only hope!
Sep 15 d.p. commented on Dow Constantine and Dennis Hayes: Self-Driving Cars Are a Distraction.
Also, debating whether the trains will go anywhere useful, versus merely checking boxes off an arbitrary list while being difficult to access and contributing embarrassingly little to mobility, is "a distraction".

Also, questioning whether Sound Transit's modeling can be trusted when it pursues objective worst design practices, yet pledges Seattle will have the 5th-highest rail ridership in the U.S. (ahead of Philly and the entire Bay Area, some of whose trains actually, like, go places), is "a distraction".

Also, discussing whether 54 billion dollars are being well spent is "a distraction".

(The personal attacks that will now come my way for daring to question Dow's facile political framings will not, of course, count as "a distraction".)