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May 18 theophrastus commented on The Morning News: White House Staffers Joke About Impeachment Behind Trump's Back, Chris Cornell and Roger Ailes Are Dead.
We could've used a little more journalistic finesse in separating the death notice of Chris Cornell and Roger Ailes. i dunno, something more akin to: Chris Cornell has joined the jam session eternal, (a few column inches of separation then), Satan accepts Ailes boarding pass ..?
May 12 theophrastus commented on State Representative Jessyn Farrell Is Running for Mayor.
And lo', the moldy fortune cookie sez: There is political "reasoning" here unrelated to winning the mayoral race.
May 11 theophrastus commented on The Morning News: What We Know About the Comey Firing, Call This Number With Tips on Immigration Raids.
Here's a basic question it would be grand to see TheStranger reporters investigate: when we hear of members of the senate calling for a special prosecutor (obviously only Democrats) why aren't we hearing the names Cantwell and Murray?
May 8 theophrastus commented on Bob Hasegawa Is Running for Mayor.
Hasegawa is a nice solid left leaner - but he's a bit hung-up on the notion of the city establishing a bank. This has been tried a couple of times by cities and it never works out well. The business of banking, even just sustaining a bank, is as essentially as disparate as a real estate developer thinking they understand politics.
May 4 theophrastus commented on Garbage People Vote for Garbage Law But Unfortunately They Won't Die.
@3 from here: Washington Reps voting yea: Cathy McMorris Rodgers - and that is all. (Reichert managed to do the right thing for once)
Apr 26 theophrastus commented on What Would It Take? Labor Stands by Mayor Ed Murray Despite Sexual Abuse Allegations.
Is it true that there is an allegation that the shirtless man is alleged to be none other than... Lincoln Beauregard, (allegedly)?
Feb 6 theophrastus commented on Is Your Power Out? That Makes 7000+ of Us in the Seattle Area.
Power outages on the increase? Which councilperson is the head of city-light? oh... well she never was much for such local tedious city work, was she?
Dec 15, 2016 theophrastus commented on Facebook Will Take Some Responsibility For Fake News—But Is It Enough?.
So anything from Fox News is scored as likely (p~0.87) fake news?
Dec 9, 2016 theophrastus commented on Dr. Marion Nestle, Food Policy Wonk Extraordinaire, on Soda Taxes, Eating Local, and Eating What You Like.
The Stranger is now slowly phazing out commenting? Is it going all facebook n' tweet? Of the few recent postings i was interested in commenting on there's no longer an option to do so. [instert editorial comic of The Stranger and The Seattle Times racing rocket sleds into the Duwamish]
Nov 26, 2016 theophrastus commented on Allied Offers a Friendly Reminder: Don’t Marry Nazis.
having voted for trump is also on the unforgivable list ('short form')