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The average house cat will consume you before you are cold

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bugwitch is a Nerdfighter...are you?
May 16, 2014 bugwitch commented on People Are Naming Their Babies Vanellope, Pistol, Kyndle, Kaptain, and Subaru.
I'm not too concerned. Just because something is a traditionally a boy's name doesn't mean it can't translate into a female one. My name is Devon, traditionally a male name (also a lovely place in the UK and the name of cows that make milked used to make booze!).

I'll take some of these names over anything Twilight related.
Mar 16, 2014 bugwitch commented on Fred Phelps: Excommunicated and Near Death.

So am I to assume that their belief boils down to: You'll live forever. If you don't, God doesn't love you anymore so we need to excommunicate you. Basically dying means God doesn't love you?

Human! You are human!!! Heathen!!!
Nov 20, 2013 bugwitch commented on Signing Up for Health Care Doesn’t Have to Suck: Come to Our Party!.
Not related...but apparently Sylvia Browne is dead. Just before I heard this I had an urge to listen to the song Disco Duck...perhaps she was sending me a message from beyond the grave!!! Quack Quack

I like my health insurance for the most part. Don't need to worry about the exchange just yet.
Nov 7, 2013 bugwitch commented on US Senate Passes ENDA By a Wide Margin.
I went to Rob Portman's page to say "thank you" for his support but when I got there I read what he has been up to and I just couldn't do it. He's a nutter.
Oct 10, 2013 bugwitch commented on ‘Sweet Angels’.
Wish I could see this exhibition. And where are these "non-trad" lesbians? Not in Ohio it seems. I just want to hold her. **le sigh**
Aug 24, 2013 bugwitch commented on Did You Know It's the Season When Giant House Spiders Walk Around Seattle Homes?.
If you find one of those would anyone willing to collect it, freeze it and then mail it to me at my lab?
Jul 9, 2013 bugwitch commented on "This is a farce. The Texas legislature is a bunch of liars who hate women.".
@12: Maybe they were anticipating her using the horrible curse word "vagina."
Jun 20, 2013 bugwitch commented on How You Living Biggie Buddists Monks?.
@9: Would love to check out some references. Care to post some, please?

@Most here: Yes, we in the West have a tendency to glamorize and (for lack of a better term) orientalize everything Eastern as fantastically grand. Religion can be a force for (my perception of) good as well as bad. There are many different forms of Buddhism just as there are of Christianity. But because most Westerners only think of Buddhism in terms of HHtDL, Keanu and/or Richard Geere we don't see the full picture. Blinders are put in place and we don't see the reality of the diversity and occasional depravity that exists in our more closely experienced religions.

@1: Buddhism is many things. It *can* be more philosophical and atheistic but primarily in practice it is not.

Apr 26, 2013 bugwitch commented on You Know That Totally Bigoted Bill That Isn't About Gay People?.
I've been trying to figure out what equivalents there are to LGBT discrimination in this context. Discrimination against people based upon sex/gender, religion, etc are federally protected and therefore a hypothetical business owner can not refuse them services even under this law; so what/who can they refuse service to besides LGBT people? The only group I can think of would be atheists. Are there any other equivalents which would fall under this religious exemption?
Apr 21, 2013 bugwitch commented on Slog Bible Study: Deuteronomy 14:18.
No bats but you can eat grasshoppers and locusts. They are specifically referenced as being kosher and 'safe' to eat.

I ate a sauteed cricket back in November at the ESA conference. I didn't care for it. I was told the waxworms were good though. They looked too weird to me and weren't kosher.