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Oct 8 sgt_doom commented on A Quick Interview With Journalist Chris Hedges.
Nader a major factor in Gore loss, claim indoctrinated zombie sheeple!

Hmmm...besides the fact that Nader was only to get on 20 states' ballots (supposed to be 25, but somehow the other 5 screwed up???), and lawsuits kept him off the other states' elections, plus his personal bank account in Pennsylvania was (illegally) frozen, and took 7 years of litigation until he could access it, I seriously doubt Nader was a major factor in the 2000 election, which was Gore's to lose, and he did so quite handily (asking for a minimal recount in the state of Florida was surely the dumbest move . . .).

Now, many of the comments here fully illustrate that Americans are successfully indoctrinated in two major areas: considering other Americans to be their chief enemy, plus being completely uncurious as to who the actual owners are in America today.

Truly, we are in a world of shit.
Oct 8 sgt_doom commented on The University of Washington Is Taking the CIA to Court.
It's nice to see an article like this, a cut above the usual tweener subjects of bestiality and Shamu.

Of course the CIA has information on this, but they are primarily focused on embezzlement of government funds --- BIGTIME !!! --- so all the killing of people who believe differently than the fascists is really neglible to them.

If someone doesn't adhere to the Corporate Fascist State, be it in South America, as America wishes, or here in the US of A, then they must be THE ENEMY!

Certainly, this woman and her child should appear as such to the Range Rover & Brie Set!

Next up, should be a lawsuit demanding the right of the people to a forensic financial audit of the CIA (and DIA and NSA and FBI, etc.) --- that is the only way one will ever get to the bottom of the massive and unholy corruption of that organization dedicated to the extermination of the innocents!………
Oct 6 sgt_doom commented on Do You Know Who Leaked that Story of Joe Biden's Son's Dying Wish? Joe Biden..
Biden's dead son ? The one who, as Delaware AG, supported the decision to give 8 years probation to a baby raping dood because he is a member of the du Pont family?
Oct 6 sgt_doom commented on The Morning News: Council-Watch Edition!.
This city council stuff is important, and in no manner do I wish to detract from it, but something equally if not far more important, that pesky Trans-Pacific Partnership (a k a David Rockefeller's wet dream) is ever closer to passing.

Now Hillary will no doubt do the Clinton Shuffle if she somehow is miraculously elected (looks like a growing impossibility according to latest polling results) and state she is agin it prior to the election, and if winning it, will flip and suddenly claim she now has more important information at her disposal making her sign it!

A brief review:……

Ellen Brown (author of the Web of Debt, far more widely read than any of Obama's or Clinton's books) has this to say:………

Thank you.
Oct 6 sgt_doom commented on Guest Editorial: We Should Be Funding the "Career Bridge" Reentry Program for Felons in the New City Budget.
Yo, bitch!

38% of Americans out of work, bitch!

What part of parsing the nebulous don't you understand, bitch?

Oct 5 sgt_doom commented on Bernie's Beating Hillary, and Also Hillary's Beating Bernie.
While superficially I like Bernie, I haver some serious reservations about anyone who describes the neocon, Obama, as a liberal or progessive, while describing the late Hugo Chavez of Venezuela as a "communist dictator"!

During a Town Hall, Hillary Clinton admitted her "mistake" of voting for the Iraq War during the Bush Administration, but forget to apologize for some other mistakes as secretary of state:

Apology for revoking the passport of Edward Snowden while he was at the Moscow Airport --- even if one were to agree with Clinton's assessment of Snowden (assuming one were an insanely disturbed zombie sheeple), stranding him in Moscow would be the last action a US government official should have taken!

Apology for appointing Dick Cheney's former defense policy advisor and neocon, Victoria Nuland (wife of uber-neocon and founder of PNAC, Robert Kagan) to Assistant Secretary of State and in charge of the overthrowing of the democratically elected government of the Ukraine.

Apology for Madam Secretary's vendetta against WikiLeaks' Julian Assange:…

(Whatever became of that "freedom of the press" thingy?)

