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Jun 16 Cornichon commented on Mayor Murray's Transportation Committee Delivers: No Caps on Uber, Lyft.
One more nail in the cabbie coffin: these eejits complain about app-based drivers, then don't even carry change for a $20. Or for a $10. Saturday night in Belltown, fare was $22. "Sorry, no change," says the driver, who fumbles around and eventually extracts three wadded up singles from a crease in the front seat.
Jun 12 Cornichon commented on Seattle Human Rights Commission Urges Jeff Bezos to Investigate Anti-Union Charges.
Um, that letter will be returned as undeliverable. Amazon hasn't been at that address (the old Public Health hospital on 12th South) for eons. Does no one at City Hall have even the remotest idea about the headquarters location of its biggest private-sector employer?
May 30 Cornichon commented on Is the US Attorney Defensive, Deluded, or Naive About Seattle's Police Reform Crisis?.
Call in each cop individually, ask if it's true that the cop feels he / she cannot do their job within the rules. If they say "no," allow them to sign a letter of resignation. If they say yes, fire them immediately for insubordination.
May 23 Cornichon commented on The Person Who Stole Kelly O's Camera from Linda's Tavern Got Duped by Superhero Security From Neumos.
Don't they have wi-fi enabled cards? You could offload your images as soon as you record them.
May 5 Cornichon commented on Wine Not Wine.
Ahem, allow me. Thank you. Observe: I walk into the Rite Aid and make my way to the booze aisle. There, on the lowest level, are the box wines. Note the boxes of Corbett Canyon: merlot, pinot noir, pinot grigio, chardonnay. Three liters--four bottles--for $10. (I think this just went up a buck, the fuckers.) Pick your flavor. Mine's merlot; the juice comes from Chile. Four bottles for ten bucks, that's $2.50 a bottle. Is it a $20 bottle? Probably not. But it's easily a $10 bottle. When I'm spending my own money, this is what I spend it on.
Apr 21 Cornichon commented on Where Do You Stand on Powdered Alcohol?.
Alcohol is not a solid, Booze is 40 percent alcohol. You do not "make" alcohol by adding (or removing) liquid. You cannot "reconstitute" alcohol. Appealing though it might be, Palchol or "Powdered alcohol" is a hoax.
Apr 18 Cornichon commented on Bell Street Park Is Just A Slow Zone For Cars.
Two observations. First, Bell Street isn't Seattle's first woonerf. That was in the Cascade neighborhood, if I recall correctly. And several more are a-coming, from 12th Ave on Cap Hill to SLU.

But there's one woonerf in Seattle that no one mentions: Pike Place. Delivery trucks, vans full of tourists, private cars, bikes, and lots & lots of pedestrians. Crowded, sure; bustling, sure, but I've never heard a honking horn on Pike Place.
Apr 5 Cornichon commented on Seattle Times Endorses Slashing Metro Buses.
The Times is a captive of its (conservative) advertisers who cater to rich folks with cars. What they don't realize is that the advertisers depend on minimum-wage employees who need public transportation to get to work. How long, do you think, until the word trickles up?
Mar 28 Cornichon commented on Anti-Foie Gras Billboard Circling Amazon HQ This Week.
Most foie gras in France is produced on family farms. Far from being mistreated, the geese and ducks are well cared for. If you don't like the product, don't buy it. I don't tell you what to drink or smoke, or what to do with your body's private parts; don't tell me what I should or should not eat under some phony pretext.


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