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Apr 11 theophrastus commented on What to Look Forward to Now that Hillary's Officially Running.
Rand Paul will always look like he should be playing a carrot in an elementary school play
shouldn't that be John Boehner playing the carrot? or do you mean that (Ayn)Rand Paul is somehow more clueless than the kid playing the sunflower? He's certainly more philosophically unreliable than the kid in the turnip suit.
Mar 31 theophrastus commented on Website Aims to Make Religious Discrimination Easier for Idiots.
And now Arkansas happily follows Indiana into a deranged cesspool ( I'll assume that these politicians are only capable of monolithic selfish thought patterns; but i do wish someone with a podium would at least try to educate that this issue is yet another case of: your apparent freedoms must end when they constrain the freedoms of others. (That is, Native Americans smoking peyote as part of religious freedom is an entirely different matter than one human being demanding that their religion says what another may do)
Mar 31 theophrastus commented on Gov. Jay Inslee Bans State-Funded Travel to Indiana After Controversial Religious Freedom Bill.
Well done Inslee! ..could've been a bit more proactive, but hey whatcanyado?

But now that Governor "hissing/parseltongue" Pence has given his "This Law isn't about what it was specifically written about" press conference, it's feared that businesses will collectively shrug and back off. This would be a major loss. In particular, significant employers, like Eli Lilly, should overtly 'consider' moving headquarters in order to remain relevant to progressive society.
Mar 29 theophrastus commented on Mayor Bans City-Funded Travel to Indiana After "License to Discriminate" Bill.
@19,seatackled : Extactly! so, to one of you ambitious blog-porters: what did Inslee say when you asked him about joining this boycott?

(hey, how does comment "0" follow 19? cuz i want -7+13i)
Mar 10 theophrastus commented on The Morning News: Democrats Call on State Senator Honeyford to Resign, But Now We Have the Apple Watch.
not another stupid zoo
yeah zoos are like totally stupid, aren't they? should shut them all down. replace them with charter... zoos! er, sanctuary, sanctuary!
Mar 10 theophrastus commented on Glory Hole Rededicated in Alaska.
yeah, not original to either. it started out as something like a "junk drawer" (like so much else it only got sexual in the 1940s)
Mar 9 theophrastus commented on If a Tunnel Boring Machine Breaks Underneath Seattle, Do We Have a Right to Know Why?.
This is functionally equivalent to asking do we have the "right to know" the evidence and facts into evidence that will be assembled (concocted) years prior to the endlessly long court cases to come between Seattle Tunnel Partners, the state, and various other sue-able parties. And I think we all know the answer any lawyer would give to that.
Mar 4 theophrastus commented on Morning News: Homeless Families Are Waiting Six Months for Housing in King County.
Washington Will Close the Gender Pay Gap: 2071, if things keep going the way they are
Extrapolating any social trend for even a few years into the future is a bad risk; presuming that any current tendency will continue along unchanged 56 years into the future is like 'letting it ride' on 29 black for 56 spins. So this study's interpreters are wise, the gender pay gap requires active effort to make it go away.
Mar 3 theophrastus commented on The Morning News: State Senate Kills Two-Thirds Majority Rule, and These Petitioning Third Graders Are the Best.
You-all might want to add a wee-bit more balance to the rather strange insistence on a specific elephant sanctuary. Some, (of course loudly disputed), items: that sanctuary has a notable elephant T.B. problem and no staff veterinarian, it's run by a former circus animal performer, one can only ever see the elephants ("it's not a zoo!") if one 'contributes' a substantial wad (then 'group deals' are done), and there are some clear, (disputed!), connections between the sanctuary owner (with ".com" website) and the local organizers of the protest.

And here's a final question to mull: why elephants (in particular)? Have we no love for 'freeing' the orangutangs? the lions? the gorillas? the hippos? Don't we actually want all zoos to be reduced to a display of hissing cockroaches plus gift-shop?
Feb 25 theophrastus commented on Seattle Wants More People to Eat in the Streets.
It appears likely that we'll all have to become familiar with the Dutch term: Woonerf (some will embrace it. some will hate it with a passion. no one shall remain unmoved) (yet most important, repeat the creed: you ain't much, if you ain't Dutch)

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