4:11 PM yesterday Hutch commented on What If the City Allowed Homeless Encampments in Residential Neighborhoods?.
@9 - You're conflating single-family homeowners, who own property and are thus entitled to more political power in the city than mere apartment dwellers.
Nov 23 Hutch commented on Nightclub Owners Steven Severin and David Meinert Say More Patrols Needed to Keep Capitol Hill Safe.
Local Businessmen Turn Entire Neighborhood Into Mardi Gras; Regret Consequences
Nov 22 Hutch commented on Have Your Say About KUOW's Acquisition of KPLU on Monday.
I don't always involve the public in major mergers of local public media, but when I do I do it at 2 p.m. on a Monday.
Nov 19 Hutch commented on We Actually Kinda Need a Youth Detention Center and We Will For a Long While.
Perhaps you could have taken this up with Kshama before you endorsed her and her entourage of hyperventilating sycophants, Dan.

I'm proud of Seattle's willingness to address racial disparities in the criminal justice system and fully support diversion programs that will keep youth out of jail and holding bad cops accountable, but this dogmatic adherence to "No Youth Jail" is a waste of political energy. The reality that these (well-intentioned) advocates are pushing for it that teenage murderers would be intermixed with adult prisoners at King County Jail, which is helpful for no one.
Nov 13 Hutch commented on Caryn Mathes, President and General Manager of KUOW, Talks About Her Plans for KPLU.
Also, I understand people's frustration with KUOW's programming choices in recent years, but I think some of this rage needs to be directed at the administration and Board of Regents of PLU. As a private university they are certainly under no legal obligation to subsidize a public radio station, but I would argue that they have a moral obligation to support media diversity and access in their community.
Nov 13 Hutch commented on Caryn Mathes, President and General Manager of KUOW, Talks About Her Plans for KPLU.
I'm no Cliff Mass fan, but for the love of God this feud between people whose salaries I indirectly fund (Cliff Mass and KUOW leadership) needs to stop. It's juvenile and dumb.
Nov 12 Hutch commented on KUOW Plans to Purchase KPLU and Make It an All Jazz Station. What Happens to Their Reporters?.
@4 - Which ones are those? There's nothing but a few freelancers left, all the full-timers went to the Seattle Times.
Nov 12 Hutch commented on Can Seattle Launch a Movement for a New Kind of Workers' Union?.
Are Uber drivers required to work a minimum amount of hours to retain their connection to the company? My understanding was that this was a totally at-will, work-when-you-want gig that was not designed to be someone's primary source of income. How many Uber drivers use it as their primary source of income? Would someone who just drives Saturday nights for a little extra money on the side be forced to pay union dues, like I was when I was a 16-year-old bagging groceries at QFC, making 6.50 an hour and working 18 hours a week?
Nov 9 Hutch commented on The Gospel According to Mr. Burns.
As a diehard fan of both the Simpsons and conceptually daring theater, I wanted to like this more than I did. All the actors felt like they were talking past each other and while the play's conceit was worthwhile, it became obvious halfway through and felt beat to death by the end.
Nov 9 Hutch commented on Is the Right-Wing Media Killing White Americans?.
It may be entertaining for coastal liberals to belittle flyover country this way, but as #1 mentioned, it less about the despair of clinging to a losing ideology and more about the bleak tangible economic realities - the manufacturing jobs that kept their parents afloat have moved overseas and the new American economy is coastal and requires a college degree. And if Democrats want any chance at a majority in Congress ever again, they're going to have to find an economic plan that addresses that malaise.