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May 29 shotsix commented on Supreme Court Poised to Fuck Urban America.
Regarding the Latino population, it seems like (at least in Washington State) the effects would be equally distributed between rural and urban, or at least not totally one sided. I'm assuming a lot of very "red" places like Yakima have proportionally similar population/eligible voter ratios to Seattle/Tacoma...maybe with even a greater gap. That would cut in our (Seattle) favor.
May 27 shotsix commented on How Many People Does It Take to Install Two Hot-Pink Fighter Jets Kissing in a Light Rail Station?.
I bet those construction workers had some very interesting things to say while putting that thing together.
May 22 shotsix commented on Why Does Becoming a Mom Mean Potentially Losing Your Job?.
For an educated middle/upper middle class women in the United States, getting pregnant and having kids is a very "eyes wide open" choice. The situation is crystal clear in terms of the obligations and sacrifices that will unfold once the new human arrives. If given the chance, I would vote 'yes' on Scandinavian level social benefits in this arena, but I am continually surprised by how shocked some new parents seem to be when baby arrives in 21st century U.S.A (seriously, every sitcom, melodrama, lifestyle magazine and blog past and present has covered each minuscule detail of procreation and its aftermath). I don't know if I'll have kids, but I won't be shocked by any of the responsibilities and missed gym/sleep/socializing time if I do.
Apr 30 shotsix commented on I’m a Waiter and I Think Getting Rid of Tips Is a Good Idea.
@1 The biggest fool is the one who doesn't admit they make more than they need. Most people on here probably make more than they need. How the fuck do you even define "need" - to simply survive?, the extra food calories we ingest in a delicious (but non-essential) dessert?, or does that include internet or that once a year splurge on a new pair of super cool (and expensive) sneakers? That term is way, way too complicated and everyone would probably define it differently.
Apr 23 shotsix commented on How I Got Seasick (and Almost Peed My Pants) While Riding Around in a Rubber Boat with Greenpeace.
I would much rather hang out with Kelly O than some of these commenters. Geez people, I think we all know how serious the issue is, but that doesn't mean there's no room for laughing at our humanness. The photos and captions were funny, and since I get seasick with just some chop on the water I could relate (and my research involves being on boats like that). The Stranger/Slog is frowny face and screechy enough of the time.
Apr 21 shotsix commented on A Little Something For the LGBT Students At Pennsylvania's McGuffey High School.
I don't get the flannel connection to the anti-mo hate day. Hopefully, people don't start associating flannel with bigoted asshole, because I'm gay and I want to keep wearing mine.
Apr 14 shotsix commented on Bill Maher: Extremists Don't Hijack Religions. Moderates Do..
@48 Maybe if they weren't executing gays in the name of god I could believe you. It pains me to defend Israel, but a gay atheist could live a safe, happy and healthy existence within most of Israel (I'm sure there is some anti-gay sentiment present in the Israeli "heartland"), whereas expressing either of those characteristics could lead to imprisonment, torture, and/or execution in the majority of the Muslin world.

Other than Turkey, is there a supermajority Muslin country where shouting "I'm gay and god is not real" while kissing your boyfriend in the proverbial town square wouldn't automatically get you in deep shit by the local government? Those fucked up kill-the-gays Christian countries in Africa are equally as bad, by the way.

There are millions of gays living miserable and perilous existences under Islam and Christianity, but Islam definitely wins the "best of" category for making it hell on earth for the LGBT community, and it's not xenophobic to point that out. The only thing that keeps our domestic, mostly Christian haters from taking away that trophy is by constant vigilance, and the type of honest and hard hitting editorializing (like against the current rash of anti-gay religious "freedom" laws) that many of you would call intolerant when applied to Islam. Tolerance is not quietly watching gays being executed and tortured because some (supposedly) culturally respected deity says so.
Apr 9 shotsix commented on SLOG POLL: What Should Kshama Sawant Ask the Greenpeace Attractivists on Skype Tomorrow?.
That guy looks like a hot extra from the Hoth scene on the Empire Strikes Back.
Apr 2 shotsix commented on Seattle Restaurant Owner Behaving Badly.
@23 I don't think anyone here is saying that a restaurant shouldn't be able to raise prices to cover increased operating costs (or for whatever reason, really), it's just the ridiculously tone-deaf way the issue is being politicized on the receipt. If prices were increased by 2% without the stupid receipt antics, I doubt that anyone would even notice.
Apr 2 shotsix commented on Seattle Restaurant Owner Behaving Badly.
First off, what's up with being so sheepish with the name of the restaurant? I find that as maddening as the itemized "I am a douchebag" surcharge. It's a political statement, and a really Koch-ish one at that. If a supplier started charging 2% more for veggies, would you also itemize that? Nobody who goes out to a restaurant in Seattle is going to notice 2%, at least at the sort of place I'm assuming this KOMO reporter was eating.

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