Not enough like Twitter.

Jul 22 wl commented on Hard Evidence that the US's Economy is Kept Alive by Immigrants.
@5, even though undocumented immigrants accrue rights to benefits, a large percent of them will never be able to access them. They are deported, are not able to navigate the maze to collect, don't use their real name, language barriers, fear of the government etc.
Jul 3 wl commented on After Darwin, Lamarck: New Evidence That Bad Memories Can Be Genetically Transmitted.
I think that is what they were addressing when they said it was passed on even through artificial insemination.
Jul 3 wl commented on Mayor Ed Murray Reverses Position, Won't Support Salary Increase for Seattle City Light CEO Jorge Carrasco.
@20 We may have missed the boat on that. PSE knows they have a good thing and won't let it go cheap. Our council doesn't have the will to take it for lack of concern for the poor. I wouldn't mind paying an assessment for that, it would be worth it.
Jul 2 wl commented on Mayor Ed Murray Reverses Position, Won't Support Salary Increase for Seattle City Light CEO Jorge Carrasco.
@7 Because a hundred years ago we had the foresight to socialize our city light utility. We have cheaper rates than PSE for that. Many cities and counties in WA did that. Just not Kent. Sorry you're SOL. So Kent is more backwards than Vantucky and Ellensburg.
Jul 1 wl commented on Don't Call It a Popsicle.
If they are as good as the paletas in Mexico I'll be a regular. My favorites are mango con chili, coconut cream, and strawberries con crema.
Jun 27 wl commented on It's Business Time: Supreme Court Union Ruling Coming on Monday, Massachusetts Votes for $11 Now, and Anti-Amazon Law Passes.
@2, 3 is almost right. This is an attack on unions that can be twisted to sound fair, but ultimately all workers are harmed. A union has an obligation to represent all employees in a bargaining unit, whether they are members or not. In some states unions are prohibited from requiring all employees are either dues paying members or pay a representation fee. This is what is called "Right to Work" or more accurately "Right to Work For Less" In these states, these non-members can freeload and the union can get in trouble with the DOL for discriminating against non-members. In all of these states unions are almost vanishing.

This representation fee is just for activities of the union that benefit members and non-members alike. Political contributions are not allowed in the accounting that calculates this non-member fee. In states like WA non-members have to pay this fee to work. In right to work states like ID, non members don't have to pay anything.

This is like if we made the toll on 520 optional. Everyone who uses it would be glad it was there. A few users would pay because they were fair people. Most users would rationalize why they didn't need to pay. As fewer and fewer people pay, the cost to those that do becomes increasingly expensive.

In ID wages have fallen way behind WA since they became a right to work state. The promised economic boost that people were promised never came. Now Republicans have absolute control of their State Legislature, and the right to work for less laws will never be repealed.
Jun 25 wl commented on Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Utah Gay Marriage Ban.
Unless there is some narrowing language in the opinion, this should be the law in the whole 10th Circuit. Thanks a lot Utah AG. You just settled the issue in 6 states in one shot. This includes OK, NM, KS, CO, WY and UT.
Jun 23 wl commented on Christian Radio "Personality" Arrested.
Is that a typo on the name, "Bailo".
Jun 22 wl commented on This Weekend's Nightmare Traffic: Why Won't Our Leaders Build Light Rail Faster?.
Part of the reason we build rail lines so slow is we are terrified of neighborhood impacts. That's why we do deep bore tunnels. We could do cut and cover tunnels a lot faster. The neighborhoods they pass through would look like hell for a year or so but then they would be done. Cut and cover tunnels are a lot cheaper and faster than deep bore tunnels. We have good soil for that as well ( glacial till).
Jun 17 wl commented on Mayor Murray's Transportation Committee Delivers: No Caps on Uber, Lyft.
@13 Since many people can't afford cars those economies would collapse without a good public transportation system. Also low wages and a high tolerance for horrific accidents helps. I ride on those often and have been lucky. Last time I road one of these, one of the riders had a full 5 gallon plastic gas can. Nobody else seemed to care. When you pack 20 people into an old, under-maintained minivan and drive on congested, poorly maintained roads accidents will happen.

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