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in the past few hours robotslave commented on We Don't Need to Worry About Trump Supporters Staging a Revolution.

The problem is not that two dozen right-wing zealots might overwhelm the US Army.

The problem is that those angry, gun-hoarding zealots might murder 172 voters at a church or other polling place before the police (never mind the national guard or the Army) can get to them.
in the past few hours robotslave commented on Ammon Bundy and "Vanilla ISIS" Crew Found Not Guilty of All Charges in Oregon Standoff.

Uh, sure, I get where you're coming from. But try telling that to David Koresh.
in the past few hours robotslave commented on Ammon Bundy and "Vanilla ISIS" Crew Found Not Guilty of All Charges in Oregon Standoff.

You don't need to go all the way back to the '85 MOVE standoff for your example of Great and Glorious American Suppression of Political Activists-- the federal government put down 82 radical dissidents in 1993.

Alas, a few of those politically marginalized revolutionaries did manage to emerge unkilled, and when brought to trial, most of the serious charges were dropped, and the rest had sentences whittled away on appeal.
in the past few hours robotslave commented on Seattle Activist Supporting Standing Rock Asks: "When Does the Genocide Stop?".
The phrase "we're still living it [genocide] in 2016" interests me, just like previous commentators.

Roxanne White didn't say "we are survivors of genocide," nor "never forget," but rather "we are still living it."

Native Americans can not undo nor escape nor ignore the many genocidal programs enacted against them in America's past by Europeans and their progeny.

Is this what she means when she says she and other Native Americans are "still living" genocide? Still living genocide in memory only? It seemed a stronger statement than that.

So what else might it mean? I think we can all agree that ancestors of Native Americans are still suffering under unjust laws and treaties written centuries ago. Is there genocidal intent or effect in these persisting, present-day laws and treaties, and is this genocidal legal text continuing to murder Native Americans?

I don't propose answers. I am trying to see with Roxanne's eyes when she says this thing.
in the past few hours robotslave commented on Protesting Comcast and CenturyLink, Internet Users Get Stuck "Buffering" As They Approach City Hall.

If it happens in Seattle, it will only happen with the tacit approval of CenturyLink (formerly Qwest (formerly US West (formerly Pacific Northwest Bell))). Those waters run deep.

So... it's a non-starter unless it starts only in the places where no company can make a profit selling broadband for $75 a month... and those places get only one City Council representative in our new super-awesome districted elections system.
10:23 PM yesterday robotslave commented on Ammon Bundy and "Vanilla ISIS" Crew Found Not Guilty of All Charges in Oregon Standoff.
So, maybe if state troopers hadn't shot and killed LaVoy Finicum, the outcome of the trial would have been different?

But we're not here to celebrate a victory against excessive police violence, we're here to get all righteously indignant about a bunch of political radicals evading conviction for their political Action, amirite?

10:55 AM yesterday robotslave commented on The Morning News: Trump's Supporters Threaten to Start a Revolution If Hillary Is Elected, Seattle Needs to Raise More Kids in Apartments.
I suppose we can file away these words about revolutions and then dust them off and present them to Charles the next time he mentions Occupy?
Oct 26 robotslave commented on Here's What You Missed at Seattle's Second #JournalismSoWhite Talk.

I think the idea is that wealthy people (and their children) can afford to take jobs that pay well in cultural influence, but not very well in money, while people without stockpiled wealth can not afford that tradeoff. Which I suppose includes the unstated assumption that white people are disproportionately likely to be wealthy, but I'm pretty sure the data would back that up.
Oct 26 robotslave commented on QUEER SCIENCE! Contagious Mouse Pain and the Not-So-Secret Secret Behind Gendered STEM Fields.
Welcome to the Stranger Science hotseat, Sydney!

So, first question: what happened to Ethan Linck?

Did he quit? Did Charles fire him? Did Tim make yet another cut to the stringer budget?
Oct 26 robotslave commented on Vacation from the Law.

So why the fuck do government employees get to spend whatever they want with no justification or oversight?

Ansel makes it quite clear that Atwood was fired because SPD employees don't get to spend whatever they want with no justification, that there are in fact very specific spending limits, and that the fraud was discovered precisely because there is oversight for these expenses.

Maybe you read a completely different article about all this, and just dropped in here to vent when you saw the headline?