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Jul 8, 2015 Cornichon commented on Hey, Seattle Times: It's Not True that Being Naked in Public Is Illegal.
Maybe Ms Berson was so shocked by the end of Act I that she walked out never to return? For her, in other words, it was the show's finale.
Jul 8, 2015 Cornichon commented on All of These Secret Seattle Beaches and Parks Belong to You—Use Them!.
@19 just because you see a No Trespassing sign doesn't mean it's private. Wouldn't it be better to put up a sign that says "Public up to this point, but the lawn is private"?
Jun 22, 2015 Cornichon commented on To the Sad Owner of a Capitol Hill Townhouse.
Townhouses do not create overcrowded schools, voters do.
Mar 25, 2015 Cornichon commented on Lynn Shelton's New Project Is Set in Seattle. She Can't Shoot It Here..
There should be similar incentives for freelance production of, let's say, blogs. Or photo calendars. Or novels set in Seattle. I'd sign up to write guidebook if I could get a tax credit. D'ya think?
Oct 30, 2014 Cornichon commented on Now Is the Time for Three All-Time Seattle Greats.
A whole article about Le Pichet without mentioning their g√Ęteau de foie? Are you trying to make sure there's some left for you?
Sep 23, 2014 Cornichon commented on Five Great Bartenders Quit Elysian Bar—and Where to Find Murray Stenson Now.
What kind of (apparently very tiny & insecure) dick would call BJC the c-word? Uncalled for, @9 & @10. Similarly @11.
Sep 23, 2014 Cornichon commented on Five Great Bartenders Quit Elysian Bar—and Where to Find Murray Stenson Now.
There should be a Murry app. I'd download it. It tells you where he's working; it tells him how many minutes until you'll be there so he can start making your drink.
Jul 29, 2014 Cornichon commented on Poll Says Most Americans Want the Refugee Children to Stay.
Never ceases to amaze me, how the wing-nuts insist on the birth of every fertilized egg, every mis-shapen embryo, but will not provide one dime to assist newborns. Eventually, of course, the newborns grow to adulthood, wracked by an assortment of miseries, at which point their "friends" the wingnuts do their utmost to suppress their right to vote. Good for one thing only: slave labor and cannon fodder.
Jun 16, 2014 Cornichon commented on Mayor Murray's Transportation Committee Delivers: No Caps on Uber, Lyft.
One more nail in the cabbie coffin: these eejits complain about app-based drivers, then don't even carry change for a $20. Or for a $10. Saturday night in Belltown, fare was $22. "Sorry, no change," says the driver, who fumbles around and eventually extracts three wadded up singles from a crease in the front seat.