Yeah, it's a copy of that.

10:51 AM yesterday shotsix commented on Crowd Refuses to Pay Light Rail Fare to Protest Immigrant Youth's Death at Sodo Station.
Every time I've been on a Link train with fare enforcers, they've methodically gone down and checked ALL riders. I have never seen selective enforcement. This protest is ridiculous.
Jun 24 shotsix commented on Former Mars Hill Member Writes About Pastor Mark Driscoll's "Demon Trials".
You are one feeble minded idiot to feel any need to be a member of that racket. Who are these people? Even just considering to join is worthy of the highest levels of mockery.
Jun 23 shotsix commented on This Weekend's Nightmare Traffic: Why Won't Our Leaders Build Light Rail Faster?.
If you live in the city you'll rarely even realize there is a traffic nightmare happening. A good geographic choice in housing = no traffic hassles. Many, if not most, of those idiots sitting in traffic made a choice to live in the suburbs so they could have a big yard and 5 bedrooms...they've rightly earned "traffic" time.
Jun 5 shotsix commented on "$15 an Hour? Why Not $100 an Hour!" Hey, for Some City Employees, It's "Why Not $175 an Hour?".
There absolutely have to be qualified people who are willing to make much, much less than $350k. Often, highly skilled technical professionals seem worth their salary, but CEOs and high level bureaucrats are basically just overly compensated managers (and anyone with a normal range IQ and motivation could likely replicate their responsibilities).
Jun 5 shotsix commented on In Defense of Maureen Dowd Getting Too High and Writing About It.
I don't usually enjoy Maureen Dowd's articles, but thank god for this one (and all of the subsequent comments on Slog). When I try pot for the first time, it will be an edible since I find the smoke smell kind of revolting. I'm pretty sure I would have eaten the whole cookie, or whatever, and her experience sounded hellish (even if it was only half as bad as she wrote). One very small bite is the important lesson I'm taking away from this whole discussion.
Jun 2 shotsix commented on Seattle Will Not be Affordable Without First a Real Public Transportation System.
I agree that we need more fixed guideway/dedicated right-of-way transit, but it is already easy enough to live without a car in Seattle even by just relying on our extant public transportation options (assuming you make a spatially aware housing choice and don't require a SFH). The approaching cuts with make it a little less convenient, but the big trunk routes will see (at most) modest reductions.
May 30 shotsix commented on Why We Need Cycletracks: Truck Blocks Entire Bike Lane On Capitol Hill.
whoever drove that truck is a complete a-hole. there was obviously enough room to park closer to the curb and preserve non-life endangering bike space.
May 29 shotsix commented on Dave Meinert Threatens to Retire from Public Life, and Other Minimum Wage Mayhem.
It's pretty dishonest to say that tipping will disappear, it's a cultural artifact that will not evaporate with increased consumer costs. He pretty much implies that a lot of workers would do worse with a $15 min wage, but that includes some very non-data driven assumptions.
May 16 shotsix commented on What Would You Do for Heroin?.
It's amazing how many terrible decisions Ann made in such a short amount of time. I can imagine bad fortune making me penniless, homeless, unloved, seriously ill, but not the heroin addict(s) from the linked article. Is that drug so powerful, that after one use it sucks every ounce of reason out of you? I am such a rational person that it's like reading about an alien species. Is there such a thing as a recreational heroin user, or is Ann's fate the fate of all users?
May 15 shotsix commented on $15 an Hour in the City: But What About Suburban Workers?.
Yep, it just means that Seattle will get the best workers, and the suburbs will have to pay up if they want to compete.

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