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12:30 AM robotslave commented on Car2Go Vehicle Parked in Ravenna Gets Tagged with Sticker Promoting White Supremacy.

Never mind four months ago, there's been a perennially refreshed subculture of white-power kiddos right here in our precious "urban oasis" for at least 40 years now.

Not every teen who flees to Slug City from Idaho and Spokane and Bozeman is doing it because they're a bullied artistic homosexual; turns out at least a few of our young immigrants just wanted to get the fuck away from their parents, and/or the tiny little towns they grew up in.

The one thing that's different here is that where our newly arrived Hitler Youth used to just vandalize dumpsters and mailboxes and the like, they're now vandalizing things that The Stranger's target advertising demographic actually look at and care about.
Feb 22 robotslave commented on CHS: Developers Are Going to Tear Down the QFC on 15th!.

There are acres upon acres of completely undeveloped land, zoned for multi-use, just sitting behind chain-link fences in Seattle's poorest neighborhoods. Take a light-rail ride south from Beacon Hill to Rainier Beach and see for yourself.

Zoning is part of the policy we need, but it's not enough on its own. We also need to come to grips with the fact that people with lots of money seem to strongly prefer putting that money into places where there's already lots and lots of money. There are a lot of tools that can be used to change the incentives there, but most of them require political will.
Feb 22 robotslave commented on CHS: Developers Are Going to Tear Down the QFC on 15th!.

You don't see it?

You are asking what would happen if large amounts of development investment were shifted to neighborhoods in Seattle that lack even basic public infrastructure -- e.g. sidewalks, curbs, closed storm drains, paved alleyways?

What would happen if dilapidated business zoning outside Capitol Hill suddenly got a lot more of the developer interest pie?

What would happen if development investment were geographically dispersed rather than concentrating in areas that have already been heavily invested in, that are already wealthy?

As you say, rich people will still keep arriving in town (until the business cycle turns again, at any rate) but there would no longer be a single "best place" to live-- they'll consider many more (freshly renovated) neighborhoods than they would now. Which will take price pressure off of housing in the few nieghborhoods that are currently so heavily invested, allowing more service-sector citizens to move there, closer to where they work, creating a society that is both more sustainable and more economically diverse.

A healthy, mature urban neighborhood has new construction and cheaper, older construction. $100 steak joints and dive bars.

And you'll never, ever get there if you don't use policy to spread private investment money across the rest of your city, instead ploughing it all into the same wealthy places, over and over again.

I'm not saying the policy should be "don't invest in development." Far from it. I'm saying the policy should be "change the policy which currently directs all of the private development money into places that are already very, very wealthy"
Feb 22 robotslave commented on CHS: Developers Are Going to Tear Down the QFC on 15th!.

I'm certainly not opposed to development.

But I do have a problem with misperceptions and the development policies spawned by them that further the division of society into small, luxurious Rich Town neighborhoods serviced by an underclass commuting (by car, no less) from increasingly distant slums.
Feb 22 robotslave commented on CHS: Developers Are Going to Tear Down the QFC on 15th!.
every single block, including my own

...but then, you'd stand to make quite the tidy little profit selling your lot to developers, wouldn't you?

You're not the kind of resident who will be adversely affected by the loss of run-down apartments-- you're rich. It's the people who cook your food and bus your table who are going to get screwed; keep tearing down those eyesores for market-rate housing, and soon enough your delivery boys and dishwashers are going to be driving up from Kent every day to service you.

But they don't matter, not as much as eyesores, anyway.

So many wealthy self-styled "urbanists" just don't get it-- dumpy, run-down buildings aren't an urban problem, they're a necessary, vital component of a healthy, mature urban landscape. If you look around a neighborhood and don't see them, then it's a sure bet that somewhere nearby they've been concentrated into slums (in the PNW with its small cities, these will be SFH/low-rise slums slouching behind moldy strip malls-- places the Capital Hill cultural elite rarely see, let alone visit).
Feb 20 robotslave commented on Is a Tarp a Home?.

The homeless certainly have their problems, but I kind of doubt being insufficiently miserable is one of them.
Feb 17 robotslave commented on UW's Glenn Hughes Theatre Vandalized with Neo-Nazi Recruitment Posters.
Now that we've all made our fresh donations to the ACLU, we might want to remember which side they come down on when it comes to white supremacist posters. Or any other posters, for that matter.
Feb 17 robotslave commented on UW's Glenn Hughes Theatre Vandalized with Neo-Nazi Recruitment Posters.

I think the idea here isn't to hax0r teh Nazis, but rather to send a nice polite note to the hosting provider asking if white supremacist propaganda falls within their standard TOS agreement.

Cloudflare isn't the hosting provider, of course; they're a security firm selling services to hosting firms and other customers.
Feb 15 robotslave commented on The Morning News: What We Know about the Arrest of a Seattle "Dreamer," More Late-Night Bus Service Coming.

My preferred solution is and always has been Public Housing, lots of it, distributed evenly around the city's neighborhoods, built to a scale closer to "townhouses" than "soviet apartment blocks." Not "low income housing" or any kind of public-private partnership malarkey-- just good old fashioned government-owned, government-run public housing.

As to paying for it... well, again personally, I'd say please, please tax my income for this. I do what I can to convince people the streets won't burst into flame if that happens, but it's kinda slow going so far.

What's your long-term solution? The only thing you ever propose is opening those refugee camps in big unused warehouses the city owns and is for some reason just letting sit idle somewhere.

OK, so those don't exist, but Terminal 5 is still unused, isn't it? It hasn't got a roof, of course, but since there aren't any places with a roofs for your dream refugee camp, you might as well start there, no? I mean if it's really a right-now solution you're after, and not a "wait until someone builds some large empty warehouses and gets tired of using them and then gives them to the city" solution?
Feb 15 robotslave commented on Is a Tarp a Home?.

Thanks for your opinion about... masturbation?


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