Apology for financing the overthrow of democratically elected president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, thus ensuring that mass exodus of children from Honduras who crossed the southern border and appeared in the news awhile back. While Clinton was chair of the MCC back in 2009 --- Who could have ever imagined . . . .?)

I could go on, but for time restraints. . . .
Oct 4 sgt_doom commented on Breathe Is Filled with Moments of Cinema Magic.
I'm getting tired of hunting for that little comments symbol, so the demented tweeners should be happy to know this will probably be my last comment.

Happy to know you've left out two of the finest directors who've ever lived: Atom Egoyan and Pedro Almodóvar.

Nice going, Mudede!
Oct 2 sgt_doom commented on The Martian Is a DIY Guide to Not Dying on Mars.
Set in a fantastical near-future in which America adequately funds its space program..

Saaaaayyyy whaaaaat!

Dood, this country cannot even do high-speed rail, fer crissakes!!!!!

You really believe, with enough funding, the effing most corrupt gov't can do anything? This bunch couldn't even put another man (or woman, or trannie) on the effing moon!

Most definitely not Mars, fer crissakes!

You don't understand anything, I am afraid, perhaps too much time staring down at your hand?

We have the Web (or more precisely, the Web over the Internet) and many, many technological innovations resulting from the NASA/Moon Project, because the Kennedy administration knew enough to hire the right people, the smartest and most proficient types.

Every administration full of neocon corruption since JFK's assassination has been about hiring and appointing corrupt losers!

That is why America will never have high-speed rail or put a man (or woman or trannie) on Mars!
Oct 2 sgt_doom commented on The Morning News: Uber Vote Expected, Ride the Ducks Will Stay Off the Aurora Bridge, Obama Pleads for Gun Control.
Oh. . . . oh. . . . Obama!!!

Speaking for the millions of souls who also wished and yearned for the U.S. government to have practiced GUN CONTROL!

Yes, Mr. President, I have no doubt the Hondurans who have been murdered, tortured and displaced by the 2008 (at least partially) American-financed coup overthrowing the democratically elected and populist president of that country, Manuel Zelaya, would support your administration's adoption of gun control, especially in that country, or at least also arm the populace, so that the military and fascist pro-American Wall Street police aren't the only ones armed!

Yes, Mr. President, no doubt those peoples and lower-echelon villagers of every faith, living throughout Iraq and Syria, fervently wished America had practiced gun control and not shipped so many munitions to certain extremist factions in Iraq and Syria!

Yes, Mr. President, no doubt the Guatemalans killed in the early 1950s, when President Eisenhower sent in the CIA to overthrow the democratically elected (and hardcore capitalist, BTW), President Arbenz because he was attempting to create a middle class and United Fruit (major shareholder: Floyd Odlum --- major Eisenhower financial backer: Floyd Odlum) felt financially hemmed in, would have welcomed gun control on Eisenhower's part, or at least felt more able had they been armed to fight back!

Yes, Mr. President, no doubt those thousands of slaughtered Indonesians --- thanks to the Eisenhower administration once again dispatching the CIA to attempt a failed coup against the nonaligned Sukarno --- would have seriously either welcomed being armed themselves, so they could fight back, or the US government actually practicing gun control regarding the Indonesian military.

Yes, Mr. President, one assumes the Vietnamese, killed by the millions, the Brazilians, killed due to American financed shipment of arms during Operation Brother Sam, and those people in the Dominican Republic would have gravely welcomed gun control on the part of the Johnson Administration! (And no doubt those one-half million to over one million Indonesians slaughtered in the (this time) successful overthrow of the Sukarno administration would have thanked anyone in America promoting gun control, or at least arming them so they could have fought back against the CIA-supported military and mercenaries involved in the mass killing!)

No doubt, Mr. President, thousands of Chileans tortured to death during and in the aftermath of the CIA-instigated coup against the democratically elected administration of Salvador Allende, would have expressed joy at the adoption of international gun control by the Americans to the north!

One can surmise at this point, that the Palestinians would have most fervently embraced gun control across many American presidential administrations, yet it was not to be, sir!

Now, how about drone control, Mr. President?


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