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Sep 3 raggeddog commented on Federal Court Upholds Louisiana's Ban on Same-Sex Marriage.
That's disappointing. I really liked him in The Hobbit and Fargo.
Apr 8 raggeddog commented on Two-Year-Old Boy Second Amendments His Eleven-Year-Old Sister to Death.
@1 and @25 - this story kind of covers both of your comments:


For @1 - the mother of this little girl actually lobbied the prosecutor to cut the dad a reduced sentence (from a potential 20 years down to 6), and both the mother herself and the family of the father were upset that he got any time at all for the "accidental" shooting. "WTF, mother?" times 10.

And for @25, I'll just leave you with this excerpt to illustrate the idiocy of your statement "a situation that could have been prevented by, yes "you don't belong here, hit the road Jack":

"Prosecutors say that on Jan. 12, Shanti was having a slumber party with several friends when Kristina Lanza began arguing with Kelley about him bringing a gun into the home. Lanza ordered Kelley out of the house, but he returned drunk around 3 a.m., prosecutors said.

The children, who were downstairs watching TV while Lanza slept upstairs, opened the door for Kelley, who walked in, turned and fired a gunshot out the front door, prosecutors say.

Shanti then ran upstairs for her mother, who again ordered Kelley to leave. That’s when Kelley walked out and fired two shots into the air. One of them hit Shanti in the lung as she hid in an upstairs bedroom. She later died at a hospital."
Feb 20 raggeddog commented on Will You Boycott Fast Food Tomorrow?.
@16 And how much does your indie coffee shop pay its employees? Because nothing stops any business from choosing to pay their employees a living wage even without raising the minimum, and if $15/hr becomes law they're going to have to do it anyway.

Shouldn't we boycotting every business that pays less than $15 per hour?
Feb 18 raggeddog commented on Rich People Willing to Pay $60 for a Pound of Coffee, Just to Remind Themselves How Rich They Are.
I can't believe anyone is taking this seriously. Paul Constant is contractually required to shit on anything that is conventionally popular.

The second you start writing about how "he's a hypocrite because..." it should occur to you that you've been trolled. And it's not even good trolling by PC's standards. His posts about how shitty really popular things are usually stand up to at least a minimal amount of scrutiny.
Jan 21 raggeddog commented on Man with Google Glass Thrown Out of Movie Theater and Interrogated: Who's the Bigger Asshole?.
@6 I neither have nor want Google Glass and think they make anyone wearing them look like a real dbag, but are you seriously saying that "foolishly" wearing google glass to the theater is a "risk" for which the punishment should be removal, detention, and 3 hrs of interrogation by federal agents?
Nov 11, 2013 raggeddog commented on The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club!.
My thoughts on the governor: "Good grief, him again?"
Nov 4, 2013 raggeddog commented on Barilla Pasta Is Reconsidering Gay Outreach.
So is DeCecco (or any other brand) demonstrably "non-homophoic" or just not vocally homophobic? Because I think that matters if you're going to tout one thing as an alternative to the boycotted brand. Not saying I know either way since I haven't looked into it extensively, but a quick google of "dececco pasta gay" basically just pulls up all the "boycott barilla" pages - nothing about DeCecco being supportive of LGBT causes or rights.
Oct 29, 2013 raggeddog commented on Morning News: Tiny Eye Telescopes, Sexy Halloween Costumes, and Novel New Ways to Bury Your (Evil) Dead.
"offensive images like big-titted ladies"...you mean like the ads that frequently run in the sidebar next to slog?
Oct 1, 2013 raggeddog commented on Hey, Teabaggers: Thanks for Teaching a Very Important Civics Lesson to 8th Grade Students at Everett's St. Mary Magdalen School.
@6 - I think you missed the point of @3, because I thought the same thing. Bad break for those kids, but how much sympathy am I supposed to work up for $10,000/yr private school kids, "regardless of their family's financial status"?

But the whole clusterfuck of this ideologically retarded shutdown? Couldn't agree more.

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