Jan 14, 2013 bagel commented on I, Anonymous.
Yeah, way back 35 years ago during a Van Halen concert, no way you could have asked or expected someone to put it out. Everyone was just too estactic about having the freedom to light up some herb in public without much fear or hassle of getting arrested - everyone was pretty well of the same mind. 2013 is a different time, with tobbaco smoke long outlawed and now with the herb quickly moving towards acceptability and legal status, so a fair question is, has the plant reached the stage of mainstream acceptability to be subject to the same rules that apply to public tobacco use?
Dec 18, 2012 bagel commented on Savage Love.
Respect to you for your advice to look into finding a treatment program that uses MDMA. The dark ages are slowly lifting and there is recently a resurgence in research approval for the use of various entheogens to assist with understanding and getting through PTSD, most notably spearheaded by Rick Doblin of MAPS (www.maps.org). Research MAPS has funded included use of MDMA for returning soldiers PTSD, which have produced very successful results.

The other biggie would be to look into another powerful medicine, Ayahuasca, as it has enormous potential for healing trauma (amongst other benefits) Just be advised to do your proper due diligence and if you conclude it is for you, seek out a reputable guide. With the explosion in popularity in recent years, there would likely be regular ceremonies in NOPE's region.
Nov 6, 2012 bagel commented on HOLY SHIT!!! Washington State Legalizes Marijuana!.
Congratulations Washington!
Nov 1, 2012 bagel commented on Savage Love.
Erica, yes, a true revolution would most likely result in many people being maimed and killed and many would be young, but at least there would be results - a dramatic change and paradigm shift in thinking how this society is run - the end justifying the means.

And are the deaths and injuries any worse than the current situation where enormous numbers of persons in far off lands are being maimed and killed, directly due to our current system? Those atrocities are kept just beyond our eye so we don't feel the impact so great.

Anyway, who are we joking, a revolution in America? Many many decades away, if ever.
Aug 15, 2012 bagel commented on Do You Know Who Pussy Riot Is? You Should..
just donated 50 $. The attention these three skinny young girls have received is outstanding. Even covered here in Shanghai. They get it. and have made a huge impact already.
May 17, 2012 bagel commented on Uh, Marijuana Is Never Harmful?.
In any activist movement there is going to be a range of views and understanding and involvement by different persons. The "its a plant so it can't possible harm you" view, while clearly incorrect and should not be put forward as credible view of proponets of marijuana use, these guys are still on the right side, imo. They should not be made to be alienated, perhaps gently persuaded with accuate research and information. It comes down to better education of the general public including those in the pro and con camps, and looking at the information with an open mind.
May 17, 2012 bagel commented on Donna Summer Saved My Husband's Life.
Cute kid, great little story. "I feel love" and the various remixes remains one of my all time favorites dance songs, that can still bring a tingle to my spine. And I recall, State of Independance, last song on this album blew me away when I heard it from my friend, Benoit. I was more into punk, back then, but Ms. Summer's music transcended all music types and made friend of us all on the dance floor. May her strong spirit move on and continue to carry light....
May 16, 2012 bagel commented on I, Anonymous.
I go with the commenter above who speculated this was a fake letter - real incident but fake letter. Cause, if it wasn't a fake letter, why would this person want to stir up and replay this very unfortunate incident several years later? What possibly could be her motivation? Seems a little weird to me and I would question her reasons.

My other point would be, wtf are civilians carrying guns around for in the first place in society? This story could have very easily resulted in the death of a human. He was shot in the chest at close range and could have died. No going back and bringing a person back to life when that happens. And for what? Because he was running towards her in a threatening manner? Who knows, but not likely he would actually have physically attacked her, but say he did, is that worth killing him over? America has the craziest, most barbaric gun laws in the modern world. There is no escape from karma, either on an individual or nation basis. Cause in the end, you always get what you deserve....
Dec 21, 2011 bagel commented on Jumped.
So the kid started a fight the wkend before, now gets randomly beaten. Makes him think.... Good for him. Maybe make him change his behavior a bit. He writes about it and gets it published here, and as usual almost everyone takes another swing at him in the comment section. Another lesson for him to take home about human character and the real world he lives in....
Dec 18, 2011 bagel commented on Savage Love.
Erica, "marriage is about accepting each other's apologies and sharing orgasms" - love that. Definately a quote that should be saved in an all time Savage quote book....