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Apr 14 judybrowni commented on Today's Rightwing Talking Point: Hillary Clinton Is Too "Hideous" To Be Elected President.
On the other hand, Hillary is the only candidate from a major party not run by lunatics.

She's got that going for her.

Apr 3 judybrowni commented on Why Are People So Weird About Eating Bones? I Eat Them Whole.
Definitely go after what marrow I can get out of bones.

Maybe from my German immigrant grandparents from whom I also inherited a love of headcheese, and tongue.

Also remember my first generation mother serving up an enormous cow's tongue on a platter: yum
Mar 28 judybrowni commented on Mayor Bans City-Funded Travel to Indiana After "License to Discriminate" Bill.
Good. If economic leverage is the only morality bigots will acknowledge, hit them in the pocketbook.
Mar 28 judybrowni commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: He Wants What She Can't Stand.
She's young -- if my first boyfriend, with whom I had sex -- had posited a threesome when we were 19, I, too, would have freaked out.

It's an age and experience appropriate freak out.

Check me out in another decade and it might be a different story, or not.
Mar 21 judybrowni commented on SL Letter of the Day: Burned.
DTMA, his "regret"is just one more excuse not to fuck you.

Find a boyfriend who really wants you ~~ you're too young to assign your self to his half hearted attentions ~~ a real boyfriend would have been sexing you up every other day or even more frequently.

Believe me those kind of guys are thick on the ground, and that kind of guy also is more likely to comfort you after an accident, and not make it all about his own moping.

Mar 13 judybrowni commented on Meet the New Cinderella, Same as the Old Cinderella.
After Drew fucking Barrymore and anne Hathaway have done better feminist Ellas, each with funky stepsisters, and Angelica Huston as the bitchy stepmother, Disney reverts to the paper doll cinder and prince?

Have they learned nothing from Frozen?
Feb 25 judybrowni commented on Shitty People In Shitty Places Working to Make Shitty Places Shittier.
ny and wArm.

Suck it, Wyoming.
Feb 25 judybrowni commented on Shitty People In Shitty Places Working to Make Shitty Places Shittier.
In more good news, none of us have to live in those shitty places.

I'm in L.A., at the beach, where it's sun
Feb 3 judybrowni commented on Meet the Republican Legislators Who Want to Take Away Teenagers’ Reproductive Rights.
Here's a link, a teenager too ashamed to tell her parents she was pregnant, and diedfrom an illegal abortion:

"In Indiana, Rebecca Bell, a young woman who had a very close relationship with her parents, died from an illegal abortion that she sought because she did not want her parents to know about her pregnancy. 25 Indiana law required parental consent before she could have a legal abortion....

Nearly half of pregnant teens who have a history of abuse report being assaulted during their pregnancy, most often by a family member.20 As the Supreme Court has recognized, “Mere notification of pregnancy is frequently a flashpoint for battering and violence within the family. The number of battering incidents is high during the pregnancy and often the worst abuse can be associated with pregnancy.”21
 Among minors who did not tell a parent of their abortion, 30 percent had experienced violence in their family, feared violence, or being forced to leave home.22 “My older sister got pregnant when she was seventeen. My mother pushed her against the wall, slapped her across the face and then grabbed her by the hair, pulled her through the living room out the front door and threw her off the porch. We don’t know where she is now.”23
 In Idaho, a 13-year-old student named Spring Adams was shot to death by her father after he learned she was to terminate a pregnancy caused by his acts of incest."

Also: Judicial Bypass laws also fail to protect young women.…
Feb 3 judybrowni commented on Meet the Republican Legislators Who Want to Take Away Teenagers’ Reproductive Rights.
If memory serves, there's at least one dead teenager due to Parental Notification laws.

A teen who attempted her own abortion, too ashamed to tell her parents she was pregnant.

Her parents have testified that they believe the Parental Notification law killed their child.

Just like all Republican (and dead-rat Democrats) War on Women, which will produce more dead women.

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