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Aug 16 robotslave commented on King County Sheriff Removes Barton Family from West Seattle House.

The Bartons are suing for 4.8 million dollars, not for the house. That's a matter of public record, nothing is "under the rug," with or without SAFE.

It looks to me like the family has been swindled by a sweet-talking attorney who has promised them the moon but has no case to speak of. The imaginary basis for the current suit has already been thrown out of court, twice, for having no merit, but the lawyer preying on the family can and will keep filing more and more suits, so long as the Bartons can be snookered into paying for it.

SAFE is an admirable organization, but in this case it looks like they've been manipulated into serving the interests of an unscrupulous courtroom charlatan.
Aug 16 robotslave commented on Rick Perry Indicted By Grand Jury.
I guess today we like Grand Juries?
Aug 15 robotslave commented on King County Sheriff Removes Barton Family from West Seattle House.
@3, @10

Jean Barton is giving interviews to TV crews in front of the house; if she's worried about finding a toothbrush to use over the weekend, she'll probably mention it.

Just tune in to KIRO or KOMO tonight, that's where you'll find information about the family's immediate concerns.
Aug 15 robotslave commented on Why Did Mayor Murray Bash a Veteran's Family After Intervening to Stop Their Eviction?.

If I were in their situation, I'd be in debt to the tune of $450k, borrowed against assets worth at least $600k.

What I would do if I were in their situation is sell the home, pay the debt, and wind up with more than $100k in hand. I'm pretty sure I'd be able to find an apartment to rent with a security deposit a bit lower than that.
Aug 13 robotslave commented on Westlake Mall Cop Ignores Agitator, Maces African-American Bystander at Israel Protest.
Mace™ is not Pepper Spray.

They are not the same chemicals. They do not have the same effects.

Because pepper spray has been shown to be both more effective and less harmful than Mace, no law enforcement or private security forces issue Mace today.

The ridiculously uniformed security guard in these photos is clearly using pepper spray, not mace (Mace is never dyed orange).

The canister looks like the overpriced "5.0" "law enforcement" line sold by Sabre.
Aug 13 robotslave commented on What's Your Favorite Haruki Murakami Novel?.

I sort of suspect that Murakami is one of those authors where for a lot of readers, the first book they read is the one they like the most. I'd put Tom Robbins in this bin, too.
Aug 12 robotslave commented on Central District Apartments Buyer Agrees to Maintain Affordability Levels Until 2064.

The one-person HUD limit is 56% of median household income, not 80%.

For high-income areas like Seattle, national median income is used as the basis for the calculation, not local median income.

The one-person limit for Seattle is 50% of local median income.
Aug 12 robotslave commented on Central District Apartments Buyer Agrees to Maintain Affordability Levels Until 2064.

The HUD Median Family Income for Seattle-Bellevue (the relevant US Census Metropolitan Area) is $88,300.

But now I do see how Ansel keeps using the wrong numbers for Seattle median income.

HUD calculations for the low-income (80%) limit first take 80% of local median income. For Seattle-Bellevue, that's 80% of $88,200, or $70,550. This 80% of local median is then compared to 100% of national median ($63,900), and the lower of the two is used for the rest of the calculation. The one-person limit is then obtained by multiplying the lesser number by 70%.

So for starters, the one-person limit in an area with a median income less than the national median income would be 70% of 80% of median, or 56% of median income, not 80%.

For areas with above-average income, the four-person HUD limit will be less than 80% of local median, due to substituting national median income in the calculation. For our census tract, the HUD 4-person low-income limit is 72% of local median income.

And since the 1-person limit is simply 70% of the 4-person limit, that means for Seattle, the HUD low-income 1-person limit is 50.4% of local median income. Not 80%.
Aug 11 robotslave commented on Central District Apartments Buyer Agrees to Maintain Affordability Levels Until 2064.
Could someone please tell me where Ansel goes to get the wrong income numbers in every squib he posts?

According to the City government, median household income (which is of course what everyone everywhere uses for comparison with rents) in Seattle for 2012, the last year for which data is available, was $67,100, 80% of which is $53,688.

Per capita income for the city is $39,886 (there are, of course, quite a lot of children and retired people who don't work at all).

Where does this completely wrong $44k figure come from? It's the same wrong, citation-free number that Ansel used as "median household income" for Capitol Hill in his Jess Spear campaign advertisement (the actual figure for median household income in the Capitol Hill neighborhood is $74,989)
Aug 10 robotslave commented on Who Can Afford to Rent a Place in San Francisco?.
@2 @7 @21, others

Any time someone says: "I can't find a place to rent in Seattle that's got a reasonable commute and a price anywhere near these supposed statistical medians and averages"

What I hear is: "You know what, I'm basically just too racist to even consider living in Delridge. Or Rainier Valley."

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