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Aug 22 Brooklyn Reader commented on John Oliver Shows How Charter Schools Fail Kids.
@13 Skilled blue collar jobs, like plumbers, electricians, welders, and carpenters. Also maybe tailors/seamstresses, machinists, med tech, phlebotomists, childcare, nursing assistants, medical billing, and several other certificate courses that commercial schools now offer to GEDs and high school grads. Why not combine it with a vocational high school diploma? Some of these are pretty low-end jobs without advancement opportunity, but others can be the basis of starting your own business, with employees and stuff.
Aug 22 Brooklyn Reader commented on John Oliver Shows How Charter Schools Fail Kids.
Public schools have a mission, and that mission doesn't include turning a profit. Companies that run charter schools have to turn a profit to survive.

Underfunding public schools until they're failing isn't a great justification for giving the same money to for-profit entities with less oversight and accountability. In the case of publicly-funded charter schools, the profits come straight off the top, leaving reduced funds to run the schools.

It's hard not to be cynical that the main attraction of charter schools for politicians is that the for-profit entities that own, run, or manage them will donate to their campaigns. One of the stated purposes of conservatives who support charter schools is that busting teacher unions will somehow benefit the children.

Surely there must be ways of improving public schools, mediating labor problems, and delivering a standardized level of quality education without turning over local education budgets to thieves and charlatans?

Here's a thought... How about standardizing education on a state level instead of local? Instead of a bunch of local ed boards, why not a state-wide system under the civil service umbrella, funded at the state level instead of via local property taxes? Local boards of ed are frequently inept and occasionally corrupt, not to mention distracted by irrelevant social issues to the detriment of educational standards.
Aug 19 Brooklyn Reader commented on What's So Funny About the Naked Trump Statue?.
Wut? Can't we just enjoy a naughty jab at the powerful? My, how far we've fallen from the Yippie days of yore...
Aug 16 Brooklyn Reader commented on EOD: And Now Here's the Story of How Donald Trump Tried to Crash Chelsea Clinton's Wedding.
Why do you think the #whinylittlebitch calls Hillary a crook? He never got over the snubbing.

I wonder if he'll ever get over his impending electoral drubbing. Please, let's all vote for Hillary to make it as yuuuuuuge as possible! It's not enough just to win the Electoral College. For maximum effect, he needs to be buried (deep!) by the popular vote.
Aug 5 Brooklyn Reader commented on American Democracy Isn't Rigged, It's Just Not Very Good.
The election is not "rigged" against The Donald. If anything, he has a standing advantage BECAUSE of its peculiarities.

The Electoral College is a long-standing irritation which conveys far more representation to small, rural states than their populations should deserve if we were just counting noses. And that, as we know, has benefited one party above the other for a number of cycles now. Democrats can lose the Presidential election while garnering a majority of the popular vote nationwide. Is that fair? No. Does that have anything to do with anything The Donald is saying? Absolutely not.

What I would worry about, "rigging" -wise is that the Diebold voting machines, which produce no paper trail and are a product of a company led by a man with strong Republican leadership ties, can apparently be accessed centrally. In the last cycle, Karl Rove was astonished that his boy lost, and went off muttering. Rumors were that some benevolent hacking group had blocked access to whoever was supposed to be altering the vote tallies so the Republican could win. And, this year we have Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear, purported Kremlin-controlled hacking teams, dicking with the elections, and as we know, Trump is the Kremlin's boy. So, "rigged?" Possibly, but certainly not in Hillary's favor.
Aug 5 Brooklyn Reader commented on This Week on the Blabbermouth Podcast: Seattle Socialist Tries to Defend Support for Jill Stein.
Look, I'm very sorry, but there is no way to defend voting for a third party candidate this year. As wonderful as the principles of the Green Party, or the Libertarian Party might be, there is an absolute imperative this year to make every effort to defeat Donald Trump. I don't care how much you dislike or distrust Hillary Clinton, she proved herself to be well within the norms (actually better than most) of Senators, even getting reelected, and from all accounts (except those of Fox and RWNJs), she did a damned good job heading up the State Department. (For a second, could we just ignore the email thing? There's no evidence they were hacked or insecure, as opposed to say, the DNC's servers or State's own, which we KNOW were hacked.) Plus, as First Lady, she broke an important mold, not only advocating, but organizing and working on legislation for important social programs. So, she's at least competent, although I'd argue a cut or two above that.

Then, there's Trump. There's something wrong with him, the kind of something that makes him dangerous in any position of responsibility. He's even fucked up his own companies. Traffic to his hotels and resorts and golf courses is down 17% this year, according to the business press. And with his heavy debt loads, you can expect a few more bankruptcies in the coming months. Part of what's wrong with him is he's an unstable, hypersensitive, violent troll of the kind that reminds me of Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe. (Never mind Hitler and Mussolini. There's no evidence the latter two had no idea what the fuck they were doing.)

Please don't make your point about "both parties are just as bad" this year. Do that in the off-year elections. Work local. Elect councilmen, state representatives, and mayors from third parties and let them prove themselves and their parties. This year, there is only one mission worth pursuing. Defeat Trump, soundly.
Aug 2 Brooklyn Reader commented on Donald Trump Throws Baby Out of Rally. He's the #1 Baby, Okay?.
@1, @15 I've lived on the East Coast all my life and NYC for most of it. I know the East Coast sense of humor. I enjoy the East Coast sense of humor. This wasn't it, unless it was some throwback to the mobster "humor" of the 1920's.
Jul 23 Brooklyn Reader commented on Hillary Clinton Announces Running Mate.
Oh, Jesus Christ. What a bunch of whiners! Tim Kaine on a bad day is 5,000 parsecs to the left of Antonin Scalia. That's who the Dems are running against, folks, Antonin Scalia times 3 or 4 as the sitting Justices die or retire over the next few years, because that's what a Republifascist Administration is going to buy you.

Vote Dem or kiss progressivism goodbye for one or two generations, and possibly America goodbye forever, period.
Jul 19 Brooklyn Reader commented on You Know the Rules and So Do I: The Best Tweets From the Melania Trump-Michelle Obama Plagiarism Scandal.
@19, @23 Now that you mention it, this line did have a familiar ring to it:

"He will never, ever, give up. And, most importantly, he will never, ever, let you down."
Jul 18 Brooklyn Reader commented on The Utter Failure of the Log Cabin Republicans.
@13 Libertarians? You mean that party that opposes medicare, social security, the minimum wage, securities laws, aid to education, safety regulations, VA and FHA mortgage loans, food and drug laws, clean water, and any limits on drilling, mining, fracking and air pollution?

Sure, let's all be free to live in a dog-eat-dog Dickensian society on a poisoned, destroyed planet. Sounds like good times.