Feb 22, 2016 gttim commented on Hillary Clinton Used to Be Terrible On Marriage Equality.
#21 Elections have consequences. The people who vote, those who do not, and those who decide to always accept the lesser of two evils need to learn to live with them. Not shortsighted. It is actually playing the long game. It is not my responsibility to save you from yourself. You do see that difference, don't you?
Feb 22, 2016 gttim commented on Hillary Clinton Used to Be Terrible On Marriage Equality.
I am with #13. Except I am probably a bit harsher. I will never again hold my nose and vote for the least offensive person. No necon, third way, DLC, Republican lite candidate will ever get my vote again. I will only vote for progressives. I won't be a part of some 'moderate' selling us down the street on economic matters, like Clinton and Obama have done. Sure, Obama has been better in the last year, but not much.

Clinton has offered that she would deal on abortion. She has indicated she would be open to a grand bargain. I bet she will accept a deal on religious liberty as well. If she wins the nomination, she goes hard right. Wait for it.
Jan 29, 2016 gttim commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Debt and the Maiden.
My mama always told me that it is just as easy to fall in love with a rich woman as a poor one!
Jun 26, 2015 gttim commented on Single Christian Lady Bristol "Screw As I Say, Not As I Screw" Palin is Pregnant Again.
Abstinence: “You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means”
Mar 12, 2015 gttim commented on Who Is Frankie Miller?.
Yes, he is very good. I have all his stuff. He was briefly in a band with James Dewar and Robin Trower, called Jude, but they never recorded.
Dec 30, 2014 gttim commented on The Stranger's Staff Argues Over Whether You Should Wear a Bike Helmet.
A helmet is designed to do one thing: Soften the force of a blow when your head slams into a hard object. That is the reason to wear it. Everything else being argued about is utter bullshit. I cycle hundreds of miles a week- in the city and in the country. I wear helmets. I suggest others do as well. I ran across a friend cycling one day without a helmet. I asked him to imagine his ex-wife explaining to his two lovely daughter why daddy is now a drooling moron. I have not seen him without a helmet since, and he thanked me.
Apr 22, 2014 gttim commented on Sales Tax Is Hurting Amazon's Business.
If they can't have a profitable business model that includes proper taxes being paid, they should not be in business.
Apr 9, 2014 gttim commented on NCAA Division 1 Basketball Player Comes Out as Gay.
Until people are not discriminated against because of sexual preferences, it is very important for these people to come out. Until sexual preferences are all considered normal, announcing them makes them more normal and helps others. Any kid who is being bullied in school about their sexuality, whether based in truth or not, will be helped by this. It is only because of these announcements, gay characters on television, and other newsworthy events, that most young people care less about sexual orientation than ever before in our modern world. Please keep coming out. Heterosexuality should not be considered the only normal.
Mar 11, 2014 gttim commented on A Polite Request for Showgoers to SHUT THE FUCK UP.
Local bar/restaurant in Atlanta prides itself as being a listening room, and expects it patrons to be quiet and listen. There is a big sign stating that, and lots of management and peer pressure. Seems to be working!

From their website: "Eddie’s Attic is a popular and intimate live music venue for aspiring and accomplished performing songwriters. The Attic is located in Decatur, Georgia, a small artist-friendly town within the metro Atlanta area – a cultural blend of Berkeley and Mayberry. A “listening room” with a superior sound system/acoustics, where customers are asked to silence cell phones and actually listen to the songs, has made the Attic’s music room a hit with music enthusiasts. Eddie’s Attic draws both fans and artists from all over the world, and continues to be one of the premier music venues in the South. On any given night, music lovers can hear talented performing songwriters and bands playing original music in an intimate setting. The Attic welcomes all varieties of original, live music and embraces the diversity that allows independent music to thrive."
Mar 7, 2014 gttim commented on SL Letter of the Day: Screamers.
"Hey, lets not piss off my neighbors!" Is that so hard? My GF screams into a pillow. Problem solved.