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As of April 2015, no longer commenting at this site due extreme censorship of comments!

Apr 10 sgt_doom commented on Why Roughly 220 Garfield High School Students Are Boycotting a Standardized Test, In Their Own Words.
Due to extreme censorship by The Stranger staff, sgt_doom will no longer be commenting here.
Apr 7 sgt_doom commented on When Will Christine Gregoire, Rob McKenna, Pete Holmes, and the Shits on the City Council Apologize to Mike McGinn?.
Just another travesty from Gregoire, who along with former Gov. Gary Locke, signed onto the Interstate Compact, bringing an estimated 3 out of every 4 ex-cons to the Puget Sound Region, and specifically, Seattle.

Because of that, people here have been raped and murdered, and the quality of general life hasn't improved!

Yes, Gregoire should apologize, to both the people and Mr. McGinn.

I'm glad to see a return to the Dan Savage of old, who sallied forth against corruption and corrupt politicians. (That's been missing of late. . . .)
Apr 4 sgt_doom commented on The Newest Idea to Get Money out of Politics in Seattle: Give Every Voter $100.
This is yet another attention or focus redirectional ploy to avoid anyone discussing the obvious: one cannot fix a completely corrupt system!

All this "get the $$$ out of politics" doesn't address the fundamental question of why the plutocrats control congress and the state and local pols.

When you live in a completely fraud-based society, no bullcrap devised by the enemy will solve any problem!
Apr 3 sgt_doom commented on Some Unhappy Thoughts About Banking After Visiting the New Chase Branch on Madison.
Hmmmmmm. . . . I only wish the below article were true, but since everything appears to portend a One World Bank . . .

Apr 2 sgt_doom commented on The Morning News: More Lightning Hits the Seattle Area, State Republicans Propose Cutting College Tuition by 25 Percent.
Venerable Institutions

A short time back, a less informed commenter at this site referred to Harvard as a venerable institution!

Both the long history of the Harvard Corporation, one of the oldest existing corporations in America, and its past college presidents, most certainly contradicts such a ludicrous assertion.

The most recent president who was forced to resign, Larry Summers, did so --- not because of his rude remarks about women and their abilities to do science --- but due to growing public exposure of past insider trading by Harvard Corporation which either involved Summers, or a close crony of his. This particular episode occurred in Russia and involved machinations in the Russian bond market.

Previous to Summers, Harvard was once again involved in financial fraud or insider trading, when a senior member passed on information to Martha Stewart, for which she went to jail for, while nobody at Harvard was jailed --- of course, nobody at Harvard ever seems to go to jail for their crimes!

Another past Harvard president, Derek Bok, once wrote a sterling reference letter for a doctor from their medical center whose past of raping or sexually assaulting female nurses and other women finally caught up with him --- so that he could find a similar position at another medical institution?

Another of those so-called venerable institutions, Johns Hopkins, has recently been served with a humongous lawsuit, citing their involvement with a horrific medical study in Guatemala in the 1940s and '50s, where people were unknowingly infected with venereal diseases.

Pew Trusts has long made it difficult for the US government to obtain their records, leading to the great populist from Texas, Rep. Wright Patman, have to issue a subpoena in order to obtain some data from them.

This was during the early 1960s, and would continue through to at least 1968, Rep. Patman leading the way in congressional investigations into how the super-rich hide and shelter their wealth and ownership in tax-exempt foundations and trusts. When he began, Wright Patman did this in conjunction with President Kennedy's move to tax offshore monies and profits, a major radical move to trip up the super-rich.

His first study, published in 1962, can be viewed at this site:


(Title: Tax-Exempt Foundations and Charitable Trusts: Their Impact on Our Economy)

Pew Trusts, and Pew Information Center, have long supported stealth anti-citizen and anti-worker projects. The New America Foundation, financially supported by Pew, houses an austerity program within it, promoting austerity for the bottom 80%!

Pew Research Center was the group, a few years back, which published a so-called study citing the majority of the American media to be liberal?!

The oil fortune which endows the Pew Trusts and affiliated programs derives from Sun Oil Company (SUNOCO), which together with General Motors and Firestone criminally conspired to remove major American city streetcar systems, and replacing them with buses (so Sun Oil could sell more oil, Firestone could sell more tires and GM more bus vehicles). I heard retired executives from those three corporations testify before congress in 1974-75, after being granted immunity from prosecution.

So much for all these so-called venerable institutions.
Apr 2 sgt_doom commented on Racism Has Nothing to Do with Capitalism.
@2, read Prof. Michael Perelman's book, The Invention of Capitalism for future enlightenment on the subject.

Technically, true capitalism begins with the privatization of money creation. So I'll go along with The Mudede.
Apr 2 sgt_doom commented on Racism Has Nothing to Do with Capitalism.
Perhaps, but slavery and capitalism are intimately intertwined.

And technically, one must agree with The Mudede, the oldest existing corporation, at least in the Western Hemisphere, the City of London Corporation [probably established by the Roman Empire as it predates the Norman Invasion] did establish the Bank of England, fronting for Anglo-Dutch money masters or bankers, paying off the English royalty in exchange for the private right to create money. (They leased their land holdings throughout London and in the outlands, at discount prices of the early 1700s, for perpetuity --- i.e., the royalty pay them, the City of London Corporation, the same exact rate established around 1700, while in turn leasing out and renting out said lands at present day's rates/values!)

Mar 31 sgt_doom commented on Young MIT Economist Argues that NIMBYism and not Financial Assets Is the Source of Inequality.
Mudede's comments, although valuable, a really simply red herrings. The tax system is structured to favor capital gains!


The line of thinking Mudede is following is the status quo line, placing emphasis on the CEO, and while it bears some validity, it is really the super-rich behind the scenes who are the perpetrators in this situation.

Piketty's only major mistakes are that he went by income tax data primarily, and avoided foundation and trust wealth/ownership, offshore finance centers' monies and wealth, etc.

That really explodes the entire inequality construct.

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