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Feb 6 theophrastus commented on Is Your Power Out? That Makes 7000+ of Us in the Seattle Area.
Power outages on the increase? Which councilperson is the head of city-light? oh... well she never was much for such local tedious city work, was she?
Dec 15, 2016 theophrastus commented on Facebook Will Take Some Responsibility For Fake News—But Is It Enough?.
So anything from Fox News is scored as likely (p~0.87) fake news?
Dec 9, 2016 theophrastus commented on Dr. Marion Nestle, Food Policy Wonk Extraordinaire, on Soda Taxes, Eating Local, and Eating What You Like.
The Stranger is now slowly phazing out commenting? Is it going all facebook n' tweet? Of the few recent postings i was interested in commenting on there's no longer an option to do so. [instert editorial comic of The Stranger and The Seattle Times racing rocket sleds into the Duwamish]
Nov 26, 2016 theophrastus commented on Allied Offers a Friendly Reminder: Don’t Marry Nazis.
having voted for trump is also on the unforgivable list ('short form')
Nov 25, 2016 theophrastus commented on Donald Trump's America: Here There Is No Why.
This is a worthy posting with one rather inexplicable wtf:
Instead of trying to figure out why so many of their countrymen voted for this deranged lunatic, progressives need to focus their energy on stopping his agenda at all costs.
What can be done?
Essentially: don't seek to answer "why" just concentrate on the fix. That is, don't attempt discover the cause, just stop the effect. We need to think more clearly than this if we can have any hope to "fix it". Step one in any treatment is to characterize the cause of the problem. Just running off to fix something without knowing why it's broken is to fail to fix anything.

Here's a simple statement of one that must be solved: The economically disadvantaged consistently vote for the party who have consistently promoted their economic disadvantage. Why do they think that's not the case? How is this misconception promoted in their minds?
Nov 16, 2016 theophrastus commented on As Senate Democrats Reorganize, Patty Murray, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren Assume Leadership Positions.
Yet the democrats need to change their tactics from presenting as the peaceful get-along collaborative adult in the room, to facing the facts that they're fighting a rabid pack of weasels in a locked room. If you cooperate and collaborate the way one ought to in a fine deliberative body like congress but which doesn't exist, then you'll get a knife in your back every-time. It's an unpleasant fact, but those who play politics at the dirtiest level more or less call the dance. We need democrats who will take no prisoners, who will appoint no republicans, who will leak their email, and denounce their private corporate leaders. We need some inglorious basterds of our own. @#$!
Nov 11, 2016 theophrastus commented on The Morning News: The Democratic Party Must Change or Die.
Here's a notion to be contemplated (and ignored): establish an organization of thoughtful mayors and governors to resist all things trump. Bill de Blasio is getting there; i think Murray and Inslee would be on board. It just needs a catchy acronym... something that ends up FTRMP or some-such. ("nah, better to sit upon the ground and tell sad stories")
Nov 10, 2016 theophrastus commented on The Morning News: Massive Anti-Trump Protests in Seattle and Other Cities, Why Washington is Becoming Bluer.
Anti-trump protests are grand and wonderful things and i hope they can remain non-violent and sustained. Can there be a goal beyond a transitory community emotional relief? Is anyone expecting that these protests might result in trump resigning? Could an effort to permanently change (remove) the antiquated electoral college system which allowed this travesty to occur become a realizable focus?
Oct 28, 2016 theophrastus commented on The Morning News: Militarized Police Crack Down on Native American "Water Protectors" in North Dakota.
Surely there's a The Slog story being tapped out as a blather out this comment: Why were the Bundy/Malheur standoff 'protesters' acquitted while nearly simultaneously the North Dakota water protectors protesters incarcerated? Surely it wasn't in part due to the perceived color of their pupils/epidermis? ...surely? Some of us aren't so sure.
Oct 20, 2016 theophrastus commented on Trump Promises To Accept Results of Election....
Trump will snort "it was rigged" until the end of his days (which cosmos willing will not number too many more). If we were financially cunning we'd all be silk screening "it was rigged" caps and t-shirts to sell at certain venues. Just think how many years he kept up the birth certificate scam; he'll ride the "it was rigged" goat cart until he snorts his last. This man is psychologically incapable of allowing any of his many failures to be other than the dog ate his homework.