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Aug 5 theophrastus commented on The Morning News: The Results of Seattle’s Primary Election Are In! Sawant, Grant, Gonzalez, Juarez Leading; Roderick, Godden Trailing.
Jean Godden, who’s trailing density-friendly challenger Michael Maddux by only a couple thousand votes.
"a couple thousand"? try 184.
Jul 26 theophrastus commented on Did Anyone Make it to the Straight Pride Parade Today?.
"There's a mother's day and a father's day, but why is there no kid's day??", Jeremy whined. "Why? Because everyday is 'kid's day'!", Papa replied.

and/or learn to recognize when you're in the group on which a minority is based. if you are, then (mostly): shaaadup, sit-down, and watch their parade (or go have a bowl of cereal)
Jul 13 theophrastus commented on A New Plan for Public Campaign Financing Will Appear on Your Ballot this Fall.
so this is a bit like having two rounds of voting? a primary and a general - only the primary involves coupons? can we involve bitcoin somehow?
Jul 10 theophrastus commented on Guest Editorial: Tim Burgess's Gun Tax Proposal Is Pure Politics and Not a Real Solution.
"Ultimately, only a broad package of solutions can meaningfully bring down the true cost of gun violence"
..does such a "broad package" include a gun/bullet tax proposal? That is, Burgess is also in favor of variety of other parallel approaches too; as most of us are. So unless something dramatic is being proposed, like a "check yer firearm at the sheriff's office" like they did during the old west, then it's only so much palaver.
Jul 8 theophrastus commented on The Morning News: Seattle Marches in Solidarity With Charleston, Council President Wants to Tax Gun Sales.
Council President Wants to Tax Gun and Ammunition Sales ... “It’s time for the gun industry to help defray those costs,"
Perhaps this approach remains our only sad hope against the imagined unassailable gun lobby, but it really recalls the old metaphor of fuding an ambulance down in the valley rather than just build a fence at the top of the cliff (Joseph Malins poem)
Jul 6 theophrastus commented on Today Is the Last Day to Register to Vote Online for Washington's August Primary.
Council Member gadfly Jean Godden is all but counting on you not showing up to vote
(geezus -sigh-) and if, for example, you want there to be no Seattle City Council member devoted to women's issues, like defending maternity/sick leave and wage equality, then by all means follow Mr Herz into whatever alien preconceived/pro-Seattle-Times/anti-union notions he's dog-whistling-up here.
Jul 6 theophrastus commented on Can We Do Something Like This to Drivers Who Park in Bike Lanes?.
Public shaming and pillory: "getcher overripe tomaters hea'r! tar! feathers!" (but remember. only if the use of petrochemicals is somehow involved. no pillory for biker running the red)
Jun 29 theophrastus commented on Jean Godden Didn't Attend Our Stranger Endorsement Meeting. So Who Should We Pick in the District 4 Council Race?.
As a thought experiment, suppose it was known with nigh certainty who the Stranger Election Control Board was going to endorse, and therefore the Stranger Election Control Board Endorsement Meeting was an gratuitous facade, would there be any reason to attend if you weren't that prior anointed one?
Jun 26 theophrastus commented on Up Early for the Supreme Court—Marriage Decision Could Come Today or Monday.
Could almost makes one unreservedly proud of the states. Well done 5 outta 4! Too late, but not too little.
Jun 23 theophrastus commented on Hillary's Waffling on TPP Suggests That Sanders Is Actually Pushing Her to the Left.
I wrote our senators, who are both apparently gung-ho in favor of the TPP. I wrote why the TPP was a bad idea, why changing one's mind as a politician remains a noble act, and specifically why it wasn't in the interest of Washington state. I got a reply [paraphrased]: Thank you for your support as we champion this vital passage of the Trans Pacific Partnership ... etc etc, which showed their staff didn't even bother to categorize my opposition. Receiving nothing in reply over what they sent would've been a significant improvement. Clearly they don't value my vote.

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