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I once had a boyfriend who lied to me about his HIV status for two and a half years. It was an open relationship, so we were going to use condoms every time anyway, and I never asked that we do a test until he started having health problems. That's when I found out. Later, when we broke up, he was desperate to get me back, and some of the things that he let slip in his torrent of excuses made me realize what I had suspected for a while: he knew since way before meeting me. He wasn't on meds, he was just in total denial. And he didn't give a shit about me.

Luckily, condoms are effective.

So revealing it after the first hook-up doesn't seem like a big deal to me.
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The LW and all people in her situation should learn to say to people they meet at bars and clubs: "You know what, I'd really like to get to know you better, but I've had too much to drink already, so I'll go back to my friends and maybe we could see each other tomorrow." Even if it's not true that they've had too much to drink. Even if they have no friends to go back to. If the other person insists that they must spend the rest of the evening or night together, you immediately know s/he has dubious motives and/or is just an asshole who pressures people into doing what s/he wants whenever s/he wants it*. Either way, it's wiser to not get to know that person better.

*Provided that s/he has already made it clear s/he's not going away to another city or country the next day.
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How, not hoe.
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Hoe do you know he's not simply afraid to lose the next elections?

You absolutely NEED weed to (psychologically) survive the Canadian winters, that's why people there want it legalized so bad.
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Lava @ 90 - A common tactic. As soon as they're in hot water, they get a job at the Vatican, a sovereign country from which it is then impossible to extradite them.
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Griz @ 81 - While Pope F. publicly declares that there should be no clemency for sexually abusive priests, he reduced the sentences of priests who were convicted of having sex with minors, among which Mauro Inzoli.

He was also accused this week of having (while archbishop of Buenos Aires) defended a priest, Julio Grassi, who had been found guilty of sexual abuse, and having pressured the judge, Carlos Mahiques, so that he would free Grassi. It's pretty well documented. He had a counter-investigation done that essentially blamed the victims, and used that 2600 page report to lobby the judge.

One of the victims, "Gabriel", a boy who was raped at age 15, now lives in hiding because people have broken into his home to steal documents that would have been useful in the trial, and he's received numerous threats.

In other words: Frank's not a good person. Sorry to burst your bubble.
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@ 53 - Off your meds again?
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"is generally so strong", not "so generally so strong". Sorry!
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Nocute @ 76 - I don't know if it's typical of men, but even though I find it easy to have sex once with someone who may potentially be totally unlikeable as a person, if I do find out that he is an asshole, it makes it extremely difficult for me to have sex with him again*. Still, the first time, the urge for sex is so generally so strong that I don't even consider that possibility.

*To be clear: I can't remember one instance where I had sex with someone I already knew was an asshole
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Lava @ 74 - And I hadn't even noticed! I'll celebrate by enjoying that position later tonight (I hope).