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May 5 kcrobinson commented on After Murray Promises Scarecrow Video $50,000, Scarecrow Told It's Not Getting That Money.
It'll be even more awkward when the study is published and it says that the best way to support local icons is by giving them money.
May 4 kcrobinson commented on Garbage People Vote for Garbage Law But Unfortunately They Won't Die.
I'm trying to find information about which WA representatives voted yea. Anyone?
Mar 13 kcrobinson commented on First Hill Streetcar: No Firm Plans to Return to Service.
I need someone to try to explain to me once again why they think a streetcar is a better transportation option for a city than a bus. What is so magical about putting the vehicle on rails that makes it appealing to city officials or public transportation advocates? As far as I can tell, it's more expensive, noisier, slower, and hindering to traffic, all while being less flexible to respond route issues such as construction, weather, emergency response, or technical issues.
Dec 12, 2016 kcrobinson commented on Tim Burgess Will Not Seek Reelection Next Year.
It's worth re-reading The Stranger's endorsement of Jon Grant over Tim Burgess in the 2015 election: http://www.thestranger.com/features/feat…

My favorite part: "Tywin Lannister was an asshole, but at least he was consistent. Burgess, now desperately trying to pretend he's a liberal, lacks the courage of his own conservative villainy. ABB: Anyone but Burgess. Vote Grant."
Dec 11, 2016 kcrobinson commented on Ludicrous Sounders Are Ludicrously MLS Cup Champions.
Mariners footage not found? Griffey's '95 slide definitely qualifies.
Feb 5, 2016 kcrobinson commented on Will the City Council Save Pronto, Seattle's Bike Share Service?.
What @22 said. Especially compared to the much cheaper cost of New York, London, and Paris (the only ones I can speak of), the $8 barrier to entry in Seattle is completely unreasonable. How about $2 for a single-use?
Jul 7, 2015 kcrobinson commented on Another Reason Why Seattleites Should Eat Herring.
I don't know anything about herring other than joking about it with people going to visit Scandinavian countries. Is there a way to eat herring other than smoked, salted, or pickled? I'm not seeing fresh herring listed on the websites of the fish markets that I know of.
May 14, 2015 kcrobinson commented on Why Black Slave Liberator Harriet Tubman Should Not Replace Slave Owner Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill.
Every person who has ever been pictured on currency anywhere is there because their image perpetuates a myth about the ideal person that they were, what they stood for, or what they accomplished.

I'm not about to withdraw my support for this proposal because she didn't actually succeed in destroying capitalism.
May 13, 2015 kcrobinson commented on Tonight Is the First Candidate Forum Featuring Kshama Sawant and Her Challengers.
The 37th and 43rd District Democrats would be labeled as socialists in most other parts of the nation. They label themselves as Democrats because it makes them feel more mainstream, but all of the politicians and a majority of the constituents are much more liberal than your average Democrat on the national level. Sawant is just a natural extension of that, except that she calls herself a socialist. She belongs in the local Democrat party forums.
Apr 29, 2015 kcrobinson commented on Bumbershoot 2015 Lives! Here's the Lineup!.
Is anyone else noticing the $100 at the gate price? As in a 50% increase from last year. And the early bird prices are twice what I could buy them for when tickets first went on sale in previous years.

And no jazz.

And no comedy.