Jul 15 Hutch commented on The Mayor Is Blowing Up the City's Old Neighborhood Council System—and That's Good News for Renters.
@14- "Just how are neighborhoods (no matter who you think comprises a neighborhood) to have any sayso with the City now that the Mayor has shot down District Councils AND the citywide council that funneled those DCs' comments to the Mayor and instead appointed (yes, appointed) a Commission to give him input?"

With a fucking ballot, the same way every other citizen in a democracy expresses their wishes. And any neighborhood folks who are aghast at this move should direct their anger towards the Queen Anne Community Council and other neighborhood groups that have acted as de facto anti-growth political action committees.
Jul 6 Hutch commented on #RezoneSeattle.
Thanks for calling this like it is, Dan. This is the status quo right now: we build these wonderful bikable, walkable, transit-served neighborhoods (cc: Wallingford) and then oppose any efforts to allow more people to live in them (cc: Wallingford Community Council), forcing them into cheaper, far-flung communities where they have no choice but to drive everywhere they go, spewing carbon into a rapidly changing atmosphere. If your aesthetic preferences for how your neighborhood looks or feels take precedent over your environmentalism, your environmentalism was never really deeply felt in the first place. Let's treat this like the climate crisis it is, not a "I got mine, fuck everyone else" situation.
Jun 29 Hutch commented on Light Rail and Urbanism for Seattle's Rich.
Not that it negates Charles' broader point, which is indeed a valid blind spot in the minds of a lot of Seattle urbanists, but it's worth noting that ST3 has a significant investment in affordable housing near light rail stations: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=…

It's arguably too modest given the need (and the devil is in the details), but it's a step ahead of a lot of transit plans in efforts to ensure that the poor and working class have a shot at access to light rail.
Jun 24 Hutch commented on Residents of Luxury Downtown Condos Try to Stop New City Housing Affordability Program.
Also, I was unaware that laws could be appealed based on the fact that they don't address what the appellant wishes they would address. There is nothing in HALA about tower spacing just like there is nothing about a whole host of other land use regulations. You've got money - blackmail your city councilperson into introducing a tower spacing regulation. Don't slow down the production of affordable housing during an affordability crisis because you haven't been able to get your way.
Jun 24 Hutch commented on Residents of Luxury Downtown Condos Try to Stop New City Housing Affordability Program.
How does someone who is intelligent enough to make a career as an investment manager not think to look at a zoning map of neighboring properties when they purchase a $1 million condo?
Jun 21 Hutch commented on Let's Talk About that Seattle Times Editorial Claiming Sound Transit Should "Slow Down" on New Light Rail.
@21- King County has property tax exemption programs for seniors on fixed incomes.

Only 1 in 100 of eligible taxpayers take advantage of it: http://www.kingcounty.gov/depts/assessor…

Although it’s questionable whether many of those 1 out of 100 should really be qualifying: http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news…

The “seniors being taxed out of their homes” canard is hyperbolic.
Jun 8 Hutch commented on The Audition.
@22 - Go back to Reddit.
Jun 8 Hutch commented on The Audition.
@14, I mean.
Jun 8 Hutch commented on The Audition.
@7 - I'm not an armchair lawyer (or philosopher!) like yourself so I won't debate the legal argument. But you called them gullible and talked about them like they were children, which is textbook victim blaming.
Jun 8 Hutch commented on The Audition.
@7 - I make no presumption about Shearer and Bishop, who are phenomenally brave to speak publicly about their experience, but generally speaking: if you're incapable of having empathy for young women who make a bad decision driven by economic factors, then you're a lost cause. It might be a heavy legal lift for a prosecutor to make, but the criminal justice system owes it to these women to try. Lord knows it owes them more than it owed Brock Fucking Turner.