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in the past hour ScrawnyKayaker commented on The Morning News: Seattle Times Wants You To Spend More Time in Traffic, What Would Happen If Only Whites Voted for the President.
That word, credibly, I do not think it means what you think it means.

Perhaps you would enjoy "credulous" more?
Oct 17 ScrawnyKayaker commented on The First Savage Love.
I lived in SF from early '92 to mid '94, and Savage Love was in one of the free weeklies for a chunk of that time. Probably kinda sorta roughly half, but I really don't remember specifically
Oct 14 ScrawnyKayaker commented on Four Washington Vape Stores Are Being Sued for Allegedly Selling Exploding E-Cigarettes.
In the immortal words of the fucking brat on The Simpsons, HA HAAAAA!

How 'bout just not being addicted to nicotine, idiots?
Oct 13 ScrawnyKayaker commented on The Morning News: Former Miss Washington Claims Trump Grabbed Her Ass, A Storm to Remember Is Coming Our Way.
Despite Charles' attempt to gin up a "controversy" around Cliff Mass, his blogs latest post ends with this:

"I strongly support I-732, the revenue-neutral carbon tax swap, which help reduce Washington State's greenhouse gas emissions, make our tax system less regressive, and potentially serve as a potent bipartisan model for the rest of the nation. More information here. I will be talking about I-732 on Sunday, October 16th at 11 AM at the Unitarian Church in Edmonds."

...and the week leads off with this:…

ACTUAL climate change denier kooks piled up in the comments. Mass is not the problem.
Oct 7 ScrawnyKayaker commented on Is Pornography Use a Public Health Crisis?.
Hey, I'll bet >90% of heroin addicts first used an addictive drug in the form of cigarettes. Ban tobacco, no more junkies! QED.
Aug 3 ScrawnyKayaker commented on What Last Night's Primary Election Results Mean for Housing, Transit, and the Futures of a Bunch of Big-Name Pols.
Last night's results mean the SECB can now come to its senses and switch the endorsement to Reykdal in the general. Erin Jones is a religious nut and a tool of the billionaire education "reformers." Totally wrong for Seattle. Try to look past ethnicity this time.
Jul 19 ScrawnyKayaker commented on The Morning News: RNC EDITION! Washington's #NeverTrump Insurrection Failed on the Convention Floor.
At least Trump gets to use one of his favorite tag lines on the speechwriter.
Jul 19 ScrawnyKayaker commented on The Morning News: RNC EDITION! Washington's #NeverTrump Insurrection Failed on the Convention Floor.
Is #RNCinCLEfuckers a thing yet? Or am I the only one confused enough to see "runcle" in RNCinCLE?
Jul 19 ScrawnyKayaker commented on "Hillary's Gonna Kill Us All".
Saw one of those Hilary for Prison signs in Roslyn last week. All Trump signs in Kittitas County except on old Obama sticker on a Subaru bumper in the driveway of the nicest house in Roslyn.

Alex Jones? 'Nuf said.
May 15 ScrawnyKayaker commented on UPDATE: Red Mill Burgers Owner John Shepherd Apologizes for Sexist, Transphobic Online Comments and Resigns.
@57 finally nails it.

Who wrote his apology for him? It sure doesn't sound like the same writer of all the other samples of his ranting. If he's too dumb to realize that publicly and repeatedly attaching his name to ugly vitriol might not be a good move for the owner of a local business in famously hyper-liberal Seattle, is he smart enough to write in two completely different voices? Or does he just get drunk at night and post?