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5:58 PM yesterday robotslave commented on Mayor Delivers 2017 Budget Speech, Members of the Public Complain They Weren't Allowed In.
...criticized Murray for the lack of access to his speech

Are they suggesting we should all have the right to inject our own words into other people's speech? To shout down or shut down other people's speech?

I lean left of Murray, but I don't think I'm on board with that kind of demand, Socialst Alternative.
3:48 PM yesterday robotslave commented on Does Seattle Need 200 More Police? The View from the Police vs. the View from One Local Police Abolitionist:.
@1, @4

Unfortunately, the city's police abolitionists don't all live together in one neighborhood (nor would they be content with a zero-policing policy applied only to themselves, but that's a separate problem).

The vast majority of Rainier Valley residents, like the vast majority in the rest of the city's neighborhoods, wants more police presence, not less.

Ansel picked a single representative of the police abolishment advocates, which is a little weird in and of itself-- there have to be at least a couple more of these fringe radicals out there who would be willing to give him a quote. That single person could have been from any neighborhood, but this is the one Ansel picked.
Sep 24 robotslave commented on Five Dead in Shooting at Skagit County Mall, Police Still Searching for Shooter.

Estimated Guns per capita:

Finland: 0.27-0.34, Switzerland: 0.46, US: 1.12

Facts which don't support your point, I'm afraid.
Sep 23 robotslave commented on After Block the Bunker Protests, City Council to Hold Private Meeting to Discuss "Recent Disruptions".
Er, this would be specifically after the "close all the prisons and abolish the police" protest, which came after the "block the bunker" protests, no?
Sep 23 robotslave commented on Portland May Be Less Diverse than Salt Lake City.

That disparity arises in the education system, not the workplace.

Go get drinks with someone in your company's HR department sometime. You'll find they compete fiercely for black or female programmers/engineers; there isn't some secret flood of underrepresented applicants getting systematically ignored.
Sep 23 robotslave commented on Portland May Be Less Diverse than Salt Lake City.

Households are the correct measure to consider when discussing, you know, units of housing. But I suppose it's possible that Charles doesn't understand that?
Sep 23 robotslave commented on The Morning News: Man Charged for Alleged Bomb Threat Against Police, Seahawks' Michael Bennett Calls on White Player to Join Anthem Protests.
"Alleged fake bomb threat"?

Really, Ansel?

Is there any dispute that this actually happened? No, there is not. It is not "alleged."

Did the police know at the time that the device wasn't explosive, though it was built to look that way? No, they did not. The threat was not "fake."

The man was charged for a bomb threat, and trying to spin it away from that is something you'd only expect from an oily little propagandist.
Sep 22 robotslave commented on Portland May Be Less Diverse than Salt Lake City.

$87k is below the average household income in Seattle, and only $7k above the median.
Sep 21 robotslave commented on Public Schools Superintendent Candidate Erin Jones Tries to Have it Both Ways on Race, Too.
It seems like Ansel doesn't understand what "tokenism" means at all.

Being the first minority member of this or that group isn't tokenism.

Tokenism is when a group or organization, like a newspaper or legislature, accepts or endorses only a single representative of a minority, while claiming to be inclusive.

Is The Stranger engaging in tokenism in its election endorsements? Honest question, I don't pay close attention to them, myself.