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Apr 16 danindowntown commented on Guest Editorial: The Motivation Doesn’t Matter. It’s Time to Step Down..
What utter tripe. Done with Danni Askini and done with The Stranger.
Apr 14 danindowntown commented on "I'm Not Lying": One of Mayor Murray's Alleged Victims Tells His Story.
"I"m not lying" says the man with a documented history of lying. Yup, he's credible.
Feb 24 danindowntown commented on The Morning News Brace Yourself for the Washington State/White House Collision, Brown Man Shot by Alleged White Racist Not a National Story.
There are stories about the Kansas shooting posted on the Seattle Times, New York Times and Washington Post's websites.

Feb 13 danindowntown commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Facebook Stalking Pharmacist Questions His Ethics.
Yeah...I work in heathcare this guy is likely violating his company's patient confidentiality policies and is likely close to a HIPAA violation. He is using confidential patient information to digitally stalk customers. That in and of itself is ethically questionable. The fact that he is considering approaching these guys takes that outside of the grey area and is completely out of line.

It's no different than a doctor or nurse trying to pick-up a patient they cared for in their clinic or hospital.

This guy is a total creeper.
Jan 25 danindowntown commented on Impeach the Motherfucker Already!.
Also, how about some bigger sizes for the tee-shirts?
Jan 25 danindowntown commented on Impeach the Motherfucker Already!.
LOL! I had forgotten about this. Anyway you could add coffee mugs to the mix?
Jan 9 danindowntown commented on Anti-Trans Activists Filed Another Ballot Initiative to Police Trans People's Genitals in Bathrooms.
These fucking deplorables.

Sign up, donate and organize to fight these bigots here:


Dec 9, 2014 danindowntown commented on The War on Piracy Is Real as Police Seize Pirate Bay Assets.
You are right. Better to just make everything public domain. FUCK content creators and their legal rights. You are such a hack, Constant.
Nov 10, 2014 danindowntown commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pain Can't Be Avoided.
What @ 1 said. No wonder The Stranger is bleeding employees. I can only imagine what you say in staff meetings.