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Aug 15 judybrowni commented on Reader Survey: Is Astrology Real?.
I'm team Robb, long time reader, even if.I didn't know what the fuck he was.going on about half the time, he is a pleasure to read, a consummate sylist.

The Stranger is the loser here.
Aug 13 judybrowni commented on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Is Totally O.K.A.Y..
Brienne of Tarth!

If I'm in, I'm in for Brienne.
Jul 21 judybrowni commented on Trump Is King Shit of Primary Campaign Mountain.
I'm old enough to remember when Nixon was a joke -- until he wasn't.

And when Reagan was a joke -- until he wasn't.

We can only pray that Trump remains a joke, because Republicans will vote for any joke sociopath.
Jul 17 judybrowni commented on Magic Mike XXL Is the Feminist Male Stripper Movie You've Been Waiting For.
My gay brother says he was bored 15 minutes in, for whatever that's worth.
Jul 9 judybrowni commented on Washington Just Announced the First Measles Death in the United States in 12 Years. What's Wrong with Us?.
There have be several anti California pieces on Slog recently, but you can now suck our dust on mandantory vaccines, you anti vaxx barbarian state.

Jul 7 judybrowni commented on NYT Glosses Over Republican Efforts to Drive Up Abortion Rate in Colorado.
Why I gave up reading the New York Times long, long ago, their lickspittle bowing down to Republicans.
Jun 28 judybrowni commented on White House Lights Up for Pride.
I see.Anon has combined pouting with stamping his feet, while moving goal posts: he's a triple-threat middle schooler!
Jun 27 judybrowni commented on It Is Accomplished.
As Dan wrote last week about the opposition to marriage equality, "It's all over but the pouting."

Big baby is hanging on to his pout, next he'll be holding his breath till he turns blue.

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