Apr 26 Hutch commented on What Would It Take? Labor Stands by Mayor Ed Murray Despite Sexual Abuse Allegations.
I'm kinda torn on whether unlitigated accusations like this should warrant reconsidering an endorsement, but holy fuck is "Trump got away with it, why shouldn't Murray" an intellectually and morally bankrupt argument for the status quo. Embarrassing.
Apr 24 Hutch commented on Why Does This House Cost $1,000,000?.
@1 - You're right, the days of $600/month apartments are gone and won't be coming back. The question before us is if we want 500k condos or million dollar single-family homes. And from an affordability and environmental perspective, it's clear what the answer should be.
Apr 11 Hutch commented on King County Executive Dow Constantine's Proposed Arts Tax Is Dead For Now.
I like Dow and I like arts a lot, but this was a profoundly dumb and tone-deaf idea considering the pressing needs right now around homelessness, affordable housing, mental health, etc. I'm surprised it got this far.
Feb 14 Hutch commented on UPDATED: In Seattle, Feds Arrest 23-Year-Old Mexican Immigrant Who's Part of Obama's "Dreamer" Program.
If Dave Reichert feels so strongly about DACA kids being allowed to stay in this country, maybe he can prove himself now that this is happening: http://www.thestranger.com/slog/2017/01/…

Office lines: (202) 225-7761 and (425) 677-7414
Feb 4 Hutch commented on Seattle Times Layoffs and Buyouts Hit Young and Veteran Staffers; Here's Who's Leaving.
Geoff Baker, surviving the apocalypse like a cockroach.
Oct 25, 2016 Hutch commented on Vote Approved on ST3!.
There are few things in this world that I look forward to more than voting Reuven Carlyle out of office.
Oct 24, 2016 Hutch commented on Guest Editorial: To Fight Climate Change and Poverty, Vote YES on Initiative 732.
@1 nailed it, and I-732 forgoes the only viable future revenue stream for adapting to a changing climate in favor of a tax cut in a state scrambling for revenue.
Oct 20, 2016 Hutch commented on We Believe You Should Vote No on Initiative 732.
I get the "we need action now" argument, but it's worth stopping and thinking about the context around this vote. The fate of the world does not rest on carbon policy in Washington State, which is heavily powered by hydro and responsible for ~1.3% of American GHG emissions. The reason we're doing this at the state level is to provide an example for climate action that can be applied at the national (and international) level. Any low-carbon future we can imagine is going to require massive changes to how we power our homes and how we get around. A tax is one variable among many on fossil fuels, the price of which fluctuate based on supply and demand and a host of other variables. (See BC, where carbon emissions actually rose several years back when the price of oil tanked internationally). We're not going to get where we need to go without massive investments in things like energy efficiency, solar, wind, battery storage, transit, urban density, etc. And it's not really clear where we'd get the money for that sort of thing, if not taxing dirty fuels. As far as "pass this and make it better later" goes, you think we'll be able to go back to the legislature in 2018 and convince them to reinstate the B&O tax (or raise the sales tax by 1%) so that we can fund green alternatives or help transition workers in fossil-fuel dependent industries?

All state climate policies are dress rehearsals for national action, which is really what we need. I-732 sets the bar extremely low. In a country that is getting more diverse with every passing year, it's hard to imagine a national climate policy that doesn't include communities of color or labor unions, both of which were ignored by I-732. I-732 would be the ultimate pyrrhic victory - white Seattle liberals get to pat themselves on the back for "FINALLY DOING SOMETHING" while setting the national climate movement back, as other states copy the model of revenue neutral climate programs that barely move the needle on emissions.
Oct 18, 2016 Hutch commented on The Stranger's Endorsements for the November 2016 General Election.
Throwing Communities of Color under the bus for a climate policy that aims for a ~2% cut in carbon emissions per year from a hydro-powered state responsible for ~1.3% of the total emissions in the United States would be Peak Seattle Liberal.
Oct 4, 2016 Hutch commented on The City of Seattle Wasted $65,000 on Failed Whistleblower Witch Hunt.
This entire debacle was infuriating on so many levels - the fact that basic police accountability was a bargaining chip in a labor negotiation, Murray telling the public they were bad progressives for wanting information on A LITERAL LIFE OR DEATH MATTER TO BLACK PEOPLE, $65,000 of city money down the drain in what was obviously a goose chase from the very beginning. Keep up the good work, Ed!