Achieve the Four Modernizations.

Jul 18 Moag commented on Seattle City Council Members Reject Progressive Metro Funding Proposal, Send Sales Tax Package to Fall Ballot Instead.

Speaking as a longtime veteran of political campaigns (though not in Seattle, so I have no skin in the game here), I'd say that Alison has clearly been practicing her candidate-speak: saying things that sound pretty to a large chunk of the electorate but that also are vague enough to avoid having to be accountable for real policy choices. "Complex problems," "different perspectives," "coming together," blah blah fucking blah.
Jul 12 Moag commented on Breakin' the Law, Breakin' the Law: Listen to Masked Intruder's Crime-Ridden Playlist.
"... victimless crimes, like stealing."

Fuck that.

It's one thing argue that some stealing, in certain cases, is morally acceptable. But when someone steals, someone else loses.

Stupid fucking statements like that undermine efforts to actually fix real problems with police and criminal justice.

May 7 Moag commented on $15 Now What?.
That chart needs one more line: $15 in 2015 (not 2017) adjusted for cost of living/inflation in following years. That will more clearly show just how far behind a real $15 minimum wage we are any given moment.

That said, it's still mostly a victory for the $15 forces.
Apr 24 Moag commented on King County Metro Boss: Defensive, Defeated, and Laying Out the Service Cuts.
@13 if you're not willing to pay for a transportation system capable of getting you to Seattle, then fucking stay out.
Apr 4 Moag commented on Slog Tournament/Online Bull Ride - Vote!.
Lynch? Eh. He's just a football player.

Shoulda gone for Richard Sherman. He's a bad ass social commentator. (I'm dead serious.)
Apr 3 Moag commented on Interview with a Small-Business Owner Making Less Than Minimum Wage at His Small Business.
The story here is not that the minimum wage will kill jobs. It's that running a small business is hard, and many of them don't make it.

But the most business savvy ones (and perhaps the ones most fortunate to find just the right niche) do make it.

If the minimum wage goes up, ALL the coffee shops -- including Cintli's competitors -- will pay higher salaries, and nearly all of them will slightly raise prices. Then the people who want expensive coffee will pay a bit more. The business owners that learn to operate in the new environment will succeed, and will continue to employ people, and things will be pretty much the same -- except that the lowest earning employees will have a little more financial security, which is the whole point.
Mar 31 Moag commented on The Best Part of "In the Air Tonight," Looped for 30 Minutes.
I lasted 38 seconds.

I am weak.
Feb 19 Moag commented on Gay Republicans Make Less Sense Now Than Ever Before.
@13 "When people have disparate world views, they should shake hands and agree to disagree"

Um, no. "I'm different in some way that doesn't hurt anyone, so I wish to be treated the same as everyone else, not treated differently" and "You're different in some way that I don't like, so I'm going to treat you differently" are not disparate world views that can exist simultaneously. They are mutually incompatible. And if the latter happens to have power (physical, political, economic, whatever) over the former, then the former does, indeed, get treated differently, usually to their misfortune.

Bigots don't have to be psychopaths. Their bigotry is likely part of what they consider a good, normal, moral worldview. They can be sweet little old ladies who volunteer at church and also know that "those people" are going to hell, or they can be community leaders who serve in public office and lead worthy civic efforts and also understand that protecting the good people of this town sometimes means keeping "those people" in their place.

The "religious freedom" argument is a typical last-ditch attempt to defend what they consider a good society against a vicious attack. But they're wrong. No matter how nice they are in other ways, they're also fucking bigots. So fuck 'em. Their fate, god willing, is to either learn to be non-bigoted or else spend the rest of their life hating on other people but feeling increasingly anxious about it because that kind of hate ain't acceptable in polite society any more.

I, a straight white male, hath spaketh.
Feb 19 Moag commented on Gay Republicans Make Less Sense Now Than Ever Before.
"when they oppose all anti-discrimination laws for gays (but are fine with them for every other minority)"

But that's missing the key point. These people would like to discriminate against other minorities, and they used to be able to do so, but now those opportunities for discrimination have been taken away, so all they have left to hate on are the gays, so they're trying to hold onto that for as long as they can. We're nearing the point where even that won't be possible, at least in polite society. (The existence of these proposed laws is proof that we are nearing this point. If we weren't, there would be no need to proposed them.)

One question remains: Who will be the next minority that it's still okay to discriminate against (for a while)?
Feb 7 Moag commented on Father of 3-Year-Old Who Shot 17-Month-Old Sister Writes a Parenting Column.

We don't punish people for experiencing tragedies. But we should punish them for causing tragedies.

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