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May 22 Linda J commented on Blood, Boiling.
"Does the term 'apartheid' fit Israel? Of course it does." LA Times…
May 22 Linda J commented on Blood, Boiling.
Someone else who gets it -- John Legend:…
May 22 Linda J commented on Blood, Boiling.
@23 sez "No one -- NO ONE -- has answered the question as to why you are all concentrated on Israel, as opposed to the other countries that do horrible things."

Why shouldn't we call out any such behavior? Especially in a place that prides itself on being the "only democracy in the Middle East"--the untruth of which many Palestinians l(approximately 20% of the population) living in what is now known as Israel can testify to. so can these mainly israeli writers:…

I don't want my tax dollars funding murder of Palestinian teenagers? Do you?

May 21 Linda J commented on UW Students To Vote On Divestment from Companies Involved in Israeli Occupation.
@19 sez "Israel proper is, of course, a heterogeneous (though like the U.S., at times troubled) democracy with a constitution guaranteeing equality under the law."

Palestinians had NOTHING to do with the holocaust, yet they are being asked to pay for the guilt of "West" who allowed it to happen. The land known as Palestine has been stolen and now its people are living either under occupation, as refugees or unequal citizens of the State of Israel. And as you saw in the video, as such, are subject to murder by the Israeli army.

As for being Israel being a democracy ("troubled???"), an excerpt from this:…

"For Gideon Levy, a veteran Israeli journalist and intellectual, mixing “nationality with religion is the mother of all problems”.
“If being Jewish means religion, then secular Jews like myself can’t define themselves as Jews. But if it is nationality, then I am an Israeli national first and foremost.”

"Levy labels as hypocritical many American and European Jews who support institutionalised discrimination against non-Jewish Israeli citizens, whereas in their respective countries they aggressively and doggedly defend secularism and the principle of equality, irrespective of ethnicity and religion.

“Israel can’t be both Jewish and democratic. And under existing conditions, a non-Jewish citizen in Israel has no chance of having real equality with a Jew,” Levy says.

Ada Ravon, a prominent lawyer from Tel Aviv who deals with civil rights issues, concurs: “There is no chance for a non-Jewish citizen in Israel to obtain full and complete equality. This is at least how I see it under existing circumstances.

“According to the Law of Return, Israel is a Jewish state, and non-Jews can’t be equal citizens.”

End of quotes from article.

The fact that the U.S. and Europe continue to allow Palestinians to be murdered, displaced and oppressed by Israel is the provocation for more and more people around the world to stand up and say not in my name. Boycott Divest and Sanction Israel until it changes its laws and behavior to provide for equality and human rights for all residents of the former Palestine.
May 10 Linda J commented on If You Believe Abortion Is a Right, You Need to Stop Telling Women How and When They Should Get Abortions.
@55 THANK YOU!! I had just copied that phrase "after all, a life is being ended" to make a similar comment, but you said it very well.
Apr 24 Linda J commented on Mayor Murray: "Currently We Have Not Reached an Agreement" on a Minimum Wage Deal.
@2 Yup. I talked to some people at the City Hall surround yesterday, and they definitely pressed this issue. Are any of these folks able to walk a mile in minimum wage shoes? Maybe they shouldn't have a vote until they tried it for a month. I bet they'd form a majority with Sawant then.
Apr 7 Linda J commented on The Rise of the Anti-Liberal Left.
Naming names of people of privilege who pretend to be on the left and do not act like it. Chris Hedges
Mar 27 Linda J commented on Will Russia Go Further?.
Yes, they will. Because Putin is Hitler. Haven't you heard? Hillary said so. Ready for Hillary?
Mar 27 Linda J commented on The Morning News.
Glad people are ignoring Brendan's stupid coverage of the events in Crimea. I know, I know. Putin is Hitler -- Hillary told you so.
Mar 26 Linda J commented on The Fight Won't Be Over Once We Pass a Minimum Wage Law.
@6 and @7. We're still working getting single payer because ACA has acknowledged it is going to leave out millions of people and won't stop people from going bankrupt over medical bills. Single payer will be cheaper and more efficient.…

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