Mar 9 diggum commented on Seattle Hiphop Pioneer Jonathan Moore Dies at 47.
Jonathan taught me how to properly pronounce your last name back in 2001 or so, Charles, after I completely bungled it. I hadn't seen him in a few years, and now terribly regret it.
Aug 30, 2015 diggum commented on I Can't Deal With "Downtown" Either, but Can We Talk About Macklemore with a Bit of Nuance?.
I thought it was fun and light-hearted, which is just fine. Loved seeing the old timers and the Michael Jackson-esque jabs - even if those didn't really go anywhere.

However, the fact he kept referring to his "moped" when all but one of those were CLEARLY scooters, is inexcusable. 38 mph on a moped with 2 people riding on it? No.
Aug 12, 2015 diggum commented on The Bad Politics of the Black Lives Matter Protesters Who Interrupted Bernie Sanders.
Yes, for me it was about the arrogance and vitriol with which they took over the event. It has little to do with their being black or female - I'd want to smack upside the head a white male pulling the same, out-of-place shit. (Maybe even moreso, so perhaps that's where my sexist, racist side is coming out?)

The entire action reeked of bullying and throwing a tantrum, and it felt evident they were baiting someone to respond physically. There is certainly a political strategy to chaos and a perception that you're out of control. Unfortunately, their message was so poorly presented that it just felt like they were attention-seeking and used BLM and Bernie Sanders presence at this event to achieve that goal without doing benefit to the goals of Black Lives Matter.

Like Anonymous, some of the actions done in the name of BLM are spot-on and garner my support. But like any nebulous organization for which one becomes a member just by declaring themselves one, a few bad apples can fuck it up.
Aug 1, 2014 diggum commented on Can You Imagine Scarlett Johansson In Blackface?.
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia delved into this troubling, modern issue as well, with heart and aplomb.
May 29, 2014 diggum commented on Has Anyone Been Checking on Exene?.
I prefer Victory Jackson now that I read it! Like "Action Jackson" but for white folk.
May 6, 2014 diggum commented on Subway CEO Thinks America Has Room for 8000 More Crappy Sandwich Restaurants.
In 4 separate trips to Beijing, eating at fancy restaurants, squalid street vendors, roadside gas-stations-turned-fish-joints, the ONLY place I ever got sick was the Subway in the ground floor of my office's building. Turned out they don't cook the bacon, so when you get a BLT and halfway through think, "I didn't order the prosciutto..." get ready for around 8 hours of compound expulsion from both ends and a sobbing wish for death.
Apr 28, 2014 diggum commented on What Do You Think of the Boyhood Trailer?.
I will always give Linklater the benefit of the doubt for his films. I don't always love all of them, but he's always exploring and after Dazed and Confused, he gets a free pass from me for the rest of his life.
Feb 20, 2014 diggum commented on Rethinking Ability.
Jesus fuck. Icons are supposed to be simple indicators - not the 50+ gender list on Facebook! EVERY goddamned handicap cannot be listed everywhere, lest every parking lot sign and bathroom stall end up marked up like the gaggle of family member stickers in the back of the Duggar family station wagon.

Simple awareness of an issue many/most of us do not keep at the forefront of our thoughts, in locations where it is needed is all these need to do. Regardless of how special you are, you're not special - just like the rest of us. The minute variation of one affliction over another does not engender the right to extreme attention.
Jan 8, 2014 diggum commented on The Man Who Draws in the Dirt on the Side of His Van.
Dec 19, 2013 diggum commented on Bitcoin Is a Pro-Libertarian Currency.
Almost all of the negatives y'all are bringing up are just as applicable to cash. It's pretty obvious that while Bitcoin has some flaws, most of you haven't read or learned much about it.

It's inherently a protocol - a set of rules to ensure transactions are not double-spent before confirmed and that provide incentive to continue supporting the network. Each "coin" is the result of an amount of CPU calculations required to generate it as part of the ongoing network. Additionally, whether Bitcoin itself becomes THE cryptocurrency, this model of decentralized, peer-to-peer confirmation systems is fascinating in a way that the early internet protocols themselves were. In addition, Bitcoin is a democratic monetary system in that as long as a majority of the network agrees to a change, it becomes part of the system.

Take the currency aspect out of it. Right now you pay $10/year for a domain name, likely making that douchebag at GoDaddy richer in the process. Alternative coins, such as NameCoin, can reduce that to a few cents or less, with better control and accounting and without the nasty games registrars play. (Oh, you searched for a domain but took 10 minutes to register it and now they bought it and are offering it to you at a 100x markup? Sorry.) There is a scripting language built into the protocol to facilitate almost anything: escrow services, document notarization and verification, lawyerless distribution of estates. There is no easier means of sending money internationally, instantly, without dealing with Western Unions or other entities.

So many are also stuck on the idea as 1BTC being a sole unit, but it's divisible to 8 decimal places. Many services are now referring to them as mBTC to help get over that psychological hurdle. You can easily go buy .1 BTC.

I was able to donate to a Phillipines Relief fund with BTC. It couldn't have been easier or faster. Sure I could have used PayPal, but they have a tendency to shut down accounts and hold or confiscate money for inane reasons.

Yes, it's pretty crazy right now. But it was just as crazy when it rose from $0.75 to $7 to $15 over the course of a year. Dismissing it as just a bubble, commodity, or pointless is missing the point in a big way and is liable to leave a lot of egg on a lot of faces in a few years.