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3:58 PM yesterday judybrowni commented on "I'm going to stand up for fucking Christians.".
#6: you don't get it.

This is yet another example of "Christian" entitlement.

That pervasive attitude among Christians unfortunately has inspired the mentally ill all too much: for instance, doctors assassinated in church and their kitchen.
Oct 27 judybrowni commented on SL Letter of the Day: Here's Hoping This One Is Fake.
Nice victim blaming #16.
Oct 21 judybrowni commented on Katha Pollitt's Pro Unveils the Secret Agenda Behind Anti-Abortion Activists.
As for the "we never hear about their [NARAL, NOW]activism" Google is your friend.

Or you might just call 'em and ask, while you're calling to offer your assisstance.

Here's another little evil wrapped into the 20 week abortion ban: 20 weeks is when the tests can be done that determine if a fetus is dying, and/or the pregnancy has gone toxic.

So, see, a woman and her doctor can't know at 19 weeks, and in Red States that's now a death sentence: unless those women have the money to fly to a state with doctors who specialize in late-term toxic pregnancies.

And guess what? The abortion doctors who've been assassinated are those who specialized in saving women's life and health from those over 20 week pregnancies that have gone toxic.

You're talking evil people who don't care about "babies" but about punishing women for having sex, and killing the doctors who save women's lives.

Oct 21 judybrowni commented on Katha Pollitt's Pro Unveils the Secret Agenda Behind Anti-Abortion Activists.
Here's yet another clue the forced birth movement isn't about "babies", but slut shaming: the Red State legislation that forbids abortion after 20 weeks.

Only a tiny percentage of abortions occur after 20 weeks, and vast the majority of those abortions are due to a dead or dying fetus that couldn't survive outside the womb in a wanted pregnancy that has gone toxic and now threatens the health, and yes, the very life of the woman.

After 20 weeks abortion is no longer about "babies" because there would be no baby, not that lived, or lived briefly, suffering greatly.

Why would anyone want a baby to suffer, or a woman to wreck her health or die for a fetus that can't survive, unless they were punishing the bitch for having sex in the first place?

These are evil people who want that, or say they want that to get votes, not humanitarians.

Oct 21 judybrowni commented on Katha Pollitt's Pro Unveils the Secret Agenda Behind Anti-Abortion Activists.
I disagree: and I've met some of those "pro" lifer/forced birthers.

There's a nastiness, which always rounds back to slut-shaming.

(Which is why they've also taken up the cudgels against contraception, which kills no "babies.")

As for the Right Wing politicians: abortion was a non-issue for Repbulicans -- until after the Cold War ended.

Suddenly, they didn't have the fear of Communism as an issue, and that was when the Republicans needed a new fear/anger inducer to froth up and turn out their voters, and they switched from railing about Communism to Abortion and Gays.

The Republicans were waging war against Gay Marriage long before the gay rights activists even dreamed of the possibility, no less the probability.

Republicans started the conversation about Gay Marriage, which has resulted in Marriage Equality (soon to be legal in about 30 states) -- but only after Righ Wingers successfully used the fear of it to win elections for decades.

We haven't reached that turning point yet with abortion, but the Republicans may have reached too far with their war on contraception: dirty sluts should keep their legs closed, as countless Republican politicians and voters have said right out loud -- or haven't you been listening?

Making political program of telling women not to have sex, and forcing women to give birth by legislation: if that's not an interest in controlling women's lives I don't know what is.

Oct 21 judybrowni commented on Katha Pollitt's Pro Unveils the Secret Agenda Behind Anti-Abortion Activists.
#4, really? You must be joking.

Becuz they couldn't think of that themselves, without your mansplaining? (Or whatever ill-informed, yet preachy, gender you sport.)

Yeah, right. NARAL and NOW aren't active for abortion rights in Red States.

Maybe -- in the Bizarro World of your own head.

Anyone want to take a bet that #3's abortion rights activism never goes beyond empty headed concern troll comments?

Hey, maybe you should be organizing and agitating in the Red States.

Call NARAL and NOW, they'll tell you how you can be helping them there -- or, better still, go out on limb and do it your own damn self, since you know so much about it.

Anyone want to take a bet that #3's abortion rights activism never goes beyond empty-headed concern troll comments on a Blue State blog?

Oct 17 judybrowni commented on Two Geeks and an Art Critic Visit Paul Allen's Living Computer Museum.
Yes indeedy that was a "mini-computer" back in the day.

In the mid-'70s my boyfriend was a computer engineer at a private company.

The computer took up one entire wall of the office, floor to ceiling.
Oct 15 judybrowni commented on Red Bull Sued for Not Actually Giving You Wings.
Red Bull (and other "energy drinks" I've tried) all taste like cough syrup to me.

And I don't like cough syrup.

Basically, Red Bull is soda pop with caffeine.


But what do I know -- I'm an old fart over 60, who doesn't drink soda, even.
Oct 9 judybrowni commented on Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Tells Women to Have "Faith That the System Will Actually Give You the Right Raises".
Had a friend faithful employee for 15 years running a small magazine

New guy comes in to run advertising and she finds out he's making nearly $20,000 more than she is -- to start.

When she questioned the publisher about the fairness, he replied, "He asked for more."

The same publisher then proceeded to run that magazine into the ground, but that's another story.

Or is it?
Oct 9 judybrowni commented on Why America Doesn't Care About Obama's Economic Achievements.
Twas ever thus for the last hundred years in USA politics: Republican regimes crater the economy, the country elects DEmocrats to clean up the catastrophe, and Republicans carp that the Democrats aren't cleaning up the mess Republicans made FAST ENOUGH!

So by hook or crook Republican s get elected again and they trash whatever economic gains made by the Democrats.

Starting with the Great Depression, and the Republican recessions I've lived thru: the Ford, Bush1, and Bush2 recessions.


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