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Apr 15 Fistique commented on Is Paying for Sex a Constitutional Right?.
I always get the feeling we'd solve most people's underlying problem with prostitution if we made it free and mandatory.
Apr 14 Fistique commented on The Beatles' "Eggman" Was the Animals' Eric Burdon.
I wish there weren't so many historical scenes of the Beatles &c. having louche sex, or that the band members were prettier.
Mar 27 Fistique commented on Why We Must Learn to Love Potholes.
prevent all humans
Mar 27 Fistique commented on Why We Must Learn to Love Potholes.
don't forget to always put chains on your tires
Mar 12 Fistique commented on The Bachelor Season Finale: Chris Is Engaged to Whitney, Not Thrilled About It.
This has been the best televised forced mating ever.
Mar 12 Fistique commented on Scientists Mark the Beginning of the Anthropocene to be 1610.
I'm glad Mudede is on this beat, as The Stranger's most human writer.
Mar 6 Fistique commented on An Overly Technical Post Explaining Why Soccer Almost Didn't Happen (and Why Sounders Will Play Sunday After All).
Although amusing, I'm sure the caption should read "paid fairly" instead of "paid fairy".
Feb 20 Fistique commented on The Morning News: Pastor, Airport Worker, and Kshama Sawant Will Go to Trial in April for Protesting.
I refuse to believe that not one of the commenters has yet admitted to their own desperate wish to be called Socrates Bravo.
Feb 12 Fistique commented on I, Anonymous.
Reserving judgement until I hear whether the bartender is Scottish.
Feb 5 Fistique commented on In Your Opinion, Is This Week's Stranger Inflammatory, Racist, or Racially Inflammatory?.
The Larry Mizell Jr. link just goes to a jpg, rather than the article. Please make a note of it.

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