It's not very popular.

Dec 19 usagi commented on FCC Rejects Proposal to Make "Redskins" an Obscenity.
Who they're fooling is Google. Having profanity, especially in headlines, adversely impacts placement in search algorithms. John Aravosis at Americablog has written about it fairly extensively. In short, it's capitalism at work.
Dec 9 usagi commented on SL Letter of the Day: Accidental Discovery.
There seem to be a lot of people asking "how'd that happen?" who don't use tumblr a lot. All it takes is one image, and you can suddenly stumble into a kink category you didn't realize existed. (Hands up, who knew about furries before someone committed a terrorist act at one of their largest conventions this weekend?)

I'm on team "Hey, bro, I was browsing the internet for porn this weekend, and if you're blurring the faces, you should probably blur the jewelry, too." And then NEVER mention it again. It is continually amazing to me that people don't realize digital is forever.
Nov 29 usagi commented on Hey, You Know Those Fragrances Stores Use to Lure You Inside?.
Hotel lobbies are the worst. I've had to tell managers that the lobby overscenting ruined an otherwise positive experience.
Nov 10 usagi commented on Republican Calls Net Neutrality "Obamacare for the Internet".
I never realized the depth of Obama's cynicism until now, and I can't but admire the way he uses it. That sense of deja vu you may be feeling is the drubbing that North Carolina took in 2010 when they passed an amendment barring same sex marriage. The fucking day after was when Obama's "evolution" on the issue began. Now, a few days after the 2014 elections, he does the same thing with an issue that only techies and the under 30 crowd even realize is a major issue setting up a youth stampede to the polls in 2016 (assuming Hillary and the rest of the Democratic braintrust don't fuck it up).

There is now no way for a Republican to win the nomination in 2016 without opposing net neutrality.
Sep 26 usagi commented on Facebook Fails to Explain Its Discriminatory and Dangerous 'Real Names' Policy.
Does anyone remember a while back when Facebook announced there were now something like 200 gender identities available and (mostly) everyone cheered? This whole "real name" thing is a bit like they turned around and changed it to two checkboxes:
Do you have a penis?[ ]
Do you have a vagina?[ ]
That's all the input we need. We'll decide what your gender is from here.

I was put in the slow reading group when I was in first grade because I couldn't find my desk the first day. It wasn't because I couldn't read. It was because the name tag was my legal name, which no one had ever called me since about the second week of my life. I'd never heard it. I can hide from virtually anyone who knows me by using my legal name.
Aug 11 usagi commented on Amazon Continues to Be a Hot Mess.
Do not fuck with Disney.
They'll build their own distribution system just to spite you, sprinkle on some pixie dust to entice over customers, and drink your milkshake.
Aug 11 usagi commented on All Americans Should Have Paid Vacation Days.
Hmmm, almost as if they realized that their long-term viability as a company can't be sustained by catering luxury to a group of a few hundred extremely rich people but rather is tied to having a broad cross-section of middle-class customers who require the use of their product on a fairly regular basis.
Sounds like they've gone communist or something.
Jul 24 usagi commented on While Trying to Woo Black Voters, Rand Paul Says Terrible Things About Education.
Spoken like someone who doesn't have the faintest idea how education happens, let's put aside the fact that not everyone has access to this virtual classroom fantasy that he's imagining (unless everyone in the country is going to be given a Rand Paul tablet with internet access--sort of like the mythical "Obama Phone" only the 21st century tech version).
There's also a pernicious little undercurrent buried in there that if you can't learn by having a "genius" teacher yak at you over a grainy YouTube video, clearly the problem is with you, not with the crackpot idea that one can replace a profession that's been in existence essentially since the dawn of recorded civilization with an unproven technological band-aid and get the same (or better) results.
Jul 16 usagi commented on Savage Love.
WTS: Olive oil. A teeny, tiny bit. Add a 1/4 teaspoon at a time until you're where you want to be. Seriously, don't overdo it. Oil wrestling sounds hot, but the practicalities--once was enough. Make sure you have some good grease-cutting dish soap for the shower after.

NHG's boyfriend: DTMFA. Jealous of a dog? Really?

@27: "ends-meeter" Are you familiar with the idiom "making ends meet"? It means having enough money to get through to one's next paycheck having covered all the basic living expenses (food, shelter, etc.). Dan's suggesting this person is escorting to cover the gap between her monthly expenses and the income from her job; escorting is her second, part-time job.
Jul 15 usagi commented on German Parliamentarian Wants Government to Use Typewriters to Evade NSA Spying.
Germany cozeying up to Russia? What could possibly go wrong...

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