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12:37 PM ScrawnyKayaker commented on Guest Editorial: Citizen Oversight Won't Suffer at All If We Vote for a Seattle Parks District.
@10 Because their parents owned zero, or maybe one car, not two SUVs with fucking DVD players in them.

And I'll bet half those kids got to the lake by clogging the streets with their filthy bicycles. OMG, TEH WAR ON CARS GOES ON FOR SEVENTY YEARS!!!1! OH, THE HUMANITY!

Also, Doritos hadn't been invented yet.
11:27 PM yesterday ScrawnyKayaker commented on Bees Are Friends.
@3 That story has all the buzz.
Jul 30 ScrawnyKayaker commented on Swill Recalled.
This is what we used to describe as a "calling all livers" situation when I had a bunch of friends who were homebrewing: time for an immediate party to try to kill two cases of beer before they went bad. It's a pretty common problem with homebrew and, to a lesser extent, microbrew beer. In my experience, exploding bottles are quite rare, but the taste certainly suffers.

A while back (6 months, a year?) I bought a couple of packs of Dick's IPA that started surging when opened after being ignored for several months.
Jul 28 ScrawnyKayaker commented on I Saw Three Black People in Vienna Today....
If the coffee's really grown in Africa, definitely OK. So I'm proudly voting #3.

Voting with the losers. This is like the '80s and the '00s all over!
Jul 24 ScrawnyKayaker commented on Go Boating With Clyde This Weekend in the Arboretum and Run Into Secret Bands Playing in the Woods.
Just to pick nits: the WAC won't let you put 4 people in a canoe. You can have 4 in their rowboats, with a choice of either a pair of oars, so only one person is working at a time, or canoe paddles for everyone.

Also, if you put 3 in a canoe, the center person sits on the bottom. They do give you a little cushion (technically, a Type IV Personal Flotation Device) but the seats of a rowboat are probably more comfortable and cleaner.

And please wear your PFDs ("lifejackets"), which means actually buckling them, not just draping them over your shoulders. You never know when some drunk in a Bayliner will ram your rowboat as they come through the Montlake Cut. You'd look pretty stupid drowning on such a trivial junket.
Jul 23 ScrawnyKayaker commented on Endorsements for the August Primary Election!.
@155 The Eat the State website hasn't been updated since Nov. 1, 2013, so I wouldn't hold your breath.
Jul 15 ScrawnyKayaker commented on Let's Make Airplane Seats Even More Uncomfortable!.
Soylent Green is people-bacon!
Jul 15 ScrawnyKayaker commented on Let's Make Airplane Seats Even More Uncomfortable!.
@9 Good point.

Don't different airlines have slightly different seat spacing? I seem to remember less knee room on United than some others.

Expedia, et al, should list the legroom next to the ticket prices. I'd cough up on extra $10 or so per inch of extra space.

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