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Apr 27 Spike1382 commented on Governor Signs Bill Overhauling Washington's Medical Marijuana System.
Well I've used it to keep the horrific pain of my fibromyalgia from tipping me over the edge to suicide for the past two years. It can help with the CPTSD too. If the medical market collapses before I find an alternate treatment there is a very good chance I will commit suicide out of desperation. Just another dead tranny I guess.
Mar 2 Spike1382 commented on Anti-Gay Bigots Discover Surprising New Cure for Homosexuality.
I'll need $10,000, a planet ticket to Thailand, and no questions.
Feb 19 Spike1382 commented on Why the Republicans' Pot Bill Is Scaring Medical Marijuana Activists.
@12 If the bill forced insurance companies to cover it and pharmacies to stock it that might happen. This is just going to make things worse.
Feb 19 Spike1382 commented on Why the Republicans' Pot Bill Is Scaring Medical Marijuana Activists.
Most days I feel pain so bad and constant being stabbed would be a relief. Pot dulls the pain but it can't erase it for long. Even without taxes and a generous dispensary I can barely afford it. I stave off suicide multiple times a day and I won't be doing that if I have to face the full brunt of my pain.
Feb 3 Spike1382 commented on Here's What You Need to Know, Newcomer.
@1 You are using the term correctly.
Feb 3 Spike1382 commented on The State House of Representatives Is About to Have a Hearing on the Weirdest Pot Bill You’ll Ever See.
Keeping my chronic pain at bay is already impossibly expensive.
Jan 28 Spike1382 commented on Morning News: Washington's Income Gains Have All Gone to the Top 1 Percent.
@3 You don't really understand algebra, do you?
Jan 27 Spike1382 commented on Senate Republicans Float Bill to Kill Bertha.
Would have been cheaper to build a Stargate.
Jan 12 Spike1382 commented on Jeb Bush Probably Doesn't Care About Black People, Either.
He's not trying to convince black people, he's trying to make swing voters not feel racist for voting for him.
Dec 22, 2014 Spike1382 commented on Definition of a Lunatic: A Black Man Calling the Police for Help.
Seems like the broken glass on the sidewalk was hardly the main issue. "Why the fuck are you throwing bottles at another kid you phyco?" seems more appropriate.