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Dec 3 raggeddog commented on Last Days.
"Speaking of impressive things done by high-school students..."

Are you talking about the rape conspiracy? The one where the 15 year old was raped by a 21 year old? I don't see anything else in that story you could be referring to, so what exactly was impressive about that?
Dec 2 raggeddog commented on Saint Louis Police Department Responds to Rams Protest By Melting Down on Social Media.
Not sure that really qualifies as a meltdown.
Nov 30 raggeddog commented on What We Know About Use of Force by Mall Cops.
The better question is what right do I have to defend myself against these rent-a-cops?
Nov 24 raggeddog commented on Lunchtime!.
I second @1 and @6.

Also, it has to be fajita-style. And wet. And spicy. And chicken. I miss Gordito's more than anything else from Seattle in the 10 years since I moved away.

In fact, I live in Cincinnati and when my brother-in-law came for a wedding in Louisville several years ago he actually brought me a Gordito's burrito. Even a day old and transported by air across the country it was still the best burrito in town.
Nov 22 raggeddog commented on The Time I Spent Nine Hours in Jail.
74 comments and I'm the only one who is bothered by the main mystery of this story? What the hell happened to the roommate she was supposed to pick up at the airport? She's the one we should feel sorry for. While her irresponsible friend was on her way to jail, she was stranded at the airport waiting for a ride that wasn't coming and no way to find out where she was. Which was longer, her time in jail or the time her roommate was stranded at the airport?
Nov 19 raggeddog commented on Big Hypocrite Rand Paul Votes Against NSA Reform.
Catwalk? Pretty sure you meant red carpet. RP is an asshole either way, but the joke kind of fails if the terminology is wrong.
Nov 17 raggeddog commented on The Morning News: Wallingford Homeowner Tackles Intruder, Holds Him Down Until Cops Arrive.
The creeper in that first story was definitely up to no good (and may have been the same person that allegedly broke into the home earlier?), but could someone who knows the appropriate law explain to me how this isn't assault and battery on the part of the homeowner?

The "justice served" part of me has no problem with what happened assuming this guy was (1) the previous intruder and/or (2) actively entering the home, but where does the law draw the line? If someone walks onto my property and jiggles my door handle do I have the right to physically detain them if they try to leave, let alone start throwing punches? Nothing in the story as posted here indicates the "bad guy" was ever anywhere but outside of the home.

Because we can't see or hear what happens off camera it's hard to say, but from what we can see the homeowner throws the guy down the stairs and starts wailing on him. It doesn't look to me like the other guys ever raises a hand other than to protect himself from the punches being thrown at him.

Again, not making excuses for a guy who sure looked like he had sinister motives, just wondering what the law says. And aside from risk of criminal prosecution, is there any potential civil liability?
Nov 15 raggeddog commented on What Are the Parallels Between Birth Control and PrEP?.
@48/49 Sharing from your obviously vast wealth of knowledge rather than just flaming might give you a little more credibility. But you know, go on calling people idiots without actually making any case for what (you think) they have so wrong.
Nov 14 raggeddog commented on What Are the Parallels Between Birth Control and PrEP?.
@21 I'm not a virologist either, but I am a geneticist. The very first anti-HIV drugs developed, like AZT, were in fact reverse-transciptase inhibitors. I'm not sure how Truvada differs from the older class of RT inhibitors, but HIV quickly developed resistance to AZT, which is why a drug cocktail targeting RT along with other components of the virus was ultimately necessary. Non-compliance with taking the medication was the major contributor to development of resistance.

So while I don't know much about Truvada, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a resistant strain of HIV eventually arise. But it also might take a while, because prophylaxis is obviously not the same as treating active infection.
Nov 14 raggeddog commented on Who Makes Seattle’s Best Sandwich Now?.
"This isn’t a sandwich you could walk with, and that’s a key Best Sandwich requirement"

Like the pork sandwich at Paseo? Or the torta at Pica ("it’s messy—one bite I took caused a geyser of angry red sauce to erupt from the sandwich")?

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