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Apr 6 Fistique commented on Seattle Times Endorses Slashing Metro Buses.
Periodical printed with ink on paper publishes regressive opinion, news at 11, or at literally any time of day or night via your hand-held magic lantern
Apr 4 Fistique commented on The Man Seattle Police Killed Yesterday: 26-Year-Old Chef Cody Spafford.
Shoot everyone instantly. This is America.
Apr 4 Fistique commented on Here's One Way To Deal With Landlords.
Ah, that old populist scheme to put control of property into the hands of people who can afford to buy property, as used by such devious socialists as Margaret Thatcher.
Apr 4 Fistique commented on SL Letter of the Day: Resources and Support?.
I found the book The Lazy Crossdresser (if it's still in print/available) to have a lot of good general rules for femming up on the cheap.
Apr 3 Fistique commented on Brit Diver Tom Daley Isn't Bisexual.
Apr 2 Fistique commented on Seattle Can Take a Stand on the Misuse of Antibiotics in Factory Farms, and You Can Help.
Factory farms are exactly what you would design if you were trying to come up with the most efficient possible way to generate new disease strains.
Apr 2 Fistique commented on Albuquerque Police Are Out of Control.
Wow, I was sure this thread was going to be full of Breaking Bad jokes. Now I just feel trite.
Apr 2 Fistique commented on #Cancel Colbert: The Politics of Being Offended.
Group membership is no guard against internalized prejudice or identifying with the majority. We know this.
Apr 1 Fistique commented on Photos [Including Photos of Chicks!] at the Penumbra Beer Bash 2014.
Man, I fucking love looking at pictures of women in their clothes. Way to dress, women. Great job.

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