Oct 31, 2014 sall commented on Mayor Ed Murray Shouts at Me About Gender Pay Equity, Calling My Reporting "Wrong" and "Unfair".
Not exactly solid journalism here. The theme is consistent with The Stranger's inability to cope with this mayor winning the election over their pick. This makes them a little untrustworthy in a Foxish kind of way.
May 3, 2014 sall commented on Happy Birthday, Mayor Murray!.
It actually does kind of look like a way more fit version of the pre-legislator Murray.
Jan 7, 2014 sall commented on City of Seattle Inauguration Day In Pictures.
I think they all used a teleprompter. What do people have against teleprompters?
Nov 20, 2013 sall commented on Senator Sharon Nelson Gets Worst Job in Olympia.
Maybe The Stranger should hire someone who does, or maybe you should take a vacation, Goldy.
Oct 10, 2013 sall commented on Live-Slogging KING5's Televised Mayoral Debate!.
No surprises in the comments made by The Stranger. Cienna thinks Murray lost because she doesn't like the way he looks. Dom thinks his entire legislative record is horrendous and that he should own every attack made against him because debating McGinn is dirty and mean. Nothing McGinn could've said or done would've received criticism by either.
Oct 9, 2013 sall commented on Live-Slogging KING5's Televised Mayoral Debate!.
Will in Seattle @ 8: I don't understand anything about the legislative process but that never stops me from sharing uninformed opinions.
Oct 4, 2013 sall commented on Mayoral Candidate Ed Murray Announces Vision for Seattle's Future.
How is Murray's campaign more negative than McGinn's? That's a ridiculous assertion. They're in a campaign and are suppose to discredit each other. Neither one has been stumping with nice things to say about the other and the McGinn campaign's suggestion of racism is a really far fetched low blow. Seems like dirty campaigning.
Not calling McGinn out on this is a double standard.
Aug 26, 2013 sall commented on How Does Your Garden Grow?.
Those tomatoes look really good!
Aug 9, 2013 sall commented on Late Ballot Trend Continues, Forecast Nail-Biting in November.
Actually, Doug, I think you're quite mistaken.
Aug 9, 2013 sall commented on Good Thing They Got the Bad Guy.
Shame. I agree with @ 8, I thought tasers were reserved for a more special occasion - not just because a police officer didn't feel up to a little run.