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Oct 19 Brooklyn Reader commented on Naked Hillary Clinton Statue Appears in New York.
At least it doesn't have short fingers.
Oct 12 Brooklyn Reader commented on I'd Rather Jump Out the Window Than Celebrate 25 Years of The Stranger with This Issue.
The problem with "special issues" (anniversary, disaster, memorial, whatever) is that people end up saving them. And, after a lifetime of collecting memorabilia, when you die your heirs have to hire a dumpster to haul it all away.
Sep 25 Brooklyn Reader commented on This Should Get All the Genius Awards.
@12 As long as you're an American and participating in our economy in any way, you are tacitly supporting the largest war machine and the largest incarceration machine on the planet. You're either paying taxes or part of the cashflow for someone else who is. Your hands will be forever "drenched in blood," if you want to get dramatic. The question is always, whose blood, why, and to what end? I'm pretty sure that with Hillary, we're looking at the same old policies, but with possible incremental improvements. But I'm certain that with Donald, we're looking at curtailment of civil rights, a rise of a police state, a new war every time he thinks his popularity is lagging, and the lunatics in charge of the asylum.

Personally, I'm going for whatever incremental improvements Hillary might possibly bring, because that's the only positive choice on the very limited menu before us. Rainbows and magic unicorns will have to come another day.
Sep 25 Brooklyn Reader commented on This Should Get All the Genius Awards.
@7 I understand what you're saying. But, don't you think being accused of giddy sisterhood is one of the most infuriating things you could do to The Donald and his macho fans? (Remember, we're talking strictly about the opening title sequence of Golden Girls, not the drama, insight, or heartwarming humor of the show itself.)

My only problem is deciding whether Donald is closer to Rue's somewhat dissipated and calculating character or Betty's consistently dopey one.
Sep 24 Brooklyn Reader commented on This Should Get All the Genius Awards.
@3 @4 No, no, absolutely not. Golden Girls is immortal. You've got it completely backwards. This was not a parody of them. This was a parody of Donald John Trump and his fake macho bullshit and all-too-real dictator-envy. As Dan says, "Genius!"
Sep 22 Brooklyn Reader commented on Hey, College Kids, Get All the Credit Cards.
OR, you can be cynically conservative and do something to build up your credit rating. TAKE that first major credit card offer, preferably from American Express or a national bank's Visa. And preferably an offer without annual fees. Use it, a little, for things you would have bought anyway, and pay the bill in full as soon as it comes. Don't treat it as a status symbol, or a slush fund, or free money. It's not. It's a tool to build a credit rating, which will come in very handy later. You'll need that rating when you plunk down a deposit on that cheap co-op apartment in a soon-to-resurge neighborhood, or when you apply for a job. They check credit ratings. That rating is based on how long you've had credit and how responsible you've been with it.

Credit is important in our consumer economy. Take the long and strategic view. Get a credit card, but use it the same way you use your cash and don't carry a balance.
Sep 13 Brooklyn Reader commented on Keith Olbermann On Donald Trump: A Demonic Messiah in Oompa Loompa's Clothing..
I don't know how to write to Keith or if we can comment at GQ, so I'll put it here:

He left out Trump's first foray abroad as the nominee, standing at his golf course in Scotland, cheering the passage of Brexit in Scotland, which voted overwhelmingly against it, and cheering the collapse of the British Pound, again, in Scotland which had just lost a bunch of purchasing power, because he personally might make more money from it.

Tone deaf? Stupid? Callous? Or so self-centered he can't imagine anything beyond the tip of his nose?
Sep 13 Brooklyn Reader commented on Keith Olbermann On Donald Trump: A Demonic Messiah in Oompa Loompa's Clothing..
Perfect. Absofuckinglutely perfect.

God damn you, television networks! Hire this man! If you're going to cover the invective-filled shitshow that is Donald Trump with a straight face and interminable coverage, there is absolutely no reason to avoid Olbermann. Whatever complaint you may have ever had about him being perhaps a little too hard-edged and uncivil has been totally "trumped" in this election cycle. You've voluntarily lowered your own claimed civility level far below anything Keith Olbermann has ever represented. It's time.
Sep 9 Brooklyn Reader commented on A Judge Sided with Dakota Access, But the Feds Decide to Halt Pipeline Construction Instead.
I hope everyone realizes that DOJ, Interior and Army/DOD are all Executive Branch Departments, and that the person in charge of the Executive Branch is the President. I don't hear anyone in the White House tooting their own horn, but there is no way these three Departments did this without involvement by the Oval Office.

Obama is pretty cool sometimes.

Now, think about the idiot Trump, his profanely bloated ego, lack of attention span, and authoritarian leanings and take a guess as to how he'd have handled this.
Sep 9 Brooklyn Reader commented on The Election Is Tightening—Don't Waste Your Vote.
@112 A "lot of words" and all you read is that "this will be better for our corporations?" Maybe it's time to consider, just consider the possibility that you've allowed yourself to get a bit close-minded and doctrinaire, to the point that you can't fully absorb information that might be relevant.

Yes, this might benefit American businesses, or multinational corporations associated with or doing major business in the U.S. but successfully avoiding taxes here, so fuck them, seriously. But is it going to be OUR stinking corporations running roughshod through the consumer economies of the Asia-Pacific, or is it going to be China's? Our culture, or theirs? Diplomatic and military alliances with us, or with them? Is the most popular foreign language to learn going to be English, or Mandarin?

Right now, we're the cool kid at school, and all the other kids want to sit at our table, but China is making investments in infrastructure, tech R&D, education, and industrialization, and sucking up to our friends. And if we're not careful to keep up our game, we're going to be sitting all alone. China is investing heavily in third-world countries with exploitable resources in Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East. This gives them a lot of power and influence.

A trade pact by us with a large group of their current and potential trading partners keeps us in the game.