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May 18 Brooklyn Reader commented on SL Letter of the Day: Squirt Toys Incorporated.
@4 "Perfection is the enemy of the good." You don't need to save every last drop. As long as something comes out the end, it's a win. Also, you're pumping away with the thrusting itself, so who needs electricity? Why not incorporate two little manual pumps into the device that work from the thrusting? (Would this be what they call a 2-stage pump?) The first stage is a low-vacuum pump just to keep some kind of suction cup over the external urinary opening. It would have to have a pressure regulator/relief so as not to damage anything. (That'd be a terrible place to get a blood blister!) The second would squirt out under positive pressure any fluid that shows up in the vacuum pump. Each pump has valves to move the fluid in the right direction, so that answers @17's concerns.

When the pegger ejaculates, some will squirt into the vacuum pump and some will probably overwhelm the suction cup and squirt around it, but on the next couple of thrusts, whatever got into the device will be pumped out the end.

Now HERE'S a problem... How the heck would you clean this thing? You'd need some sort of device to wash it out or it'd be a bacteria farm.

Oh, dear... I'm a nerd...
May 15 Brooklyn Reader commented on Welcome to Seattle, You Planet-Destroying Piece of Shit.
Whoah. Having flashbacks to the 1957 sci-fi movie, "Kronos."

Saw it as a kid as the afternoon matinee movie on local television. Scared the crap out of me.
So does the idea that private companies are "liberating" Earth's sequestered carbon deposits. At the time those carbon deposits began to form, the planet's atmosphere was only supportive of anaerobic life, with crushing weights of carbon dioxide and very little oxygen. The fact that carbon is in the ground, instead of the air, and we have a breathable atmosphere and temperate (more or less) weather system is directly related.

May 12 Brooklyn Reader commented on A Meditation on Crime and Punishment in Relation to Tom Brady's Balls.
@18 John Oliver covered the story on Sunday. I seem to remember him saying something about Brady and "a floppy leather handbag."
May 12 Brooklyn Reader commented on The Artist Responsible for that "Fuck Starbucks" Sign Describes How He Did It.
FWIW, I loved it. This was an awesome installation and deserves major props. But thank you for proving to me that I'm not an old fogy yet, despite my age. For me, this was a fond throwback to old the Yippie days, where I was just an approving spectator. A little insurrection is good for the soul now and again. We need more of this.

My only complaint about the article and interview... How were the letters mounted? Inquiring minds want to know.
May 7 Brooklyn Reader commented on Jeb Bush's Barely Legal Moneymaking Scheme May Not Be Legal at All.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for printing "Jeb's" full actual Connecticut patrician, Yale, country-club name, and putting his acronym in quotes. I find it galling that he's been able to traffic on his family nickname deceptively as some down-home, good-ol'-boy, man of the people.

John Ellis Bush is the son of one President, the brother of another, and the grandson of a man who apparently made the family fortune while running front companies for a Nazi industrialist supplying steel to Hitler during WWII. Not to mention tight family ties to the Saudi royal family. "Jeb" is no country bumpkin.
May 6 Brooklyn Reader commented on Bernie Sanders: The Republican Budget Is So Bad, No One Will Believe What's in It.
@1 Nobody in this country can really afford to be a single-issue voter anymore. There are too many problems that need dealing with. If Bernie sucks on one social issue, is it really relevant if he's good on so many others?

I am vehemently anti-gun myself. Am I willing to forgive Bernie for being pro-gun? Not exactly, but if it will help him get elected to do that other stuff, I'm willing to let it slide, for now. No President is likely to do much to effect our current lax gun laws, so as bad as Bernie might be on that particular issue, on a practical basis it doesn't make much difference.

It's not like anyone can make our present gun laws much worse. And after the legislative non-response to Sandy Hook, it's pretty clear that they're not going to get much better any time soon.
May 1 Brooklyn Reader commented on Six Baltimore Police Officers Charged in Death of Freddie Gray.
Let this be an example to other prosecutors around the country.

I still don't understand what happened in the Eric Garner Staten Island case. Just because a county attorney decides to fluff a grand jury hearing to avoid prosecuting doesn't mean the State's Attorney General can't step in or that the Governor can't appoint a special prosecutor. It also doesn't mean the officers involved were cleared of anything, despite what I hear sometimes in the press, and regrettably from Rachel Maddow in that clip. Only a trial jury can do that. There's no such thing as double jeopardy from a Grand Jury. A prosecutor can convene as many Grand Juries as he wants until he gets an indictment. That is, if he even needs a Grand Jury to indict. The Garner case had enough prima facie evidence to indict without one.

The police in NYC are generally a quality outfit and the City government is a decent enough operation. But, whenever the NYPD gets in trouble, the joint seems to dissolve into a banana republic.
Apr 30 Brooklyn Reader commented on A Few Reasons to Feel Really Optimistic About the Supreme Court and Marriage Equality.
@2 That was the most stupidest, convolutedest bullshit you've posted in some time. Not to mention completely bass-ackwards. If ever there were two Justices who let the Law be trumped by their feelings, it is Scalia and Thomas, the two Opus Dei members who clearly feel more allegiance to Rome than to the founding principles of this nation. To serve their Church in this instance, they're clearly willing to throw away their own conservative principles of dispensing with laws and regulations that diminish liberty, and allow government to observe religious dictat that serves no secular purpose..
Apr 29 Brooklyn Reader commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Great Expectations.
I'm not even sure that was a relationship. At most, it was a part-time roommate with benefits. (PTRWB?) My advice to the letter-writer is STOP BLAMING YOURSELF! (or your expectations.)

Boyfriend was an asshole who was lucky to have you and too stupid to know it.
Apr 27 Brooklyn Reader commented on Anti-Gay Bigots: Here's What You Should Do Instead of Getting Gay Married!.
1) What @5 said.

2) The world has enough bigots already. I hope Breda isn't going to breed any more.

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