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Dec 24, 2009 robotbutler Christmastime, late 1980's at my grandparents house. Bad hair,clothes & cocaine/alchohol abuse abound. My aunt, a hairdresser who's ex husband had snorted their salon in Seattle away, was just dumped by another rocker scumbag boyfriend. She was not talking to anyone & spent most of christmas eve in my grandparents' bedroom sobbing. Needless to say (at least to anyone who knows my mother, who has never met a situation she couldn't bitter into submission), Moms wasn't fucking having it. She barges into my grandparents' bedroom & loudly proclaims "just because we aren't fucking you doesn't mean we don't love you".... FISTFIGHT!! My stepdad(w/hi-lited Don Johnson hair & manicured beard,think "dick in box" JT) tries to intervene but damn near draws back a stump. Finally they break, my aunt is storming towards the front door. My grandfather (whose last christmas this would be) steps in front of my aunt. A Minnesota born farmer with huge cow lifting over barbed-wire fence arms, I saw it myself, bear hugs my aunt & carries her legs flailing outside. Being about 12 years old, my mind was too blown to remember much after that.
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Oct 30, 2009 robotbutler is wondering why I just found out about this? .