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Jul 17 Chef Thunder commented on Who Should Win: Jayapal, Martin, Secrest, Burfect, Stafford, or Watanabe?.
Why he's no one voted for Burfect?!!! His name rhymes with perfect, which is totes a reason to elect him to student counsel.
Jul 1 Chef Thunder commented on Amazon Sues Former Employee for Going to Work at Google.
I wonder if the do win if it would be the death of the non compete... I would imagine it would make recruitment rather difficult
Apr 30 Chef Thunder commented on Alan Cumming on His Career, His Sexuality and His Crazy Hairy Pits.
Wait how is this a blow to bi visibility. Seems totes bipositive.
Apr 16 Chef Thunder commented on Meanwhile, On the Minimum Wage Committee....
I have to say I am disappointed in both sides here. Between the scare tactics and misinformation coming out of the business community. To the blunt cudgel of a charter amendment being put forth by the 15Now folks.

I have stopped eating at Lost Lake because of Dave Meinert involvement.

Maybe my unhappiness is proof the process is working, but I doubt it.

As an aside are the 15now signature gatherers going to be paid $15//hour?
Apr 9 Chef Thunder commented on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Episodes 7 & 8: RuPersize Me!.
Also Pandora Boxx's introduction of the portmanteau "bunt" to describe Courtney Act , may be her single greatest contribution to humanity.
Feb 26 Chef Thunder commented on State Says: You Won't Shut Down the Viaduct That Easily!.
Luckily we always get lots of warning before an earthquake ask so no one should be on it when the big one hits.

Todd Trepanier you're "doing a heck of a job"
Feb 20 Chef Thunder commented on Homophobia Kills Homophobes.
We should let them know. They can change. Love the hater hate the hate
Feb 19 Chef Thunder commented on Will You Boycott Fast Food Tomorrow?.
I won't be eating fast food tomorrow but to be fair it has been at least 15 years since I have so I'm not sure they will really miss my dollar.

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