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Nov 5 Pope Buck I commented on Bernie Sanders's Pot Legalization Bill Is Another Example of Why We Need Him in This Race.
Wait, only bourgeois white people smoke pot or are interested in legalization?

That will come as news to all those black people being locked up for it.
Nov 5 Pope Buck I commented on Hillary Gets It Ass Backwards.
If she's promising pizza and anal for everyone, she's got MY vote.
Nov 3 Pope Buck I commented on Seattle Theater Critic Invites the Women of Craigslist to Purchase His "Plus Ones" at Reduced Rate.
There are far more serious crimes against humanity going down, people. So let's all talk about that fat woman caught taking more than one piece of Halloween candy, instead!
Oct 28 Pope Buck I commented on Liveblogging the CNBC Republican Debate.
I loved "The Incredible Shrinking Woman"!

"A woman who gave so very very much... and got so little."
Oct 22 Pope Buck I commented on Today in "Perfect": Laverne Cox to Play Rocky Horror's Frank-N-Furter.
And on network TV, no less. They're gonna censor the hell out of it. Bleah.
Oct 19 Pope Buck I commented on Trump & Bush Decide Now's as Good a Time as Any to Fight About 9/11.
Oops, that should have been directed at @9.
Oct 19 Pope Buck I commented on Trump & Bush Decide Now's as Good a Time as Any to Fight About 9/11.
@10: Lovely. When does your searing musical satire open on Broadway? Because you just never see that many ridiculous straw-man representations of liberal beliefs lined up all at once like that. I can't wait to catch "Right-Wing Troll: The Musical!"
Oct 16 Pope Buck I commented on A Handful of Top Democratic Officials Are Squabbling Like Babies.
"If the Democrats were smart—like, Donald Trump smart—they could turn this ugly dust-up to their advantage by crafting a narrative that Debbie is a scary powerful woman, unafraid to speak the truth and demolish anyone who stands in her way, the Devil Wears Prada lady of politics."

Except no one would believe a word of it. DWS has presided over the loss of both houses of Congress (even as both of Obama's campaigns were big successes, and even given the current GOP's state of disarray). She jettisoned Howard Dean's successful 50-state strategy. And now she's so intent on coronating Hillary that she'll scuttle the whole debate schedule if she has to. I don't say that as any kind of Bernie true believer, either - I'd be happy with either Hillary or Bernie as our nominee, I just happen to think that a healthy debate gets voters excited.
Oct 9 Pope Buck I commented on Another School Shooting. Not That One From This Morning. Another Another One..
They had planned it for Monday, but then they heard Obama plans to take everyone's guns away over the weekend, so they rescheduled it for today.
Sep 30 Pope Buck I commented on Peeple: An App That Allows Users to Rate Other Humans.
Great! A whole new way to drive vulnerable teens to suicide.