Apr 27 usagi commented on Ted Cruz Announces Fellow Fetus Fetishist Carly Fiorina as His Pick for VP.
You are not the target on this. You will never be the target on this.
If (and I'm truly not sure at this point how large that if is) the party denies Trump the nomination at the convention and throws it to Cruz, this becomes part of a two-fold strategy to win:
Lock up the evangelicals.
Drive Hillary's negatives ever higher and reduce Democratic turnout.
As he has done throughout the campaign, this is groundwork for something down the road. Whether it works remains to be seen.
Apr 14 usagi commented on Hillary's Devoting Significant Attention to Black Victims of Violence.
"Still, it's hard to doubt the sincerity of Clinton's interest and sympathy for the suffering endured by the mothers of kids who've been gunned down."

She's insincere about everything else (except making money for Clinton Inc.), so why not this? In fact, I'm quite certain it's a pure ploy. Probably a good one, and hopefully for her sake better executed than the debacle at the Nancy Reagan funeral.
Dec 4, 2015 usagi commented on Uber's Chief Advisor Tells Seattleites That Uber Is a Dream Job, Calls Unionization Efforts“Puzzling”.
Criminal organization with a marketing department.
Aug 18, 2015 usagi commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: The Boyfriend Is Out—Should I Get Out?.
Dan's advice was measured and practical. If following it will slow down completing your dissertation, DTMFA.
Seriously, you do not need a millstone to carry as you arch toward the end of the doctoral process. Call it a break when you get into the down and dirty part of finishing the degree if you want to, but reread what you wrote. You're fundamentally incompatible. Conversely, if breaking up now will adversely impact finishing your dissertation, wait, but resolve the relationship before the grace period on your loan repayment is up.
Good luck.
Jul 3, 2015 usagi commented on Savage Love.
Dan let the dom off way too lightly. Don't care if the LW1 presented as an "old hand" or not. Full body shaving is a body mod & a fairly major one with a small but serious health risk. (i've chatted with guys whose shaved hairs always end up infected--not a few, all of them. one damn near died.) In short, he may or may not be hot, but he's definitely an asshole to do that on a first date without negotiation. Don't go back.
As for your kink, you're in a great position to act on it. Vet your Doms more carefully. i'd have no compunction asking for references playing in this arena. Objectification is one of those things that sounds like it would be simple and relatively low-risk but is actually very complex and you can go tumbling into a psychological minefield you didn't even realize was there. Don't think with your dick.
Mar 27, 2015 usagi commented on Terry Teachout on the Greatness and Limitations of Philip Glass.
Sounds like my father talking about Mahler (and don't get him started on Bach).
I somehow think the lack of embrace from the more staid musical establishment is more a result that the Phillip Glass Ensemble exists and it's easier to book them than to rehearse the piece in house. As for virtuosos eschewing his work, Jennifer Koh was kicking ass an taking names in the title role in Einstein on the Beach, and I'm delighted to have been able to see her in it. Thing is, for most Glass pieces, you need an ensemble of virtuosos to pull them off.
Thinking about the Beckett connection, I've seen LOTS of bad (or even worse, mediocre) productions of Beckett (honestly, I got through two degrees in theatre not getting what all the fuss was). Then I got to see performers from the Abbey Theatre do Godot. I walked out saying, "Oh, that's how it's supposed to be done." (See also Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart's recent rep tour.)
Feb 18, 2015 usagi commented on SL Letter of the Day: Eat and Run.
@6 Dead on.
NWATB the other, easier way is to not be available once or twice. I presume he's texting before he comes over. Tell him not tonight and see what happens (not responding at all seems outside the campsite rule boundary).
Feb 11, 2015 usagi commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pups.
Thanks to everyone (5, 6, 7) for jumping in to mock someone's sexual expression.
Yes, multi-partner relationships are complicated.
Yes, puppy play is a highly specific kink that, while not my cup of chai, is becoming a lot more widspread (or Mr. S wouldn't be releasing new styles of puppy hoods every few weeks).
I think puppies get so much shit because they have the temerity to have FUN with their kink instead of being drearily serious about it all the time.
To the letter writer, reread what you wrote. You said it yourself, he uses this distancing to avoid dealing with his own stuff. That should have been a huge red flag to you without any of the other surround.
I partially agree with Dan, but from what you've written, I think he's liable to regret dropping out of what he had with you in a few years (and may try to reconnect at such time whens he's sorted through his issues). Hopefully by that time you, your handler, and any other pack members will be in a much better position to decide if you want him back in your life or not. (Or you'll be in a different space completely--most of the pups I've know tend to age out of it.)
Feb 6, 2015 usagi commented on SL Letter of the Day: Enthusiastic BJs.
@11 Wrong answer. Chlamydia is practically airborn (okay, I exaggerate slightly, but not by much; a very little saliva is all it takes). It's easily treated and no more than an annoyance (assuming you don't ignore the symptoms and you're getting regular STD checks), but if he hasn't already picked it up, eventually, he most likely will.

All that to the side, why is everyone so anxious to label this guy? Is gender the only thing you get self-determination on? He says he's straight and he likes blowjobs. That pretty much lines up with the straight guys I know, including the ones I've blown.
Jan 27, 2015 usagi commented on Wading through the Insufferable Pre-Super Bowl Bullshit News Cycle.
Has the line up for the Puppy Bowl been announced yet?