Yeah, it's a copy of that.

May 15 Linda J commented on Nine Northwest Tribes Have Joined Together to Block a Massive Coal Export Terminal at Cherry Point.
Showing the way to the safe energy future! And sacrificing much to do so.
May 14 Linda J commented on The Stranger Is in a Kayak Watching the Shell Arctic Drilling Rig Arrive in Seattle.
@21 "beat the republicans" -- okay shall i use the democrats who just granted shell drilling rights in the arctic and voted for TPP (i'm looking at you maria and patty) to beat them (over the head i mean)?
May 13 Linda J commented on My Philosophy.
@1 -- agree. I'm old and stuff but I didn't see a link.
May 12 Linda J commented on Video Editorial: One Theory to Explain All the Bertha Troubles.
I am nostalgic for those slightly less absurd days BB (before Bertha). We can only hope Brett's solution is taken seriously.
May 8 Linda J commented on Guest Editorial: Mayor Ed Murray Should Boycott, Not "Pinkwash," Israel.
@5 just saw this about South Africans in Israel (besides Bishop Tutu's boycott call in my post @7):…
May 8 Linda J commented on Guest Editorial: Mayor Ed Murray Should Boycott, Not "Pinkwash," Israel.
@4 yes, if you're Jewish, you will not have a problem living in Israel. But Ethiopian Jews do seem to be facing some difficulties.…

Really, though, who wouldn't want to live in a lively cosmopolitan bubble, ignoring the fact you are involved in the theft of the indigenous peoples land and the ongoing brutal repression to keep it.

Even Israelis sometimes do look over the apartheid fence though. Like when they go up in the hills overlooking Gaza while their air force bombs the shit out of the (mainly) civilians who live there (last summer killing over 500 children).…

South African ArchBishop Desmond Tutu on boycotting Israel:…

@6 now you can't say you didn't know.
May 7 Linda J commented on Transit Is a Social Justice Issue.
Thanks for this new info, Dan. And for anyone who agrees that people should be organizing to get better transit, please check out the Transit Riders Union. Website:

Transit riders in this group were a major force in getting the current Metro low income fare. The membership makes the decisions democratically on how to work on getting lower bus fares and better service. It's a great group. Check out the website and join up! ;)
May 6 Linda J commented on Bernie Sanders: The Republican Budget Is So Bad, No One Will Believe What's in It.

Black Agenda Report on Bernie Sanders (Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders: Sheepdogging for Hillary and the Democrats in 2016):…

chris hedges:…
Apr 27 Linda J commented on Eritreans Deported by Israel Because They Are Not Jewish Were Killed by ISIS Because They Are Christians.
Thanks for pointing this out, Charles. The Jewish State of Israel has a problem: it can't be both Jewish and democratic. Therefore, it has to keep getting rid of the people who aren't Jewish, including the indigenous Palestinians. People in the U.S. need to be aware of this fact. Their tax money is propping up a discriminatory theocracy to the tune of 3 billion every year. Let's stop it!

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