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Mar 21 Brooklyn Reader commented on Trump Wants To Go To Mars, NASA Gets $19.5 Billion in Funding.
I don't even think we need more research. We've got everything we need right now to ship him off to Mars' surface. Fat as he is, he weighs a helluva lot less than the Mars Curiosity Rover. Pack him up in a space station cargo module with half a ton of frozen KFC and enough air for a couple of weeks and as far as I'm concerned, he could leave tomorrow. Just tell him if the air gets stale, he can open the window.
Mar 20 Brooklyn Reader commented on Today in Hard-Hitting Investigative Journalism: Is that Beer Really a Pint?.
@1 I was going to say something similar. Especially if you're drinking an English top-brewed beer or an IPA, only an Imperial pint glass is appropriate. And, yes, it is 20 ounces, but they're slightly smaller ounces. It's about 19 of our ounces.

By the way, a real imperial pint glass has an etched line and a little crown.
Mar 15 Brooklyn Reader commented on Fill Out the White House's Dumb Form: "Share Your Obamacare Disaster Story".
I don't even have Obamacare, and I can see how I've benefited from it. We have employer-provided insurance, and there have been several changes in coverage, all to the better, since the ACA was signed into law. My wife needed a follow-up colonoscopy. Totally covered! Her and my prior ones always involved a bunch of bills from anaesthesiologists, facility fees, and the doctor, usually at least $500 after insurance. She now gets a free visit to the gynecologist annually, besides our wellness visits (one free -- no copay) to our PCP. And, best of all, the damned monthly payment stopped going up by leaps and bounds, and we haven't had copay increases in several years now. And, providers haven't left our plan in years, either.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and declare that ALL health insurance has improved, or at least stopped getting progressively shittier, since the ACA went into effect. Repealing it would be a huge mistake.
Mar 15 Brooklyn Reader commented on The Morning News: Maddow's Trump Reveal, Wallingford Protests Upzone.
@11 Sadly, there's a good chance that Herr Drumpf leaked his own 1040 to prove what a great taxpayer he is. It also gave him a chance to attack MSNBC for scurrilously publishing it, thereby proving to his country trumpkins that he's the victim of an evil system and they need to destroy it and hail him as their Fuehrer.
Mar 12 Brooklyn Reader commented on Preet Bharara to Trump: Fuck You, I Won't Do What You Tell Me.
@13 It's an issue precisely because Bharara's district is big on prosecuting corporate malfeasance and political corruption and the Trump Organization is headquartered in it. It's an issue because during the transition, Trump made personal assurances to Bharara that he was staying on. So, what changed? Did Trump get wind of an investigation implicating him? The suspicion is that all 46 US Attorneys were summarily dismissed, clear out your desk by end of day, precisely to cut off whatever Preet was up to without making it obvious that it was all about him. It's still pretty obvious, though.
Mar 12 Brooklyn Reader commented on Preet Bharara to Trump: Fuck You, I Won't Do What You Tell Me.
Let's say Bharara was fired because the Trump team wanted to squelch any possibility of a criminal investigation of the Trump Organization (and hence, Trump) on Federal charges. Can a state district attorney pursue the same charges or is (s)he pre-empted by the DOJ?
Mar 9 Brooklyn Reader commented on Would Someone Please Explain to Paul Ryan How This "Insurance" Stuff Works?.
@11 Medicare has ridiculously low overhead costs, a couple percent. Minimal salaries, no marketing, no CEOs, no shareholder/investors needing dividends. Commercial health insurance companies have huge overheads, which including the 20% profit they're allowed to take, is something over 40%. In other words, of every $10 you pay in premiums, the companies only pay out about $6 for medical bills. It's an industry, a huge one. Medicare-for-all would kill it, and that's one reason the Republicans will never let that happen.

Never too early to get to work on those 2018 Congressional races. Just saying.
Mar 9 Brooklyn Reader commented on Would Someone Please Explain to Paul Ryan How This "Insurance" Stuff Works?.
The Republican Party is one big conspiracy. Their object is to get Americans to give up anything and everything that gives them comfort or protection that isn't profitable to the Party's supporters. They will make everything in your life more expensive, more dangerous, or more inconvenient if it will bring them power and make their friends richer.
Mar 9 Brooklyn Reader commented on Trump's Plan: Pass Nothing, Sabotage the ACA, Let Americans Die, Blame Obama.
@7 Would that it were that simple. The latest post-electoral analysis seems to indicate that age is not as much a differentiation as culture, and the culture of younger white, high-school-educated flyover-country denizens is about the same as their parents. Nascar, Nashville, rodeo, xenophobe, Evangelicals are breeding more of the same. Dem hopes for the future have centered around the high birth rates of Hispanics, but considering the numbers converting to Evangelicals, I'm not so sure anymore.
Feb 24 Brooklyn Reader commented on The Week in Weed: Trump Declares War on Pot, Weed Goes Nuclear, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg talk 'Greenery'.
"States Rights," when it comes to abandoning protections for trans kids.

"States Rights, what's that? Never heard of it," when it comes to legalized weed.